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Baptisms in the Dutch Reformed Church in Cologne, Germany 1571-1650 (redirected from Baptisms in the Dutch Reformed Church in Cologne, Germany 1571-1620)

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Format: After the date are the names of the father, then the mother (if mentioned), then the child, then the the witness(es). Last is the book and page number, all separated by semicolons. My own remarks / suggestions are inserted between [brackets].


Note: In the old Dutch church records two words were used, which are difficult to translate adequately. These words are 'jongman' and 'jongedochter', which  indicated that the persons were never married. But these terms indicate nothing about their age --even older unmarried women were often referred to as 'jongedochter' or sometimes as 'bejaarde jongedochter' (adult youngdaughter). In this database, the abbreviations 'j.m' and 'j.d.' are used where 'jongman' and 'jongedochter' appeared in the original record.


You can check through these one by one, or search with Ctrl-F for a name or part of a name, using F3 to find each next hit. Spellings may vary from record to record, so be sure to try alternate spellings for the names you are seeking.



1571; Andries Bouttons; N.N.; Abraham; Niclaes Rouseau, the wife of Cornelis de Vos; 224/1

1571; Niclaes Rouseau; N.N.; Anna; it was forgotten to record the witness names; 224/1

1571; Jan Droogbroot; N.N.; Carolus; Hans Ruipcaer; Everaert van Heyst; 224/1

1571; Lenaert Hosen, kleermaker; N.N.; Nelleken; Nelleken van Conincxloo, Fyken van Conincxloo; 224/1

1571; Niclas Carels; N.N.; Sara; Arnoldus Freyalenhoven, Adriaen van Conincxloo; 224/1

1571; Hans van Lane, breadbaker; N.N.; Francen; 224/1

1572; Jan Boudrengien; N.N.; Jan; Simon du Mortier, Jan l'Empereur; 224/1

1572; Jan Casteleyn; N.N. [Janne Boret]; Severyn; Pieter Niesen, Everaert van Heyst, Willem Bout; 224/1

1572; Peter van den Eynde; N.N.; Peeter + Katline; Gillis de Schepper, the wife of Libertus Lfron [de Frene], minister; 224/1

1572; Jan Sauvage; N.N.; Jasper; Jan Flagolet, Jasper Sonneman; 224/1

1572; Jasper Sonneman; N.N.; Tobias; mr. Jan Flagolet, Geertruyt de Brieders, Barbel widow of Willem de Rock; 224/1

1572; Willem de Rock; N.N.; Willem; Everaet van Heyst, mr. Jan Flagolet; 224/1a

1572; Lodewyck le Febure; N.N.; Sara; Pauwels Gomersbach, Jan Lempreur, the wife of Symon du Querfier; 224/1a

1573; Gillis de Molders; N.N.; Susanna; Leynaert Hoese, the wife of Carel van Tuyne; 224/1a

1573; Jan Kestelyn [Casteleyn]; N.N. [Janne Boret]; Sara; Jaspart van Coninxloo, Johanna wife of Henderyck Back; 224/1a

1573; Walrane Godschalck; N.N.; Abraham; Pieter de Bisscop, Gillis de Derkate, the wife of Carel van Tuyne; 224/1a

1574; Renier the tailor; the widow of Renier the tailor; Jonas; Willem van Reynsberch; Caterina Sendevys; 224/1a

1574; Jan de Weerdt; N.N.; David; the whole community; 224/1a

1574; mr. Lennaert Hoesen; N.N.; Leonardus; Walrane Godschalck, Hinderyck Vastypen, Seykin Hoesen; 224/1a

1574; Abraham van der Rydt; N.N.; Jaspar; Gillis de Scepp [Schepper], Waelrane Godschalck, Lisken wife of Jaspaer Aly--------; 224/1a

1574; Engel Tobias; N.N. [Anna Loyen]; Anna; Walrane Godschalck, wife of Jaspar Cox, Wille Caf; 224/2

1574; Jan Sayvaige [Sauvage]; N.N.; Wilhelmus; Martin Luyns, [unreadable]; 224/2

1575; Adriaen Damma; N.N.; Sara; Gillis de Scepp [Schepper], Walrane Godschalck; 224/2

1575; Jan Kestelyn [Casteleyn]; N.N. [Janne Boret]; Anna; his brother, the daughter of Huybertsen Conincxloo; 224/2

1575; Leynaert Soele; N.N.; Jacob; Johannes / Carel van Ampre, the wife of Jan Sayvaige [Sauvage]; 224/2

1575; Pieter van Mequenich; N.N.; Rolant; Leynaert Soele, the wife of Roelans; 224/2

1575; Carel van Tuyne; N.N.; Susanna; Joris van Peyne [Peene], the wife of Waelrane Godschalck; 224/2

1575; Severin Corput; N.N.; Johannes; his brother, the widow Praueless; 224/2

1575; Joris van Peyne [Peene]; N.N.; Petrus; Pieter Laneel, Jan l'Empereur, [unreadable]; 224/2

1575; Lodewyck la Fevre; N.N.; Ursula; the whole community; 224/2

1576; Libertus de Fraisne; N.N.; Carol; Anna, the wife of Jean Sauvage, the whole community; 224/2a

1576; Jacques van Duyts, goudsmid; N.N.; Anna; the whole community; 224/2a

1576; Engel Tobias; N.N. [Anna Loyen]; Willem; Willem Koff, Gillis van Siburch; 224/2a

1576; Joris van Peene; N.N.; Johan; Walrane Godschalck, Jacobina Meermans, Johanna Empereurs [l'Empereur]; 224/2a

1576 Jul 18; Jan Castelein [Casteleyn]; N.N. [Janne Boret]; Barbara; the whole community; 224/2a

1576 Jan 02; Peeter Merquerinck; N.N.; Peter; Willem van Heynsberg, mr. Lenaert Hose, Berbel Roulants; 224/2a

1577 Mar 08; Anthonis van Nassau; N.N.; Susanna; the wife [Lynske Rosies] of Gillis van Sybourg [Siburgh], the wife of Jaspar Anthoni [Anna Mondekens]; 224/2a

1577 April 10; Huybrecht Braems; N.N. [Marguerite l'Hommel]; Abraham; the wife of Daniel de Homel [l'Hommel], Davidt de Homel, Diannedes Boset; 224/3a

1577 Aug 21; Jan Castelein [Casteleyn]; N.N. [Janne Boret]; Hendrick; Nicolaes Clerck the younger, Catarina Jongelinck; 224/3

1578 Oct ??; Engel Tobias; N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Pieter Lampie, Anna van Peene; 224/2a

1578 Oct 10; Paulus Mondekens; N.N. [Elisabeth Montier]; Paulus; Jan Rempchens, Simon de Mortyrs, Jakelyne Waermlins; 224/4

1578 Nov 02; Hans van Lare; N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Willem van Heynsberg, Margrita de Witte; 224/2a

1578 Nov 02; Pauwel Oirs; N.N.; Willem; Lenaert Hossen [Hose], Willem van Heynsberg; 224/2a

1578 Nov 08; Hans de Coninck; N.N. [Clara Jeheux]; Andries; Remont Reynaert [Raymondt Ryngoldt], the wife of Remont [Catharina Jeheux]; 224/2a

1578 Dec 29; Huybrecht Braems; N.N. [Marguerite l'Hommel]; Huybrecht; Rombout van den Eynde, the widow Vermuelen; 224/3a

1579 Feb 22; Nicolaes Leenars; N.N.; Hester; Jan Cemps, the wife of Jan-------, Arnolt Pels; 224/3

1579 Sep 25; Matthis Spill; N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; [no witness-name mentioned]; 224/3

1579 Oct 12; Lenaerdt Hosen; N.N.; Claerken; Anneken Phillips van Juchens; the wife of ---- Kamerlincks, Wilhelm Wyrts; 224/3

1579 Oct 29; Hans Bendenwerker; N.N.; Hester; Geertruydt de Cordes, Andries van Borchout, the wife of Jasp[er] Sonnemans; 224/3

1579; Joris van Peene; N.N.; Joris; the wife of Francois Pennincks, Caspar Anthony; 224/3

1580 Oct 07; Lodewyck le Fevre; N.N.; Abraham; Pieter --------, Jan Minuitt [Minuit], the wife of Gaspart Anthony [Anna Mondekens]; 224/3

1580 Nov 23; Nicolaes Reuchelier; N.N.; Hester; the whole community; 224/3

1580 Dec 07; Jaques Goetsmen; N.N.; Jan; Jan van Fershn, Jan Kaen; 224/3

1581 Mar 12; Huybrecht Braems; N.N. [Marguerite l'Hommel]; Sara; Herman Schone, the widow [Sara] Petitpas; 224/3a

1581 Apr 29; Hans de Coninck; N.N.; Dorothea; Reymont Ruygout [Raymondt Ryngoldt], Jan Ruebens and his wife; 224/3a

1581 Apr 29; Francoys Konincxloo; the widow Konincxloo; Francois; Jacop Sonnemans, Gerbracht Beckmans, the wife of Jasper Antoni [Anna Mondekens]; 224/3a

