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Huybert Hendricksen

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Huybert Hendricks 


Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen" of New Amsterdam was probably the same man as the Huybert Hendricks who had appeared by 1672 in New Castle, Delaware.



Part 1: Huybert Hendricks of New Amsterdam


Huybert Hendricks of Rodenkerchen (near Cologne) was married on 12 January 1656, New Amsterdam Dutch Reform Church, to Marritje Hendricks, of Norden, East Friesland, Germany.


NYDRC -- 1656 12 Jan. "Huybert Hendrickszen, van Rodenkerchen, in't Stift Colen; Marritjen Hendricks, van Norden, in Oost Vrieslt"


They had children:


i. Hendrickje, bapt. 29 March 1656, NADRC. Wits: [none recorded]

ii. Johannes, bapt. 9 Dec. 1657, NADRC. Wits: Thomas Hall, Hester Couwenhoven [[probably Hester Simons, wife of Peter Couwenhoven]]

iii. Johannes, bapt. 7 Dec. 1659, NADRC. Wits: Owen Janszen Van Hoorn, Pieter Van Couwenhoven

iv. Susanna, bapt. 15 Dec. 1660, NADRC. Wits: Pieter De Nys, Marritie Hendricks [[is this witness name a mistake? Marritie Hendricks is the mother's name!]]

v. Dirck, bapt. 18 Feb. 1663, NADRC. Wits: Hendrick Breser, Jacomyntie Frans

vi. Hendrick, bapt. 11 Sept. 1667, NYDRC. Wits: Joost Carelszen, Claertie Leydecker


Records of Huybert Hendricksen in New Amsterdam:


[24 April 1663]

Huybert Hendrickzen, pltf. v/s Francois de Bruyn, deft. Pltfs. wife appearing demands from deft. two hundred guilders in tobacco and one hundred and ninety three guilders in seawant, according to his own a/c. Deft. says, he paid something after the date of the a/c.; offering to pay the seawant in the last of this or beginning of the next week and the tobacco as soon, as he shall have received it from Virginia, which he expects every day. The W. Court order the deft. to satisfy and pay the pltf. according to rendered a/c. deducting what he has paid on a/c after date. [RNA iv:226]


[ca. July 1663 --records partly destroyed... date approximate]

Huybert Hendrickzen's wife appearing says, she hath attached the monies of Francois de Bruyn in the hands of Nicolaas Boot by virtue of a judgment obtained against him 24th April; requesting that the attachment be declared valid, and that execution issue on the judgment against de Bruyn.


The W. Court declare the attachment valid and the Marshal is ordered to put these in execution.

[RNA iv:280]


NOTE: Francois de Bruyn was the husband of Maria (Caspars) Varlet. This merchant family and their in-laws had members in several locations along the mid-Atlantic coast of North America, who were involved in the import/export business, including importing tobacco from Virginia to Holland. Nicolaes Boot was a skipper who transported merchandise between Virginia/Maryland to New Amsterdam, and probably also to New England. Another member of this extended family was Augustine Herman, husband of Jannetje (Caspars) Varlet.


[19 April 1665] Huybert Hendrickzen, located behind Pearl Street, was assessed 1 guilder per week toward the fund for quartering soldiers. [RNA v:223]. (Huybert Hendricksz. lived in Brewer Street).


On April 7, 1672 in New Amsterdam, one Huybert Hendrickszen was a witness at the baptism of a child of Jan Otten van Tuyl and his wife Geertruyd Janse van Lent. Marritie Hendricks (same name as the wife of Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen") was the other witness.


What became of this Huybert Hendrickson? And what became of his children?



Part 2: Huybert Hendricks of New Castle on Delaware


In October 1672, one Huybert Hendricks obtained two town lots in New Castle (on Delaware) from Peter Wolferson Couwenhoven, who had obtained one of them from Reynier vander Keulen. These tracts were granted to "Hupert Hendrickson" by Governor Lovelace.