1581 Aug 17; Johan Tapelin; N.N.; Johannes; Johan van Frinck, Elais Jungerlings; 224/3a

1581 Aug 17; Engel Tobias; N.N. [Anna Loyen]; Sybille; Lenaerdt Hosen; Sybilla Krulers; 224/3a

1581 Sep 18; Hansen Classen; N.N.; Elisabeth; Lenaerst Hosen, Lysbet Zimmermans; 224/3a

1581 Sep 30; Hansen Dercksen; N.N.; Isaac; Huybrecht Brams [Braems], Jeronimus L-------- [rest is unreadable]; 224/3a

1581 Oct 05; Joris van Peene; N.N.; Jacobus; Jan du Barin, the wife of de Barin; 224/3a

1581 Oct 19; Johann Rutz; N.N.; Johannes; Lenaerst Hosen, the wife of Jaspar Antoni [Anna Mondekens]; 224/3a

1581 Nov 21; Cornelius M. Lemans; N.N.; Cornelius; Cornelis van Pannel, Godefridus Maas, the wife of Jaspar Antoni [Anna Mondekens]; 224/3a

1581 Dec 10; Jan Gregoire; N.N. [Agatha Petitpas]; Daniel; Joncker Geraert Goor, Adriaen Gregoire, the widow of Dominicus Petipas; 224/4

1582 Jan 17; Joris van Cappenbergs; N.N.; Joris; Jaspar Ruts; Godefridus Maas; 224/4

1582 Mar 04; Lodewyck le Febre; N.N.; Lodewyck; Jelis de Windel, the widow of Adam Lamers, Simon le Mortier; 224/4

1582 Sep 03; Huybrecht Braems; N.N. [Margaretha l'Hommel]; Anna; Marg[aretha] Colpyn, Muen Biel, the widow of Willem Sons; 224/4

1583 May 18; Hans de Conynck [Coninck]; N.N.; Joannes; Jan de Bode from Frankfort, Rombout Jacob from Antwerp, Anna de Smet [Jeheux]; 224/4

1583 Nov 24; Jan Gregoire; N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Bernardus Amphalis, Beeckt van Weserholdt; 224/4

1584 Jun 13; Hans de Conynck [Coninck]; N.N.; Clara; Jan Flagelet the elder, Matthys Spille, wife of Adolf Saxenhaechen; 224/4

1586 Jun 18; Anthone Balbian; Petronella de Peyseren; Sara; Nicolaes Walens, Anna Verynck [Vervynck] wife of David van Piet; 224/4

1587 May 23; Hans Cornelis; N.N.; Daniel; Hermannus Faukelius, Jaques Moys, Lysbet Rogiers wife of Jan Claesz Perchens; 224/4

1587 May 23; Cornelis Boot; N.N. [Emmerentia Smayers]; David; Joost de Smet [Smeth], the wife of Hans Sonneman; 224/4

1587 Jun 03; Anthone Balbiach [Balbian]; N.N. [Petronella de Peysteren]; Maria; Paulus Mondekins, the wife of Heyndrick Bilderbek; 224/4

1587 Jun 05; Jan Ramaecker [Rademaker]; N.N. [Clara van Solt]; Barbara; Pieter van Aken, Heylke van Aken; 224/4

1587 Jun 12; Pieter den Hoetmaecker; N.N.; Hester; Paulus Mondekins, the wife of Pieter Vluggers; 224/4

1587 Jun 12; Jaques van Hecke [ van Ecke]; N.N.; Sara; Jan van Hecke, the wife of Christoffel Tuljier; 224/4

1587 Jun 27; Balthasar Schutsen; N.N. [Janneken van Bussechem]; Joannes; Jan Vellermyn, the wife of Cornelis de Bruyn; 224/4a

1587 Aug 04; Christoffel del Four; N.N.; Heyndrick; Heyndryc du Four, Yngel Beekmans wife of Jan Bras; 224/4a

1587 Aug 05; Caerl Boomgaert; N.N.; Faukelins; Donys de Maistre, the wife of Jan van Zandtfort; 224/4a

1587 Aug 07; Gillis Segers; [Agnes] N.N.; Michiel; Nicolaes Walens, Francois van Suytphen, the wife of Hans Sonnemans; 224/4a

1587 Nov 11; Joris van Peene; N.N.; Joannes; Jacob Marischal, the wife of Willem Steffens; 224/4a

1587 Nov 18; Engel Tobias; N.N. [Anna Loyen]; Judith; Cornelis Boot, Jaspar Sonneman, Magdalena van Benthen, the widow Sonnemans; 224/4a

1587 Nov 20; Lowys Droshault; N.N.; Joannes; Jaques Moos [Moys], Jan Flagelet, Emerentiana Boots [Smayers]; 224/4a

1587 Nov 20; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Comyns; Petronella; Hubertus de Klerck, Pierina Flagelet, the widow Flagelet, Sanneken Comyns; 224/4a

1587 Dec 09; Walterus del Prato; N.N. [Lucretia Pellicorne]; Lucretia; Raymondt Ryngoldt in place of Jan Andriesz., the widow Pelicorn [Anna Imbrechts]; 224/4a

1587 Dec 22; Hans Maniaerdt [Mannaert]; N.N. [Agnieta Smissaert]; Melchior; Jaques van Loochout, Janneken Maniaerdt; 224/4a

1588 Jan 06; Hans Hagels [Hagens]; N.N.; Catharina; Heyndryk Schoupen, Heyndryk Peerboom; 224/4a

1588 Jan 06; Pieter de Mulder, deceased; N.N.; Pieter; Machiel van de Broeck and Catharina his wife; 224/4a

1588 Jan 12; Francois van Suytphen; N.N. [Susanna van de Putte]; Susanna; Jacob Deck, Agnesken Segers, Anneken de Grave; 224/4a

1588 Jan 17; Nicolaes Walens; N.N. [Elisabeth Dierquens]; Susanna; Hermanus Falkenius [Faukelius], the wife of Hendrick Bilderbeck; 224/4a

1588 Jan 19; Mattheus Dingemont; N.N.; Mattheus; Anthone Lempereur, Anna van der Meulen wife of Francoys Pierens; 224/4a

1588 Feb 16; Jasper Sonneman; N.N. [Hester Jongelincks]; Susanne; Jan Flagelet; Anneken Consales, Emerentiana Boots; 224/5

1588 Feb 16; Caspar Bynoirt [Benoit]; N.N. [Barbara de Coster]; Judith; Lowys Droshault, Mary de Vivien; 224/5

1588 Mar 12; Huybrecht Braems; N.N.; Anthone; Anthone Weber, Betteken Neve; 224/5

1588 Mar 12; Christianus Quenthen; N.N. [Maria Fassyngs]; Richardt; Richaerdt Bacquer, Vincentius the uncle of Christianus, Grietjen Braems [Marguerite l'Hommel]; 224/5

1588 Apr 13; Andries Lambrecht; N.N.; Sara + Andries; Sara van Pied, Heyndryck Bilderbek, the wife of Anthoni Balbian [Petronella van Peysteren], the wife of Guilame Elaut [Johanna van Steene]; 224/5

1588 Apr 22; Wilhem Hesen; N.N.; Gerhardt; Gerhardt Bocholt, the father of Wilhelm Hesen; 224/5

1588 Apr 30; Jeremias de la Cour; N.N.; Sara; Dieric Vertruyden, Tanneken Hude wife of Jan Trachet; 224/5

1588 Jul 01; Pieter van Geel [Gheel]; N.N.; Catharina; Elias van Geel his brother, his wife's mother; 224/5

1588 Jul 02; Hans Claessins; N.N.; Conraedt; the father of Hans Claessins, Leonhardt Hose; 224/5

1588 Sep 08; Guiljame Elout; N.N. [Johanna van Steene]; Anna; Anthoine Balbias [Balbian], Anna Vervynck wife of David van Piedt; 224/5

1588 Sep 08; Hans de Conynck [Coninck]; N.N.; David; Pieter Lieniel, the wife [Anna Jeheux] of Joos de Smit [Smeth]; 224/5

1588 Sep 08; Pieter den Hoetmaecker; N.N.; Margriet; Matthys Spille, Claesken [Clara van Solt] wife of Jan Ramaecker [Rademaker]; 224/5

1588 Oct 31; Jaques Loonhout; N.N.; Sara; Jan Pilgrum, the wife of Hans Manjaerts; 224/5

1588 Nov 17; Cornelis de Graeve; N.N. [Anna Moccaet]; Cornelis; Raymond Ryngoldt, Paulus Mondekens, the wife of Jan de Conynck [Clara Jeheux]; 224/5

1588 Nov 26; Joost de Walpergen; Sara Liefrinck; Johannes; Jan Ramaeker [Rademaker], the wife of Gemeyn le Dru; 224/5

1588 Dec 05; Michiel Bouchault; N.N. [Anna van den Eynde]; Sara; Marty Lompes [Martin Loepes], the wife of Joost van Fey, the wife of Hans Knipraet; 224/5

1588 Dec 06; Leonardt Hoese; N.N.; Maria; Geeslynck Mulder, Mayke van Assche, Mayken van Bieuborcht; 224/5a

1588 Dec 14; Hans Hagels [Hagens]; N.N.; Maria; Willem Hieschen, the wife of Heyndric Peerboom, Paulus Mondekins; 2245a

1588 Dec 19; Jan Ramaecker [Rademaker]; N.N. [Clara van Solt]; Joannes; Jean Wynes, Servaes van Aken, the wife of Joos de Walpergen [Sara Liefrynck]; 224/5a

1588 Dec 19; Jan Rogiers; N.N.; Joannes; Jan Ramaecker [Rademaker], the wife of Carel van Bogaerde in place of Catalyna van Beeck, 224/5aa

1588 Dec 28; Jacques Mois; N.N.; Jacob; Cornelis de Boot, Louwys Droshault, the wife of Pieter van Couthens; 224/5a

1589 Jan 06; Joos van Schure; N.N.; Agnes; Nicolaes Jongelynck, the wife of Carel van Bogarde; 224/5a

1589 Jan 23; Jacob van Thienen; N.N. [Christina van Juychen]; Christina; Jan van Juychen, the wife of Amand Allaert, the widow de Latre; 224/5a

1589 Jan 31; Robert Jels, deceased; N.N.; Joannes; Joris van Peene, Nicolaes Jongelinck, the wife of Amand Allaert; 224/5a

1589 Feb 12; Rutger Suers; Christina N.N.; Anna; Huybrecht Frialden, Hetich wife of Melchior Bilderbeck, Lysbeth [Noesemans] wife of Joos Lenardts; 224/5a

1589 Febr 12; Jan van Mousen; Francynke N.N.; Cornelis; Joos van Schueren, Lysbet widow of Pieter de Ridder; 224/5a

1589 Mar 10; Hermannus Faukelius; Elysabeth Delynck; Joannes; Jan Rogier, Carle van de Bogarde, Anna Vervynck wife of David van Pied; 224/5a

1589 Mar 10; Lambrecht van Dale; N.N. [Mettel Ganthoef]; Hester; Nicolaes Annies, Joanna Rogiers, Anna Anthony; 224/5a

1589 May 11; Francois van Suytphen; Susanna N.N. [van de Putte]; Francois; Jaques Mois, the wife of Michiel Boldyn [Lynke Benoit]; 224/5a

1589 May 11; Gillis Segers; Agnes N.N.; Gillis; Pauwels Mandekins [Mondekens], Susanna [van de Putte] wife of Francois van Suytphen; 224/5a

1589 May 23; Balthasar Schutsen; N.N. [Janneken van Bussechem]; Janneken; Hans Flagelet, Maria du Vivien, Catharyna van Bussegem; 224/6

1589 Jun 03; Nicolaes Walens; N.N. [Elisabeth Dierquens]; Jeremias; Hendrick Bilderbeck, the wife of Anthony Balbian [Petronella de Peysteren]; 224/6

1589 Jun 19; Jan Flagelet; N.N. [Catharina Commyns]; Catharyna; Passchier Commyns, Antonyne Flagelet; 224/6

1589 Jun 29; Anthoni Balbian; Petronella de Peyseren; David; Heyndrick van Bilderbeck, Anna van Hulle wife of Andreas Lambrechts; 224/6

1589 Aug 22; Loweys Droshault; N.N.; Paulus; Paulus Mondeky [Mondekens], the wife of Matthys van Nuyts; 224/6

1589 Oct 08; Heyndrick Bilderbek; N.N.; David; the wife of Nicolaes Walens [Elisabeth Dierquens]; 224/6

1589 Oct 21; Christiaen Quints [Quentgens]; N.N. [Maria Fassyngs]; Sophia; the wife of licentiaet Bachous, Jan Fassin, Maria Apotekes; 224/6

1589 Oct 16; Guiljame Wybout; N.N.; Pieter; Jaquet Huygaert, Lysken Moesmans [Noesemans]; 224/6

1589 Nov 07; Jasper Coymans; N.N. [Isabeau van Lemens]; Clara; Heyndrich van Lemens, Clara Vassael; 224/6

1589 Nov 19; Sebastiaen Goetman; N.N.; Maria; Joos de Smet [Smeth], Agnes wife of Carel van de Bogarde; 224/6

1589 Nov 26; Vincent Carlier; N.N.; Barbara; Lowys Drossault, Cryspyn van Nopsen, Joos de Smit [Smeth], Barbara [de Coste] wife of Casper Bynoit [Benoit]; 244/6

1590 Mar 18; Guiljame de Neufville; N.N.; Catharina; Balthasar Schutsen, Catharina [Lieftinck] wife of Melchior de Neufville; 224/6

1590 Mar 18; Cornelis van Sicher; N.N.; Abraham; Willem Werts, Caspar Bynoit [Benoit], Stynken van Vatyngh; 224/6

1590 Mar 26; Cornelis de Graue [Grave]; N.N. [Anna Moccaet]; Anthone; Gillis Zegers, Jaques Mois, Susanna [van de Putte] wife of Francoys van Suytphen; 224/6

1590 Apr 05; Carle van Bogarde; N.N.; Maykin; Niclaes Bies, the wife of Cornelis van Bogarde; 224/6

1590 Apr 08; Jan Ramaeker [Rademaker]; N.N. [Clara van Solt]; Sara; Pieter Bulteel, the wife of Pieter van Geel [Sara Marcelier]; 224/6

1590 May 07; Jan Rogiers; N.N.; Abraham; Adam Santernel, the wife of Steven Penel [Geertruyt Reygers]; 224/6

1590 May 07; Hans Manuaert; N.N. [Agnieta Smissaert]; Sara; Anna Gebaut [Gobauts], Walterus del Prato; 224/6

1590 May 14; Joos de Smit [Smeth]; N.N. [Anna Jeheux]; Susanna; Raymondt Rynhout, the wife [Clara Jeheux] of Hans de Conynck [Coninck]; 224/6

1590 Jun 18; Cornelis van de Bogarde; N.N. [Agniete van Graschen]; Abraham; Anthone Adams, the widow of Carle van de Bogarde; 224/6

1590 June 18; Willem Haes; N.N.; Catharina; Pieter Bultel [Bulteel], Catharina Weste; 224/6a

1590 June 18; Cornelis Boot; N.N. [Emerentia Smayers]; Cornelis; Hans Salmon, Louwys Droshault, Mayke wife of Jaques Mois; 224/6a

1590 July 04; Bartholomeus Boel; Catharina van Geel [Gheel]; Pieter; Daniel van Geel; the wife of Pieter van Geel [Sara Marcelier], 224/6a

1590 July 14; Olivier van Eck; Maria Tassyn; Pieter; Jan van Eck, Pirynken Tassyn]; 224/6a

1590 Jul 29; Joos van der Schuere; Anna N.N.; Jacob; Jan Rogiers, Jaques Mois, Lucretia [Pellicorne] wife of Walterus del Prato; 224/6a

1590 Jul 29; Hans Goossens; Cornelia N.N.; Cornelia; Jacob Tedechone, Clara Jongelynck, Susanna van Suytphen; 224/6a

1590 Jul 29; Engel Tobias; Anna N.N. [Loyen]; Joannis; Jaques Mois, the wife of Anthoine Balbian [Petronella de Peysteren], the widow Kessel; 224/6a

1590 Aug 27; Jaques van Thienen; Christina van Juychem; Heyndrick; Pierre le Bours, Catharina wife of Jan van Juychem; 224/6a

1590 Oct 09; Jasper Sonneman; Hester Jongelincks; Anne; Adriaan Boel, Catharina de Jamairs, Anna Christiaens; 224/6a

1590 Oct 11; Jasper Sonneman; Hester Jongelyncks; David; Michiel Bouchault [Bouchant], Antoine Beck, Agneta Kettelens; 224/6a

1590 Oct 27; Joost de Walpergen; Sara Liefrinck; Clara; Jan Rogiers, Clara [van Solt] wife of Jan Ramaecker; 224/6a

1590 Oct 27; Hans Labeck [del Beque]; Anna Droshault; Anna; Jan Flagelet, Petronella de Fosse, Anna Droshault the wife's mother; 224/6a

1590 Oct 29; Adriaen Boel; Cornelia N.N.; Susanna; Jan Flagelet, Catharina [Boel] wife of Denys de Maistre, Emerentiana [Smayers] wife of Cornelis Boot; 224/6a

1590 Oct 30; Pieter van Merkernick; Catharina van Melesys; Francoys; Francois Grammont, Christoffel Resteau, the widow Marisael; 224/6a

1590 Nov 04; Huybrecht Braems; Marguerite de Lommel [l'Hommel]; Daniel; Hans Knipraet, Niclaus Jongelynck, Cornelia [van Uffelen] wife of Lenaert Heymans; 224/6a

1590 Nov 11; Gilliam Elout; Johanna van Steene; Anna; Heyndrick Ketelberch, Elisabeth Dierkens [Dierquens] wife of Niclaes Walens; 224/6a

1590 Nov 20; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Commyns; Matthias; Matthias Commyns, Cornelis Boot, Cornelia wife of Adriaen Boel; 224/7

1590 Nov 20; Matthys Commyn; Anna Dessens; Sara; Niclaas Marsandt, Francois Commyn; 224/7

1590 Nov 26; Casper Bymont [Benoit]; Barbara de Coster; Leonora; Nicolaes Walens, the wife of Toussain Vassael [Clara Janssens], Leonora wife of Pieter van Cassel; 224/6a

1590 Nov 27; Christiaen Duenthal; Magdalena N.N.; Christiaen; Jan Cruyderer, Coenraet Aernoutsz., Cornelia Goossens wife of Hans de Dryver; 224/7

1590 Dec 25; Denys de Maistre; Catharina N.N. [Boel]; Martinus; Martinus Lapes [Loepes/Lopez], Agnes [Graschen] widow of Carle van de Bogaerde; 224/7

1590 Dec 27; Michiel Bouchalt [Bouchault]; Anna van den Eynde; Eustacius; Eustache Bouchalt, Heyndrick Stuelynck, Barbara Mercys wife of Jaques Pergens; 224/7

1591 Jan 27; Gillis Segers; Agnes N.N.; Elisabeth; Martinis Loepers [Loepes/Lopez], Michiel Boldyn, Anna wife of Cornelis de Greef; 224/7

1591 Feb 04; Walterus del Prato; Lucretia Pelicoorne; Constantia; Jan van der Meerschen, Anna widow of Jan Peakoy; 224/7

1591 Feb 06; Balthasar Schutsen; N.N. [Janneken van Bussechem]; Balthasar; Pieter van Geel [Gheel], Philip Dystronck [Dynsbroeck], the widow Voysyn; 224/7