Patent. On 1 Oct 1672. Francis Lovelace, Esq. one of the gentlemen of his majesty, Honorable Privy Chamber & Governor General under his royal Highness James, Duke of York & Albany & his territories in the Americas send greetings. Whereas Reyner vande Cooly obtained patents from Col. Richard Nicholls for 2 tracts of land, one which he had purchased a lot of ground in New Castle from Harmon Reynderson Bruyn bounded by a lot then of Gov. Jacob Allrichs & land of Cornelius Wynhaarts & the other lot purchased of Hendrick Kipp lying at Beaver Street & bounded by and of Harman Rynderson & Hart Street. Whereas Reyner Vande Cooly sold the same unto Peter Wolferson, who have likewise made a purchase of a piece of meadow from Capt. John Carr containing 2 acres in the town bounded by land of John Webber & since conveyed to Hupert Hendrickson. Now for confirmed to Hupert Hendrickson & he paying 2 bushels of winter wheat to persons of authority. Signed Francis Lovelace. Examined by Mathias Nichols. (A1:65) [p. 23, New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1673-1710 (Bryant)]


NOTES on Pieter Wolferts Couwenhoven, relating to Huybert Hendricks:


In 1659 in New Amsterdam, Pieter van Couwenhoven had been a baptismal witness for one of the children of Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen." Pieter van Couwenhoven's wife Hester Simons (recorded as "Hester Couwenhoven") had been a baptismal witness for the second child of Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen" in 1657.


Pieter van Couwenhoven also had property in New Castle, obtained before 1669. In 1669, Pieter van Couwenhoven was granted a New Castle lot in 1669, adjacent to one he already owned:


(195) A Confirmation graunted to Pieter Cowenhoven for a small hooke or corner of land at New Castle in Delaware Ryver.

Francis Lovelace, Esqr. &c. Whereas there is a certaine hooke or small corner of land at New Castle in Delaware Ryver lyeing behinde Pieter Cowenhovens lott by which it is bounded on ye one syde and is on all ye other surrounded with ye meadow ground or valley, and swamp or creupell, conteyning between two or three Morgen or five or six acres at most ye which ye officers at Delaware who have had comision to dispose of land there not improved or belonging to no perticular properietor have graunted to Pieter Cowenhoven; for a confirmation to ye sd Pieter Cowenhoven &c. The Quitt rent one bushell, the patent is dated ye first of October 1669. Fo 36. [Original land titles in Delaware Commonly Known as the Duke of York Record , pp. 142-143]


By 1671, Pieter van Couwenhoven, then of Elizabethtown, NJ was in jail at Manhattan after defaulting on a large mortgage of his NJ properties, made in 1667 to Governor Philip Carteret of New Jersey. At the time of the 1671 census of the Delaware, Pieter Couwenhoven's daughter Antje Pieters, the child he fathered out of wedlock with Maria Truax, was living on his New Castle property with her husband, Anders Stille. After the sale of this property, Anders Stille and Antje Pieters Couwenhoven removed to Christiana Bridge, a settlement at the head of navigation several miles west of New Castle.


In October 1674 in New Castle, Huybert Hendricks was a witness to the will of Barent Egberts:


Rebecca Eghberts Late widdow of Barent Eghberts deceased this day produced In Court the Will & Testament of hur sd deceased husband bearing date ye 20th of October 1674: declaring that the same was his Last Will and Testament: desiering a Letter of administration accordingly etc. Huybert Hendricx & Thom: Spry witnesses to the sd Will appering in Court declared uppon oath that they were prsent and did see tho sd Barent Egberts deceased signe to the sd Will. The Court doe grant unto the sd Rebecca Egberts the administration according to the afl Will Shee Conforming hurselfe according to the Lawes of the governmt and doe order that the sd will bee Recorded. [Records of the Court of New Castle on Delaware, Vol. 1, p. 95-96 (hereafter NCC)].


NOTE: Barent Egberts was in New Amsterdam by 1656 15 November 1657 when he married Aechtje Alberts, and they had one child baptized in the New Amsterdam Dutch Reform Church in 1657. He moved to New Castle, Delaware and had three other daughters who resided there.


Huybert Hendricks served on a jury in New Castle court on 24 July 1677, and he appears on a 1677 tax list [ NCC Vol. 1, p. 104 (hereafter NCC].