1591 Feb 29; Hans Claessens; N.N.; David; Jan Rogiers, Casper Anthoni, Maria wife of Matthys Pulle; 224/7

1591 Mar 20; Joos Juliaens; Catharina Jeheux; Catharina; Raymondt Ryngoldt and Catharina Jeheux his wife, Clara [Jeheux] wife of Jan de Conynck; 224/7

1591 May 26; Francois van Sutphen; Susanna van de Putte; Elisabeth; Anthone Moccaet, Anna [van den Ende] wife of Michiel Bouchaniet [Bouchant], Marie wife of Jaques Mois; 224/7

1591 Jun 15; Leonaert Hoose; N.N.; Adriana; Wilhelm van Hetsuyenwaert, Elas van Wemerskerken, wife of Pieter Christiaens, Geertruyt van der Burcht j.d.; 224/7

1591 Jun 12; Casper Coymans; Isabeau [van] Lemens; Hendrick; Heyndrick Smidt, Clara Schuerman; 224/7

1591 Jun 28; Pieter van Geel; Sara N.N. [Marceliers]; Philippus; Aernout Dragon, Anna de Rasiers; 224/7

1591 Jul 07; Pieter van Dillenberch; Margrita N.N. [van Maestricht]; Abraham; Cornelis van Maestricht, hatmaker, Mathys van Nuys, Frichem wife of Adriaen van Keysersweerdt; 224/7

1591 Jul 10; Jan Rogiers; Johanna N.N.; Isaac; Anthone Adloms, Hermannus Faukelius, Sara [Liefrinck] wife of Joos Walperens; 224/7

1591 Aug 09; Cornelis Fierens van Dussele [Dussen] in Brabant; Catharina N.N. [Flechtmans]; Catharina; Gerhardt de Naeldemaecker, Catharina Flekemans [Flechtmans]; 224/7a

1591 Aug 25; Rutger Suers; Christina N.N.; Leonardus; Leonardt Lenaertsz., Pieter zum Loo, Anna Habert; 224/7a

1591 Sep 16; Joost de Walpergen; Sara N.N. [Liefrinck]; Joost; Melchior de Neufville, Cornelia [van Uffelen] wife of Leonaert Heymans; 224/7a

1591 Sep 21; Guiljame Wybout; Janneken N.N.; Susanna; Rombout van Pulle, Jaquemyntke Mesontens; 224/7a

1591 Sep 29; Philip Diensbroeck [Dynsbroeck]; Catharina N.N. [van Bussechem]; Guiljame; Balthasar Schulten [Schuts], Sara Drosault; 224/7a

1591 Oct 07; Jan Ramaecker; Clara N.N. [van Solt]; Joseph; Jan Beckx, Nicolaes Beckx, the wife of Pieter Bulteel [Susanna de Laet]; 224/7a

1591 Oct 08; Hans Hagens; Willemincke N.N.; Margaretha; Niclaes Spilleur, Maria Bery, Margaretha Kuenen; 224/7a

1591 Oct 19; Servaes van Aecken; Eylken N.N. [Helena van Heer]; Joannes; Jan Ramaeckers [Rademaker], Mayke van Voeren [Vooren], Maria wife of Pieter Vlugger; 224/7a

1591 Oct 21; Nicolaes Walens; Elisabeth N.N. [Dierquens]; Tobias; Anthone Claessens, Maria wife of Loweryns van Bussynghem; 224/7a

1591 Oct 23; Jan de Conynck; Clara N.N. [Jeheux]; Maria Magdalena; Ruentgen van Graest or the Fosse, Joos Juliaens, Louwysen de Broebrouwer; 224/7a

1591 Nov 13; Cornelis van de Bogarde; Maria N.N.; Constantinus; Nicolaes Tys, Constantia Hagens, Jan van Sandtvoort; 224/7a

1591 Nov 20; Toussain Vassael; Clara N.N. [Janssens]; Francois; Casper Coymans, Barbara [de Coste] wife of Jasper Bynoit [Benoit]; 224/7a

1591 Dec 06; Jan van der Mouse; Francynken N.N.; Philippus; Philips Verbrugge, Cornelis de Graeff, Sara [Marceliers] wife of Pieter van Geel; 224/7a

1591 Dec 08; Aernoudt Truyens; Maria Bollens; Joannes; Jan Tybout, Francois Sabboth, the wife of Jan de Ruyter [Elisabeth Montens]; 224/7a

1592 Jan 15; N.N.; N.N., Magdalena van den Berghe j.d., about 19 years; the whole community; 225/1

1592 Jan 16; N.N.; N.N., Hans Claessens an adult; the whole community; 225/1

1592 Jan 17; Melchior la Maire; Willeminken Augustyns; Alexander; Hermannis Fauckelius, Pieter van Zutfen [Suytphen], Geertruyde widow of Willem Oostendorp; 225/1

1592 Feb 05; Bernardt Tobias; Grietken Kox; Tobias; Yngel Tobias, Jan Loyen, Maria Heukens; 225/1

1592 Feb 21; Jooris Nys; Anna Nop; Jacobus; Jaques van Thienen, Willem Gammerslach, Mayken Janssens wife of Matthys d'Engremondt; 225/1

1592 Feb 26; Jaques van der Male alias van Thienen; Magdalena Smits; Cornelis; Pieter Simons from Wirtzraet, Louwerens van Orenraet, Margriete van Orenraet; 225/1

1592 Mar 08; Francois van Goree; Maria Boudersschon; Jaques; Jaques Goemaer, Catharina van Geel wife of Batholomeus Boel; 225/1

1592 Mar 09; Joos de Smit [Smeth]; Anna Jeheux; Sara; Jaques Mois, Clara Jeheux wife of Hans de Coninck, Catharina Jeheux wife of Joos Juliaens; 225/1

1592 Mar 27; Lambrecht van Dalen; Mettel Ganthoeff; Catharina; Heyndryck Putlynck, Catharina Ganthoeff, Elisabeth Spille wife of Carle Groenendael; 225/1

1592 Apr 23; Jaques Jongelinck; Catharina Jenst; Catharina; Caspar Sonnemans, Joanna Meclerc wife of Jan van Genes, Anna Lumeens wife of Godefroit van Loo; 225/1

1592 Apr 30; Cornelis de Grave; Anna Mocraet; Anna; Goyvaert from Brussels alias Koeckenbacker, Agnieta wife of Gillis Segers, Catharina Jeheux wife of Joos Juliaens; 225/1

1592 May 10; Gillis de Roover; Lucretia van Resebroek; Anna; Martin Laps [Loepes], Anna Peres j.d., Margareta Pitelle wife of Simon Soruys; 225/1

1592 May 28; Wilhelm Hammerslag; Janneken Hochepied; Guiliame; Nicholas Hochepied, Hans de Ruyter the younger, Janne wife of Jan Casteleyn; 225/1

1592 May 29; Denys de Maistre; Catharina Boel; Maria; Niclaes Kief, Margareta Coquiel alias Merchier, the wife of Jaques de Bary in place of Antonette Toullet from Frankfort; 225/1

1592 May 29; Jan Gregoire; Agat Petitpas; Heyndryck; Heyndryck Dussel, Hans van den Eynde, the wife of Jan Kichen, Anna van Eynde wife of Michiel Bouchault; 225/1

1592 Jun 24; Cornelis van Schinnen [van Maestricht]; Magdalena van Syn [Vos]; Cornelis; Louweryns Droshault, Pieter van Dillenbergh, Anna wife of Pieter Kyp [Kip]; 225/1

1592 Jun 29; Olivier van Hecke [Ecke]; Maria N.N. [Tassyn]; Paulus; Jan Meerman, Samuel Therchet [Thrachet], Catharina Meerman wife of Christoffel Tullyr; 225/1

1592 Jul 06; Heyndrick van Tiel; Genovefa N.N. [Adriaensen]; Heyndrick; Guiljame Beis, Rombout van Pulle, the wife of Hans Mannaert [Agnieta Smissaert]; 225/1

1592 Jul 19; Jasper Sonneman; Esther Jongelincks; Guiljaume; Hans van den Eynde, Samuel Thrachet, Clara wife of Nicolas Jongelincks; 225/1

1592 Jul 20; Lucas Verhult; Agniete van Graschen; Cornelis; Cornelis van den Bogaerde, Lucretia Pelicorn wife of Walterus del Prato; 225/1

1592 Jul 22; Jan du Bois; Mayken Janssens; Maria; David de Cousenaert, Jan du Molyn, Catharina Bultel [Bulteel] j.d., Anna Caspers an unmarried woman; 225/1

1592 Aug 30; Jan Thracet [Trachet], deceased; Tanneke Hude; Susanna; Jan Naryn, Susanna [de Laet] wife of Pieter Buetel [Bulteel], Jannetkin van Hecke [Ecke] wife of Samuel Thracet; 225/1a

1592 Sep 13; Pieter den Naeldenmaecker; Eylken N.N.; Sara; Gillis Zegers, Anna Moccaet wife of Cornelis de Graven, Cornelia wife of Hans Goossens alias de Drayer; 225/1a

1592 Sep 14; Antoine Wuf; Sara Tiel; Anthoine; Abraham van Pulle, Genavefa Adriaenssen wife of Heyndrick van Tiel; 225/1a

1592 Sep 19; Wilhelm Heese; N.N.; Heyndryck; Rombout van den Eynde; 225/1a

1592 Nov 01; Frederick Ellers; Barbara Ruyters; Herman; Francois Grammondt, Guiljame Colpeyn, Lucretia Pelicorne wife of Walterus del Prato; 225/1a

1592 Nov 03; Jacques Amerynx; Anna Heyns; Catharina; Catharina du Bois j.d.; 225/1a

1592 Nov 22; Engel Tobias; Anna Loeyen; Anna; Egerdonck van der Donck, Elisabeth Delinck wife of Hermannus Faukelius, Barbara Ernst wife of Rombout van Pulle; 225/1a

1592 Dec 02; Jaques de Cousenaer; Lynske van Crombrugghen; Susanna; David de Cousenaer, Sara van Crombrugghe in place of her sister Clara van Crombrugghe from London; 225/1a

1592 Dec 09; Gillis Zegers; Agnes N.N.; Barbara; Boudewyn Craye, Margritta wife of Rutger van Glabbers [Glabbach], Elisabeth Dierkens wife of Nicolaes Walens; 225/1a

1592 Dec 14; Jan Ramaecker [Rademaker]; Clara van Solt; Abraham; Paulus van Solt, Adriaen de Poorte, Maria wife of Herman Beckx, Herman Beckx, Jan Beckx; 225/1a

1592 Dec 14; Jan Rademaker; Clara van Solt; Isaac; Caspar Anthoni, Joost de Walpergen, Elisabeth van Solt, Anna Mondekens; 225/1a

1592 Dec 19; Phlips Dynsbroeck; Catharina van Busseghen; Catharina; Jan Ketwych, Balthasar Schutsen, Anna [Sauvage] wife of Guiljame Wybout; 225/1a

1592 Dec 24; Aernout Truyens; Mayken N.N. [Boelens]; Catharina; Jacob Mois, Catharina van Geel wife of Bartholomeus Boel, Catharina Vlugger j.d.; 225/1a

1592 Dec 24; Francois van Suytphen; Susanna van de Putte; Michiel; Michiel Boldyn, Hans Goossns, Louwyse de Broebrouwer; 225/1a

1593 Jan 06; Huybrecht Braems; Marguerite de Lommel; Maria; Guilliame Wybout, Lynken [Catharina Boel] wife of Dionys de Maistre; 225/1a

1593 Jan 17; Cornelis Fireus [Fierens]; Geertruyt Flechtmans; Anna; Frederick Flechtmans, Catharina Rombouts, stepdaughter of Hans Thibout, Jannekin Symk j.d. stepdaughter of Willem van der --emp--; 225/1a

1593 Jan 13; Aernout van Gerouven [Gerven]; Martha van Uffel; Anna; Lenaert Heymans, the wife [Anneken Alewyn] of Caspar Uffel [van Uffelen], the widow [Anna Saya] of Hugo Soyer [Sohier]; 225/1a

1593 Jan 21; Michiel Bouchant [Bouchault]; Anna van den Eynde; Helena; Jaques Moys, Anna Pres j.d., the widow of doctor Stapedius; 225/1a

1593 Feb 09; Balthasar Schutsen [Schuts]; Janneken van Bussegen [Bussechem]; Anna; Cornelis van den Bogaerde, Anna Pels wife of Jan Resteau [? see 2 Dec. 1596]; 225/1a

1593 Feb 07; Jan Claessens; Elisabeth N.N.; Isaac; Jan Ramaker, Catharina wife of Jan Grouwel, deceased shortly after that; 225/1a

1593 Feb 26; Hans la Becque; Anna Droshault; Sara; Louwys Droshault, Genoveva [Adriaensen] wife of Heynric van Tiel, Sara Drossaut j.d.; 225/1a

1593 Feb 27; Pieter van Merkernich; Catharina N.N.; Janneken; Mathys van Vuere, Jannetken [de Raet] wife of Eduwaert Pels, Catharina Vlugge j.d.; 225/1a

1593 Feb 28; Matthys Spille; Maria van Dalen; Sara; Carle Groenendael, Elisabeth Delinck wife of Hermannus Faukelius; 225/1a

1593 Feb 28; Carle Groenendael; Elisabet Spille; Catharina; Jan Ramaker, Maria van Dalen wife of Matthys Spille, Catharina Beks wife of Pieter Beks; 225/1a

1593 Apr 05; Jaques Pilgrem; Apollonia Hertschap; Judith; Peter Fluck, Janneke [de Raet] wife of Eduwaert Pels; 225/1a

1593 Apr 08; Jasper Coymans; Isabeau [van] Lemens; Constantia; Frederick Schurman, Sara Marcelier wife of Peter van Geel; 225/1a

1593 Jun 10; David Loreyns; Mayken van Lier; Matthias; Matthys Spille, Samuel Thrachet, Elisabeth Spille wife of Carle Groenendael; 225/2

1593 Jun 29; Pieter van Dillenberch alias den Hoetmaker; Margaretha N.N. [van Maestricht]; Isaac; Wilhelmus Isaecs, Joannes Ketwych, Heylken [Helena van Heer] wife of Servaes van Aken; 225/2

1593 Jul 23; Melchior la Maire; Willeminken Augustyns; Abraham; Abraham van [der] Voort, Hans Cores, Leonora Adams wife of Philips Cole [Coten]; 225/2

1593 Aug 07; Guiljame Wybout; Anna Sauvaige; Wilhelmus; Gillis van Syburgh, Elisabeth [Noesemans] wife of Joos Lenaerts; 225/2

1593 Aug 24; Bartholomeus van Rentergem; Maria Styaerts; Joanna; Nicolaes Walens, Catharina Jeheux wife of Joos Juliaens; 225/2

1593 Sep 20; Martin Loepes; Sara de Landas; Martina; jonker [squire] Elias Landas, Ursula Loepes widow of Marcus Petit, Anna Peus j.d.; 225/2

1593 Oct 10; Jan Krytfisch; Janneken Allaerts; Petrus; Antoine Adams, Peterken or Petronella Allaerts j.d.; 225/2

1593 Oct 18; Peter Becks; Catharina N.N.; Janneke; Herman Beks, Tryn Pagers; 225/1a

1593 Oct 22; Hans van Craesbeke; Elisabeth N.N.; Sara; Jaques Moys, Sara [Jonnas] wife of Jan de la Hors; 225/2

1593 Nov 17; Rutger Suers; Anna Krewinckel; Leonardus; Hans Knipraet, Jaques Moys, Catharina Pergens; 225/2

1593 Nov 17; Hans Hagels; Willemynken N.N; Petrus; Jan van Hirts, Jan Peryn, Maria Peryns; 225/2

1593 Nov 22, David Dousaert; Elisabeth de Fosse; Elisabeth; Jan Dousaert, Petronella Dousaert wife of Quintin de Fosse; 225/2

1593 Nov 24; Antoine le Cat; Janneken N.N.; Abraham; Guiljam Elout, Jan le Grandt, Elisabeth Dierkens wife of Nicolaes Walens; 225/2

1593 Dec 20; Anthonis Bellem; Maria N.N.; Maria; Nicolaes Walens, Catharina Jeheux wife of Raimondt Ryngout, Anna Jeheux wife of Joos de Smit [Smeth]; 225/2

1594 Jan 22; Francois Gose; Maria Boudesons; Maria; Bartholomeus Boel, Anna Sauvaige wife of Guiljame Wybout; 225/2

1594 Feb 02; Joost Nys; Anna N.N. [Nop]; Abraham; Jan Casteleyn; 225/2

1594 Mar 02; Philips Dynsbroeck; Maria van Bussechem; Servaes; Servaes van Aken, Isabelle Comes j.d.; 225/2

1594 Mar 03; N.N.; N.N.; Nicolaes Rutschers, son of David, j.m. 19 years old; the whole community; 225/2

1594 Mar 07; Jaques van Male; Magdalena Smits; Cornelis; Cornelis van den Bogaerde, Jan van Kemschot, Agniete Smits [Smissaerts] wife of Hans Mannaert; 225/2

1594 Mar 15; Toussain Vassael; Clara Janssen; Stephanus; Steven Wysman, Genoveva Adriaenssens wife of Heynryck van Tiel; 225/2

1594 Mar 15; Joos Juliaens; Catharina Jeheux; Maria; Hans de Coninck, Catharina Jeheux wife of Rayemond Rinhout, Anna Jeheux wife of Joos de Smit [Smeth]; 225/2

1594 Mar 15; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Comyns; Anthonia; Jaques Moys, Anthonette Flagelet wife of Huybrecht de Clerck; 225/2

1594 Apr ??; Jaspar Bineyt [Benoit]; Barbara N.N. [de Coster]; Jaspar; jonker [squire] Herman Aach, Cornelia [van Uffelen] wife of Lenaert Heymans; 225/2

1594 Apr 21; Philips Coten; Leonora Adams; Abraham; Antoine Adams, Steven Penel, Janneken Allaerts wife of Jan Krytsche [Krytfisch]; 225/2

1594 Apr 24; Wilhelm Hammerslag; Janneken Hochepied; Joannes; Jan Casteleyn, Andries Hochepied, Elisabeth Montens widow of Jan de Ruyhe [Ruyter]; 225/2

1594 May 03; Jan du Bois; Mayke Janssens; Janneken; Jan du Boisson, Janneken Cuypers, Anna de Moulyn; 225/2

1594 May 06; Jasper Coymans; Isabeau [van] Lemens; Hieronimus; Pieter Dablyn [d'Ablaing], Clara Janssens wife of Toussain Vassael; 225/2

1594 May 14; Peter Sermens; Maria N.N. [Huwyns]; David; Salomon Six, David de Cousenaer, jonckvrouwe Joanna de Varemes widow of jonker [squire] Anthoine de Traas; 225/2