In October 1677, Reynier vander Keulen's wife acknowledged her husband's debt to Huybert Hendricks:


Cattelyntie Vander Coelen desiered in Court Liberty to dispose of a Certaine Lot of Land Lying and being in this Towne of New Castle, belonging unto hur husband Reynier Vander Coelen, for to pay a debt due by a bill from under ye hand of the sd Vander Coelen unto Gysbert Dircx to ye sume of fifty & fyve gilders; The Cort granted ye Peticonr hur Request, Reynier hur son appearing In Court Consented also to ye same. Cattelyntie Vander Coelen Lykewyse acknowledged hurselfe for hur husband Indebted unto huybert hendricx wch shee premisses to pay out of ye produce of ye Lott of Land after gysbert is paid. [NCC Vol. 1, p. 142].


On the 1684 tax list, Huybert Hendricks was assessed for two town lots, but not assessed for any taxable persons. [ NCC Vol. II, p. 80]. By 1684, Hendrick Huyberts' youngest son (born in 1667), would have been seventeen. Dirck and Hendrick Huyberts had obtained their own properties in 1682. Since no taxable persons are listed in this assessment, Huybert Hendricks himself may have died by this time.


Huybert Hendricks of New Castle died between 1684 and 1689. He was certainly deceased before Nov. 1689, when John Moll sold land adjoining land that had been Huybert Hendricks'. The description of this transaction specifies a small tract in New Castle that John Moll sold to Gerrit Jansen (Smith), located "at the back part of town bounded on the SE with Otter Street, NE with land of Huybert Hendricks, decd, NW with the cripple that divides this land from the land which was formerly called John Webber's land & SW with the King's Highway that goes to Christiana Creek & Swart Nutten Island..." [p. 88, New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1673-1710 (Bryant)].


No further records of Huybert Hendricks are found in New Castle after the 1684 tax list. A will or estate record of his does not appear in the New Castle Court records.


What became of Huybert Hendricks children?


Was Huybert Hendricks of New Castle the unknown Huybert who had sons Dirck and Hendrick Huybertsen, who were granted 200 acres of land each in the Delaware in 1682?


On Oct. 3, 1682 in New Castle court, Dirck and Hendrick Huyberts received permission to take up land grants of 200 acres each. [NCC Vol. II,(1681 - 1699, Land and Probate Records only), p. 19]. If these two were sons of Huybert Hendrickson van Rodenkircken, Dirck would have been nineteen years old, and Hendrick would have been fifteen (taxable age).


On Feb. 21, 1683, Dirck Huybertsen (but not Hendrick Huybertsen) was naturalized in New Castle court (under the Penn proprietary). [NCC Vol. II, p. 37]. All non-English males falling under the proprietary of Penn were encouraged to sign the naturalization petition at this time.


In September 1683, Dirck Huybertsen (but not Hendrick Huybertsen) was taxed in the constabulery of New Castle, for 1 titheable. [NCC Vol. II, p. 81].


In October 1683, Dirck Huybertsen testified in a suit over a New Castle lot, concerning how the partners Gerrit (Jansen) Smith and Reynier vander Keulen had purchased a lot from Peter Alrichs. [NCC Vol. II, p. 71]. This lot was near or adjoining Huybert Hendricks' property.



What became of Huybert Hendricks' daughters?


1. Was Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen" of New Amsterdam, (who was probably Huybert Hendrick of New Castle) the father of Susannah Huyberts, first wife of Caspar (Augustine) Herman (b. Jan. 1653)? Susannah Huyberts, Caspar Herman's wife, had died before August 1682, when Caspar Herman, widower, married a second wife in the Dutch Reform Church of New York:


[1682 15 Aug.] "Casparus Hermanszen, Wedr. Van Susanna Huyberts, Anna Reyniers, j. d. Van N. Yorke, de Eerste woonende aan de Zuytrivier, en tweede alhier. 23 Aug."


NOTES on the Herman family: Augustine Herman had extensive business with Maryland, and owned several thousand acres of property bordering on New Castle County, Delaware. Both of his sons, Ephraim and Caspar, owned land and served in official positions in and near New Castle. Caspar Herman owned land along the Delaware south of New Castle, and 1,000 acres of "St. Johns Manor" at Elk River, which he had purchased from Richard Carr (son of John) on 21 June 1695. [pp. 107-108, Abstracts of Cecil County Land Records 1673-1751 (Brown)].