1594 May 29; Cornelis van Schinnen [van Maestricht], hatmaker; Magdalena Vos; Thomas; Steven Jacobs, Jan Ketwyck, Grietie van Schinnen [van Maestricht], wife of Peter van Dillenbergh, hatmaker; 225/2

1594 Jun 03; Lenaert Hoose; Clara N.N.; Andries; Jaspar Anthoni, Paulus Mondekins, Lyske Noesemans wife of Joos Lenaerts; 225/2

1594 Jun 16; Martin Collet, buttonmaker; Elisabeth van den Eynde; Joannes; Jan de Landy, Sara Bec in place of Steven and Pieterke [Pierynken van Nevel] wife of Jan Goyvaer; 225/2

1594 Jun 29; Jaques Jongelinck; Catharina de Jamais; Ester; Cornelis Boote, Jaqueline Coenraets wife of Heynrick Lots, Francoise wife of Anthone Mauclerck; 225/2a

1594 Jul 19; Olivier van Hecke [Ecke]; Maria Tassyn; Catharina; Christiaen Wilokeau [Willoqueau]; Catharina van Hecke, Anna Smit wife of Jan van Hecke the younger; 225/2a

1594 Jul 10; Jacques Houhuyse; Maria van der Linden; Elisabeth; Jan Jemmis, Joanna Deleber wife of master Peter de Bils;225/2a

1594 Jul 20; Wilhem Haegen; Margaretha N.N.; Caspar; Johannes Heise, Margaretha Stein j.d.; 225/2a

1594 Sep 01; Peter van Geel [Gheel]; Sara N.N. [Marceliers]; Daniel; Daniel van Geel, Barbara Marseliers wife of Aernout Dragon; 225/2a

1594 Oct 03; Jacques Ameryx; Anna Heyns; Jacques; Zacharias Heyns, Susanna Heyns, wife of Henrick Deyns; 225/2a

1594 Oct 08; Cornelis Herremans; Margriet van Eeckeren; Matthys; Matthys van Vueren, Jaspar Cousyn, Catharina Vlugge; 225/2a

1594 Oct 09; Abraham van der Voort; Janneken Hureau; Wouter; Walterus del Prato, Peter Pelicoren, Anna Imbrechts widow Pelicorn; 225/2a

1594 Oct 22; Carle Groenendael; Elisabeth Spille; Maria; Peter Becks the younger, Catharina wife of Jan Groenendael, Clara van Solt wife of Jan Ramaecker; 225/2a

1594 Nov 08; Joos de Smit [Smeth]; Anna Jeheux; Raymondt; Raymondt Rinhout, Joos Juliaens, Lyske Noesemans wife of Joos Lenaerts, the oldest son of Hans Russelaer was also present; 225/2a

1594 Nov 21; Cornelis de Grave; Anna Moccaet; Janneken; Hans Goossins, Lynken Boldyns [Lynken Benoit], Janneken Benoit wife of Peter Hellaert; 225/2a

1594 Nov 21; David de Cousenaer; Catharina Hubbaert; Jacob; Jaques de Cousenaer the elder, Isabella wife of Jaques Taket; 225/2a

1594 Dec 10; Francois van Suytphen; Susanna van de Putte; Elisabeth; Raymond Rinhout [Ryngoldt], Catharina Comyn wife of Jan Flagelet, Elisabeth Eimaer wife of Matthys Root; 225/2a

1594 Dec 12; Denys de Maistre; Catharina Boel; Denys; Jaques Pergens, Anna Kip; 225/2a

1594 Dec 22; Peter Ruebens; Barbara van Rendonck; 4 children Catharina, Wilhelmus, Janneken, Barbara; Joannes Krys and his wife Sophia Tack, the stepfather Jan Tack and the mother Barbara were also present; 225/2a

1595 Jan 01; Heyndrick Fairhoulden, gardner; Margriete N.N.; Lucretia; Raymondt Rynhout, Lucretia Pellicorn wife of Walterus del Prato, Anna Jeheux wife of Joos de Smit [Smeth]; 225/2a

1595 Feb 04; Hans Coutreel; Catharina van Gaelen van Kangeraet; Peter; Arnoult Truyens, Sebastiaen Caes, Maria van Gaelen; 225/2a

1595 Feb 06; Balthasar Schuts; Janneken van Bussechem; Sara; Guiljame de Neufville, Sara Walpergens; 225/2a

1595 Feb 10; Jan de Bouloingne; Margriete Guiljamme; Joanna; Michiel du Gardin, Martinken wife of Anthone del Sau, Martinken de Bouloingne; 225/2a

1595 Feb 19; Francois Provoost the younger; Susanna van den Vondel; Catharina; Francois Provoost, Emmerentia [Smayers] wife of Cornelis Boot; 225/2a

1595 Feb 22; David Lowerins [Loryns]; Maria van Lier, Maria; Aernout Spille, Clara van Solt wife of Jan Ramaecker, Judith Burgreefs; 225/2a

1595 Feb 26; Hans Vervelen; Lincken Oliviers; Daniel; Daniel van Geel [Gheel], Tileman Luthe, Margriete wife of Anthoni Adams; 225/2a

1595 Feb 26; Adolf der Kust; Catharina van Male; Lucas + Albrecht; Jan van der Mousen, Peter Hamenis, Anna van Wedinghen, Maria wife of Jaques Muys; 225/2a

1595 Mar 01; Peter van Merkemie [Merkernich]; Catharina N.N.; Dierick; Jan Flagelet, Dierick Vlugge, Guiljenette Baker; 225/2a

1595 Mar 10; Melchior la Maire; Willemincken Augustyns, Joannes; Jan Fourmenois, Guiljame van Dale, Hortentia del Prato; 225/2a

1595 Mar 11; Jasper Sonneman; Hester Jongelincks; Anna; Cornelis van den Bogaert, Louwys Droussault, Janniken van Hecke [Ecke] wife of Samuel Thachet, Cornelia van Uffel daughter of Jaspar van Uffel; 225/2a

1595 Mar 19; Daniel Craye; Anneken Beekaert; Boudewyn; Boudewyn Craye, Emerentia Smayers wife of Cornelis Boot; 225/3

1595 Mar 16; Henrick Govaerts; Anna de Walpergen; Henrick; Melchior de Neufville, Anna [Zeewin] wife of Joos Walpergens; 225/3

1595 Mar 23; Isaac de Vinoble; Elisabeth de Potter; Elisabeth; Jaques Mois, Hans Gregoire, Agnes wife of Jan van Duyts, Janneken de Potter; 225/3

1595 Mar 26; Thomas Gomaer; Maria Wachtman; Thomas; Jan Joppin in place of Balthasar van der Hoyken, Janneken Gomaer, wife of Jan Cambier; 225/3

1595 Mar 26; Hans del Becque; Anna Drossault; Lodewyk; Louwys Drossault, Jaques Mois, Barbara Drossault;225/3

1595 Apr 01; Pieter Beckx; Catharina N.N.; Maria; Johan van Setterich, Anna Beckx, Nelle Perquens; 225/3

1595 Apr 02; Tobias Gillisen; Catharina van Loevenig; Gillis; Francois van Suytphen, Pieter Hellaert, Sibilla van Camphuysen widow of Bartholomeus van Camphuysen; 225/3

1595 May 01; Jan Camphausen; Margriete Hendricks; Margriete; Jan van der Moesen; 225/3

1595 May 09; Rutger Soers [Suers]; Anna N.N. [Krewinckel]; Catharina; Isaac Boonen, Anna wife of Wilhelm Steffens; Catharina wife of Rutger Krey; 225/3

1595 May 28; Jacob Stemp; Anna van der Schilden; Jacob; Thomas Gomaer, Maria Wachtmans wife of Thomas Gomaer in place of Petronella the widow Wachtmans, her mother; 225/3

1595 Jun 03; Jan Krytfisch; Janneken Allart; Magdalena; Hans Cores, Leonora Adams wife of Philip Coten; 225/3

1595 Jun 05; Steven Wisman; Barbara Six; Jeremias; Jaques Six in place of Jeremias Wisman, Dorothea Mercator widow of Allardt Six; 225/3

1595 Jun 28; Cornelis Fierens; Geertruyt Flechtmans; Jaques; Jaques van Dale; Quirin Gaetser, Anna van Herhoven in place of Lisken Fechtmans; 225/3

1595 Jul 18; Cornelis Simons; Jannekin Mannaert; Hieronimus; Adriaen de Wannemaecker, Catharina Mannaert widow of Jaques Gobaus; 225/3

1595 Aug 20; Marten Loepes; Sara Landaes; Joanna; Joannes Bourgeros, Joanna Landas; 225/3

1595 Aug 23; Aernout Truyens; Maria Bellens [Boelens]; David; Cornelis Boot, Nicolaes Spilleur, Barbara van Comvorden wife of Wilhelm van der Wimpsen; 225/3

1595 Sep 08; Guiljame Wybout; Anna Sauvage; Maria; Raimond Ringout, Maria Wybout wife of Hans van Steenbergen; 225/3

1595 Oct 11; Henrick van den Rhy; Margriete van Cuelen; Caspar; Caspar Benoit, Nicolaes van Malmedier, Maria van Wybeck; 225/3

1595 Oct 15; Jasper Coymans; Isabeau [van] Lemens; Jacob; Carle Coymans in place of Jacques van Lemens, Magdalena [Herremans] wife of Peter Dablyn; 225/3

1595 Oct 15; Jaques van Tienen [alias van Male]; Magdalena N.N. [Smits]; Jaques; Paulus Mondekins, Cornelis Simons, Emerentiana [Smayers] wife of Cornelis Boot; 225/3

1595 Oct 17; Jacques Jacques; Susanna N.N. [Hevels]; Abraham; Cornelis de Greve [de Grave], Catharina Huwaert wife of David de Cousenaer; 225/3