Before her death, Susanna Huyberts was thought to have had at least one child with Caspar Herman. This daughter is said to have married Christopher Mounts, son of Måns Andersson, a former New Sweden resident who moved to Maryland around 1663. Before she died, Caspar Herman's and Susanna Huyberts' unnamed daughter had sons Caspar and Charles Mounts (both of whom died about 1713), and a daughter Elizabeth who married Andrew Rosenquist about 1711. According to research done by the late Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, Christopher Mounts had tenure of his first wife's inheritance, 400 acres in "St. Johns Manor" on the west side of Elk River, until her children reached adulthood.


"Christopher Månsson, born c. 1652, became known in his adulthood as Christopher Mounts, or sometimes as Christopher Anderson. He married twice. His first wife (name unknown) was the eldest child of Casparus Herman and his first wife, Susanna Huyberts [both Dutch]. She died by 1695, when Christopher married Martha, the second wife and widow of Nicholas Dorrell. Christopher inherited his father's "Mountsfield" plantation and also, by reason of his first marriage, had tenure of his first wife's inheritance, 400 acres in "St. Johns Manor" on the west side of Elk River until her children reached adulthood. Christopher Mounts died intestate in 1710. His widow Martha died at "Mountsfield" in 1738." ["Måns Andersson and his Mounts Descendants" by Dr. Peter S. Craig, on Swedish Colonial Society website: http://www.colonialswedes.org/Forefathers/Andersson.html]


Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig died in 2009. The Mans Andersson article was not annotated. I am not sure how to reproduce his proofs on the Mansson marriage with the daughter of Caspar Herman and Susanna Huyberts.


Casparus Herman, of Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, Maryland, died before 8 April 1697. His children, who would have shared his estate were:


  • Of the first marriage with Susannah Huyberts:

i. unnamed daughter Herman (d. ca. 1695), married Christopher Månsson (aka Christopher Mounts, Christopher Anderson). Children: Charles Mounts, Casparus Mounts, Elizabeth Mounts. These Mounts children were very young when their (presumable) grandfather Casparus Herman died; their mother (unnamed daughter Herman) predeceased her father.


  • Of the second marriage with Annetje Reyniers (d. bef. 1696):

ii. Susannah Herman, born ca 1685, probably Annetje Reyniers' daughter but possibly a daughter of Susannah Huyberts, married James Cregier (Creager; Creger). NOTE: If this Annetje Reyniers was the child of Reynier Williams and Susannah Arents van Putten, whom they baptized on 23 February 1661 in the New Amsterdam Dutch Reform Church, then Susannah (Caspars) Herman shared her mother's given name. Susannah Herman and James Cregier are said to have had a daughter Catherine who married Henry (Isaacs) Grevenraet of New Castle. Children: Isaac and Susannah Grevenraet.


  • Of the third marriage with Katherine Williams (d. aft. 1708):

iii. Ephraim Augustus Herman (Birth reported --no date! -- in records of St. Stephen' Church (North Sassafras Parish), Cecil County, Maryland; d. 1735), married Isabella Trent ca 1712 and married Araminta Coursey. Children: Casparus, Catharine, Mary and (of Araminta) Ephraim.

iv. Catherine Herman, married Abel (Harmens) van Borculo in 1715. Children: Catherine, Margaret, Herman, Ephraim, William van Borculo.

v. Augustina Herman, married widower Thomas Frisby (1681-1716), second married Roger Larramore (d. 1721), and third married Henry Rippin. Child: Augustina Larramore.


If Huybert Hendrickson was the father of Susannah Huyberts, then descendents of Christopher Månsson (Anderson, Mounts) would be interested in solving the question of Susannah Huyberts' parents.


2. Was Huybert Hendrickzen "van Rodenkerchen" "van Keulen" of New Amsterdam, and/or Huybert Hendrick of New Castle father of Mary Hyberts, wife of Isaac Taine Jr., who married about 1684? The following record appears in New Castle County land records among records dated between 1685 and 1686:


Contract. This contract made between us Isaac Tayne & Mary Hyberts before marriage that I, Isaac, give all my whole estate to my wife if I die first so long as she keep her a widow but if she shall come to marry again then shall all whole the estate return to my friends. I Mary Hyberts do give to my husband Isaac Tayne all my whole estate to his own proper use & behoof of Isaac Tayne. Signed Isaac tayne. Delivered in the presence of George Moore, Jan Hendrickson & Jan Bicks. (A1:129). [p. 38, New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1673-1710 (Bryant)]