1595 Oct 19; Abraham Schuermans; Anna Graphens; Abraham; Eduwart Pels, Clara van Lemens widow of Frederick Schuermans; 225/3

1595 Oct 20; Henrick van Thielt; Genoveva Adriaensen; Elisabeth; Jasper van Uffel, Clara Janssens wife of Toussain Vassal, Anna Drossault [Droshault] wife of Hans del Beque; 225/3

1595 Oct 27; David Ruts; N.N.; Jaques Ruts, son of David about 28 years old; 225/3

1595 Nov 01; Nicolaes Rutschers [Ruts]; Cornelia Ranson; David; Jasper Benoit, Magdalena de Walpergen; 225/3

1595 Nov 13; Hans Mannaert; Agnieta Smitsaerts; Gillis; Cornelis Simons, Petronella [de Peysteren] wife of Anthone Balbian; 225/3a

1595 Nov 18; jonker [squire] Herman van Briele; Anna Peris [Perez]; Marcus; Martin Loepes [Lopez], Hendrick van Bilderbeke, Ursula Loepes widow of Marcus Peris; 225/3a

1595 Nov 19; Jooris Nys; Anna Nop; Isaac; Jan de Bouloingne, Peter de Cousenaer, Janneken wife of Jan de Plancks; 225/3a

1596 Feb 17; Hans van der Aa; Jenne de Ledrire [ Letriere]; Joannes; Antoine Bakelaer, Herman van Sloten, Maria Lenaerts wife of Wilhelm Engels; 225/3a

1596 Feb 23; Denys van Huelt [van Heule]; Josyne Timmermans; Sibilla; Jacob Weys, Sibilla Slofanus, Cecilia Frialdenhoven; 225/3a

1596 Mar 03; Gillis Zegers; Agnes N.N.; Agnes; Daniel van Gael, Genoveva Adriaensdr. wife of Henrick van Tielt, Linske [Rosies] wife of Gillis van Siburgh; 225p3a

1596 Mar 11; Hans Flagelet; Willemynken Gurts; Sara; Jaques Jaques, Sara van der Voort wife of Nicolaes Spilleur, Elisabeth de Mortier wife of Paulus Mondekins; 225/3a

1596 Mar 14; Olivier van Hecke [Ecke]; Maria Tassyn; Peter; Jan van Hecke the elder, Peter Grebert, Perone Eluwyns [Alewyn] widow of Andries Vignau; 225/3a

1596 Mar 17; Wilhelm Gammerslach; Janneken Hochepied; Janneken; Samuel Thrachet, Janneken van den Berge wife of Abraham Boonen, Martynken wife of Antoine del Sau; 225/3a

1596 Mar 25; Philips Dinsbroeck; Catharina van Bussechem; Philips; Peter Hellaerts, Susanna van de Putte wife of Francois van Suytphen;225/3a

1596 Mar 26; Joos Juliaens; Catharina Jeheux; Sara; Hermannus Faukelius, Dorothea Jeheux j.d.; 225/3a

1596 Mar 29; Jacques Amerinx; Anna Heyns; Johannes; Jan Tybout, Clara Janssen wife of Toussain Vassael; 225/3a

1596 Apr 11; Isaac de Vinoble; Lysken de Putter; Maria; David de Cousenaer, Heylken Meulemans wife of Geeraert Neuwmans, Sara Petitpas widow de Vinoble;225/3a

1596 Apr 26; Cornelis van Schinnen [van Maestricht]; Magdalena Vos; Matthys; Matthys van Nuys, Melchior van Atorp [van Altorp], Maria van Dalen wife of Matthys Spille; 225/3a

1596 May 06; Jaspar van Buesekom [Bussechem]; Sara van Pulle; Barbara; Jacob Jacobsen, Barbara van Berghem wife of Abraham van Pulle; Janneke Bakelet j.d.; 225/3a

1596 Jun 03; Rombout Hoetmaker; Barbara Schulte; Cornelis; Cornelis Fierens, Francynken wife of Jan van der Mousen; 225/3a

1596 Jun 16; Michiel Bouchault; Anna van den Eynde; Elisabeth; Anthoine Morenal, Elisabeth Clouver from Tricht, Esther Jongelincks wife of Jasper Sonnemans; 225/3a

1596 Jun 30; Jan Krytfisch; Janneken N.N. [Allaerts]; Joannes; Jan van Duyts, Conrat Amsteyn, Elisabeth Allaerts; 225/3a

1596 Jun 30; Nicolaes van Merren; Stynken Beekmans; Louys; Louys Drossault the younger, Jaques Comyn, Apollonia Pels widow Quackaet; 225/3a

1596 Jul 03; Guiljame van Dalen; Anna Plettenbergh; Joannes; Hans Huevelmans, Jacob Wetsels, Tryncken Eppendorf wife of Daem van Eppendorf; 225/3a

1596 Jul 24; Isaac Meman; Janneken van Kiest; Isaac; Cornelis la Bruyn, Steven Meman, the wife of Steven Meman in place Adriaenken Lempereur, wife of Hans Meman; 225/3a

1596 Jul 28; Anthoni Hetschaep [Hertschap], Sophia Steffens; Abraham; Jaques Pilgrem, Jan Pergens, the wife of Hermannus Steffens; 225/3a

1596 Sep 02; Abraham van der Voort; Janneken Hureau; Catharina; Francois Grammondt, Catharina Hureau widow of Simon Fourmenois; 225/3a

1596 Sep 02; Huybrecht Braems; Marguerite de Lommel [l'Hommel]; Joannes; Jan Tybout; Wilhelm Wert, Hester Wisweiler wife of Thomas Bontwercker; 225/4

1596 Sep 09; Peter van Geel [Gheel]; Sara Marceliers; Sara; Daniel van Geel; Magdalena Herremare wife of Peter Dablyn [d'Ablaing]; 225/4

1596 Sep 09; Henrick Goyvaerts; Anna de Walpergen; Catharina; Catharina Lyfrinck wife of Melchior de Noville [Neuville] 225/4

1596 Sep 13; Pieter Becks; Catharina N.N.; Elisabeth; Herman Bex, pharmacist, Gertruyt [Knipraet] wife of Peter Bex the younger, Geertruyt wife of Abraham Booms; 225/4

1596 Sept 17; Jan de Ruyter; Elisabeth van Balen; Elisabeth; Jan Casteleyn in place of Adriaen van Weresteyn, Elisabeth Montens widow of Jan de Ruyter the elder, Engelken van Weresteyn wife of Sebastiaen van Loose; 225/4

1596 Sep 23; Cornelis Herremans; Margriet van Eeckeren; Cornelis; Dierick Vlugge, Vincent Walraet, Sybilla widow of Sybert Strobant; 225/4

1596 Oct 06; Jan de Bouloingne; Margriete Guiljame; Maria; Pieter de Cangnomle, Maria de Ryckbourch wife of Jaques Blamaert; 225/4

1596 Oct 10; Martinus Loepes; Sara Landas; Martinus; jonker [squire] Herman Briel, Catharina Boel wife of Dionys de Maistre; 225/4

1596 Oct 10; Pieter van Dillenburch; Margriete van Schinnen [van Maestricht]; Anna; Cornelis van Schinnen [van Maestricht], Anna wife of Gerhit van Nienbercken, Aeltken wife of Jan van Suchtele; 225/4

1596 Oct 13; Francois Provoost the younger; Susanna van de Vondel; Sara; Pieter Hellaerts, Cecilia Provoost; 225/4

1596 Nov 11; Daniel Craye; Anna Bekaert; Jacob; Cornelis Boot, Jaques Craye, Apollonia Craye; 225/4

1596 Nov 14; Steven Wisman; Barbara Six; Steven; Thomas Bruyn, Rachel le Bruyn wife of Jaques Six; 225/4

1596 Nov 24; David de Cousenaer; Catharina Huwaert; Abraham; Guiljame van de Steenstrate, Clara Janssens wife of Toussain Vassaer; 225/4

1596 Nov 29; Hans Goossins; Mattel ten Hove; Sybilla; Cornelis de Greve, Sybilla Besses wife of doctor Joannes Slotanis, Maria Fassynck [Fassyngs] wife of Christiaen Quenthen; 225/4

1596 Dec 02; Hans Huevelmans; Catharina van Bacom; Anna; Jan Bruel, Anna Pels wife of Christoffel Resteau [? see 9 Febr 1593]; 225/4

1596 Dec 02; Balthasar Schutsen; Janneken van Bussechem; Peter; Peter Becks zoon van Hermanni, Anthoine Hertschap, Maria van Dalen wife of Mattheus Spille; 225/4

1596 Dec 12; Francois van Suytphen; Susanna van de Putte; Sara; Tobias Gillesin, Janneken [Benoit] wife of Peter Hellaerts, Anna Droshaut wife of Hans del Becque; 225/4

1596 Dec 13; Joos van der Schueren; Anna N.N.; David; Michiel Boldyn, Anna du Bois j.d.. The father is not present; he is excommunicated because he joined the Anabaptists. 225/4

1596 Dec 15; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Comyns; Anna; Nicolaes Ducaert, Anna wife of Matthys Comyn, Elisabeth [Noesemans] widow of Joos Lenaert in den Luypaert [in the Leopard]; 225/4

1596 Dec 16; Philips Coten; Leonora Adams; Catharina; Anthoine Adams the younger, the widow of Aert Gillis;225/4

1596 Dec 22; Philips de Bourlon; Mayke Schapens; Catharina; Quintin Simortier, Maria Fassynck wife of Christiannes Quenthen; 225/4