Isaac Taine Jr. was assessed for town lots and one taxable (women weren't taxed) for the year 1685/6, and for 1687 [NCC II:120, 169], but he and his wife Mary Hyberts had both died without issue before 28 May 1695. The record below concerns heirs of Isaac Taine, Sr., who were Elizabeth Taine, wife of Jan Bisk, Mary Taine who married Jean des Jardins and then William Crosie or Crosse, and Isaac Taine, Jr., who married Mary Hyberts. The Mary mentioned in the following record would be Mary Taine, daughter of Isaac Taine Sr., not Mary Hyberts, Isaac Jr.'s wife, but the record indicates that Isaac Taine Jr. and his wife Mary "Hyberts" had died without issue.


Deed. On 28 May 1695. John Bisk of New Castle, tailor & Elizabeth his wife, William Crosse of New Castle, brasier & Thomas Janvier & Sarah his wife, surviving daughter & heir of Mary the late wife of William Crosse of New Castle, by her former husband John Jourdain. Whereas Isaac Tine late of New Castle, husbandman dec. brother of Elizabeth the wife of John Bisk & Mary, the late wife of William Crosse, dec., was in his lifetime seized in a lot of land situated at the strand between the house & lot late of Justa Andries & Mathias & Emelius DeRingh in New Castle containing in breadth 60 foot & in length from the strand to the market place. Isaac Tine died without issue, after whose dec. the said lot descended to his sisters, Elizabeth & Mary as heirs at law. Whereas Mary before any partition of the premises was made for her part, died. So that part came to be vested by way of survivorship in the said John Bisk & Elizabeth his wife, but in regard to the said Isaac Tine by his last will had given & bequeathed all the estate after his wife's death or marriage to his sisters Mary & Elizabeth equally & in case of their death to be divided between their children equally. Whereas Isaac Tine's wife being dead & his sister Mary being dead, having left their daughters named Mary Jane & Sarah, 2 of whom being also dead & Sarah being party to this, surviving them to claim her part. Whereas John Bisk & Elizabeth his wife, William Crosse & Thomas Juavier & Sarah his wife with unanimous assent, with the assistance & direction of Edward Blake & Richard Reynolds being of the high court have made a prefect division of said lot in the manner following. John Bisk & Elizabeth, his wife, shall have the south side of said lot with the house & all the apple trees & #10 to be paid John Bisk. Thomas Jauvier & Sarah his wife shall enjoy 2/3 of the other moiety, or north side of the lot & William Crosse shall have & hold during his natural life & after his death to the use of Thomas Jauvier & Sarah his wife the other 1/3 part. Signed John Bisk & Elizabeth Bisk. Delivered in the presence of Peter Jacquett & John Smith. Recorded 6 Aug 1695. (B2:94). [pp. 75-76, New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1673-1710 (Bryant)]


Although Isaac Taine Jr. and his wife Mary "Hyberts" died without issue, descendents of Isaac Taine, Sr. may be interested in learning who the parents of Mary "Hyberts" had been.




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Records of Mountsfield, (descendents of Måns Andersson and of Christopher Månsson/Mounts):


Mounsfield, 150 Acres; Certificate Developer/Owner: Anderson, Mouns - 1663 - Patent Record 5, p. 175 MSA S 1586-2236; Patent Record 5, p. 378 MSA S 1586-2237


Mounsfield, 243 Acres; Unpatented Certificate Developer/Owner: Mouns, Christopher - 1735 - Unpatented Certificate 233 MSA S 1586-2238; Unpatented Certificate 233 MSA S 1217-253


Mounsefield Addition, 26 Acres; Certificate Developer/Owner: Mercer, Robert - 1742 - Patent Record LG E, p. 58 MSA S 1586-2239; Patent Record EI 6, p. 526 MSA S 1586-2240


A 150-acre tract of "Mountsfield" --next to this one --was sold to Robert Mercer in 1741 by Ann Elizabeth Rosenquist, a granddaughter of Christopher Mounts. Robert Mercer was husband of Ann, a d/o Christopher Mounts.


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