1597 Jan 28; Melchior le Maire; Willeminken Augustyns; Elisabeth; Francois Grammont, Elisabeth Delinck wife of Hermannus Faukelius, Catharina Hureau widow of Simon Fourmenois; 225/4

1597 Feb 01; Hans Rosseau, Maria Engelgrave; Anna; Boudewyn Bardoel, Anna widow of Adriaen Engelgrave the wife's mother; 225/4

1597 Feb 01; Peter Sermens; Maria Hufyng; Jaques; Peter van Geel [Gheel], Jaques Taket [Tacquet], Janneken Fourmau [Fremeau] j.d.; 225/4

1597 Feb 28; Jacques Jacques; Susanna Hevelyn [Hevels]; Abraham; Bartholomeus de Herst, Elisabeth de Montier wife of Paulus Mondekens; 225/4

1597 Mar 01; Henrick van den Rhyn; Margriete N.N.; Wilhelm; Wilhelm Engels, Herman Seussel, Ursula Pepsens j.d.; 225/4

1597 Mar 01; Michiel de Boragie [Bouraigne]; Geertruydt Kocks [Cox]; Matthys; Matthys van Ourlay, Bartholomeus van Blaetsom, Sara van Pulle wife of Jaspar van Busecom; 225/4

1597 Mar 03; Hans Monnaert; Agniete Smitsaert, Jaspar; Cornelis Simons, Anna Gobau [Gobauts] j.d.; 225/4

1597 Mar 12; Toussain Vassael; Clara Janssens; Jeremias; David de Cousenaer, Catharina de Haese wife of Hans Cores in name of Isabella van Lemens wife of Jaspar Coymans; 225/4a

1597 Mar 14; Guilame Schuts; Catharina Trock; Elisabeth; Carle Trock, Janneke van Busschem wife of Balthasar Schuts, Pironelle [Petronella Dousaert] wife of Quintyn de Fosse; 225/4a

1597 Mar 16; Hans Verbeeck; Catharina Janssens; Catharina; Peter Dablyn [d'Ablaing] the elder, Catharina de Haese wife of Hans Cores, Eelke wife of Dileman Luther; 225/4a

1597 Mar 22; Hans Hagels; Willemincken N.N.; Anna; Lenaert Hose, Anna van Steen, Anna Smet [de Smeth] wife of Jan van Heck [Ecke]; 225/4a

1597 Apr 12; Hans van den Dam; Janneken Arseliers; Michiel; Michiel Bouchault, Pierynke widow of Jan Flagelet, Anna wife of Joos van der Schuts; 225/4a

1597 Apr 20; Rutger Suers; Anna Krewynckel; Elisabeth; Andries Los, Maria wife of Lucas Potgieter, Catharina Krewynckel in place of her sister Elisabeth; 225/4a

1597 Apr 22; Jan van Hecke [Ecke]; Anna de Smit [Smeth]; Janneken; Christiaen Faukonie, Janneke van Herke wife of Samuel Thranchet, Pieroneken Auwyns [Alewyn] widow of Andries Vigneau; 225/4a

1597 May 07; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Rantson; Casper; Dreyck Strous, Barbara de Coste wife of Jasper Benois; 225/4a

1597 May 08; Henrick Frichons; Margriete N.N.; Henrick; Jaques Moys, Anthoine Bel in place of Cornelis la Bruyn, Maria wife of Anthuenis Bel in place of Hortensia del Prato wife of Hans Fourmenois; 225/4a

1597 May 11; Hans del Becque; Anna Drossault, Susanna; Henrick van Tielt, Catharina Comyn wife of Hans Flagelet, Susanna van de Putte wife of Francois van Suytphen; 225/4a

1597 May 18; Tobias Gillisz; Catharina van Luevenich; Gertruydt; Lenaert Cremer, Susanna van de Putte wife of Francois van Suytphen, Anna Puttre-Wessh wife of Henrick Siberts; 225/4a

1597 May 19; Denys de Maistre; Catharina Boel; Catharina; Batholomeus Boel, Susanna Boysin j.d.; 225/4a

1597 May 20; Hans Govaerts; Susanna van Dortslaegher [Doreslaer]; Jaques; Jan Govaerts, Jaques Moys, Margriete d'Overdagher [Doverdage] widow of Lieven Doreslagher; 225/4a

1597 May 21; Joos de Smeth; Anna Jeheux; Catharina; Hans de Coninck, Catharina Jeuheux wife of Raimond Ringout, Lincken Rosies wife of Gillis van Sibergh. 225/4a

1597 May 22; Cornelis de Greve, Anna Moccaet; Abraham + Isaac; Hans de Coninck, Joos Juliaens, Anna Jeheux wife of Joos de Smeth, Jaques Jaques, Peter Hellaert, Catharina Comyn wife of Hans Flagelet; 225/4a

1597 Jun 04; Michiel Cuypers; Louwise van Hirtz; Elisabeth; Francois Provoost, Magdalena de Vos wife of Cornelis Schinnen [van Maestricht], Trynken van Duren; 225/4a

1597 Jun 09; Hans Fourmenois; Hortensia del Prato; Walterus; Walterus del Prato, Catharina Hureau widow of Simon Fourmenois. 225/4a

1597 Jun 23; Cornelis van Schinnen [van Maestricht], hatmaker; Magdalena N.N. [Vos]; Thomas; Peter Kip, Jacob van Sondorf, Styncken wife of Thys van Nuys; 225/4a

1597 Jun 23; Jacob Pilgrom; Appollonia Hertschap; Elisabeth + Maria; Anthonis Bel, Geraert Pilgrom, Catharina Pilgrom haar zuster; 225/4a

1597 Jun 23; Johan van Male or van Thienen; Magdalena Smits; Sara; Michiel Boldyn, Abraham Sodoyer, Maria [de Lanoy] wife of Jacques Moys, the wife of Peter van Duren; 225/4a

1597 Jun 26; Thomas Gemaer [Gomaer]; Maria Wachtmans; Huybrecht; Hans de Ruyhe [de Ruyter] in place of Anthoine Wachtmans, Anneken Gemaer in place of Athonette Gemaer; 225/4a

1597 Sep 18; Cornelis Fierens; Geertruyt Flechtmans; Mauritius; Rombout den Hoetmaker, Guiljame van Dalen, Willeminken Augustyns in place of Catharina Flechtmans; 225/4a

1597 Sep 19; Rombout den Hoetmaker; Barbara Schoulks [Schulte]; Francois; Francois Grammont, Jaques Moys, Catharina Jeheux wife of Joos Juliaens; 225/4a

1597 Oct 06; Cornelis Simons; Janneke Mannaert; Cornelis; Jaques Craye; Janneke Sabboth wife of Jan de la Court. 225/4a

1597 Oct 12; Gilliam Elout; Janneke N.N. [van Steene]; Abraham; Boudewyn Cray, Susanna de Latre wife of Pieter Brieckel; 225/4a

1597 Oct 18; Aernout Truycks [Truyens]; Maria Boelens; Elisabeth; Louwys Droshault, Maria de Marez wife of Christian de la Court, Elisabet Becos j.d.; 225/4a

1597 Dec 26; Jacques Ameryx; Anna Heyns; Anna; Abraham van der Voort, Barbara van Reet j.d.; 225/5

1598 Jan 02; Gillis Zegers; Agnes N.N.; Abraham; Nicolaes Ruts, Peter Arsseliers, Geertruyt wife of Jan Loepes; 225/5

1598 Jan 24; Abraham van der Voort; Janneke Hureau; Sara; Jan Fourmenois, Sara van der Voort wife of Nicolaes Spilleur; 225/5

1598 Jan 26; Matthys van Ourlay; Cecilia van Simmeren; Jacob; Jacob Moys; Jacob van Sindorp, Maria Moys mother of Matthys van Ourlay; 225/5

1598 Feb 08; Denys van Heule; Josyna Timmermans; Gillis; Gillis Zegers, Cornelis Simons, Judith wife of Christian Faukonier; 225/5

1598 Mar 09; Jan de Bouloigne; Margriete Guiljame; Anna; Francois Grammont,Janneken Hureau wife of Abraham van der Voort; 225/5

1598 Mar 23; Goris de Mel; Godelieve Dankaert; Maljaert; Maljaert de Mel j.m., Clara Heyns widow of Maljaert de Mel the elder; 225/5

1598 Apr 07; Hans Huevelmans, Catharina van Bacom; Johanna, Jaques Bouton, Janneken [de Raet] wife of Eduwart Pels, Sara [Thys] wife of Pieter Arras; 225/5

1598 Apr 09; Simon Lentailleur; Catharina N.N. [Kerstens]; Catharina; Hans Fourmenois, Catharina Hureau the widow Fourmenois, Elisabet wife of Andries Mits; 225/5

1598 May 13; Peter van der Hagen; Elisabeth de Ruyhe [de Ruyter]; Peter; Henrick van der Hagen, Elisabeth Montens. 225/5

1598 May 14; Henrick van Tielt; Genoveva Adriaensen; Sara; Hans de la Becque, Barbara van Berchen wife of Abraham van der Voort, Martha van Uffelen wife of Aernout van Genuver [Gerven]; 225/5

1598 May 16; Jaques van de Steenstrate; Maria Bodens; Anna; Jaques de Cousenaer, Anna Polens, Catharina Huyvaert [Huwaert] wife of David de Cousenaer; 225/5

1598 Jun 14; Willem Tobias; Agnes van Brugge; Engelbert; Jaspar Sonneman; Christian van Glabbach, Geertruyt van Brugge; 225/5

1598 Jun 16; Geerart Davids; Catharina Vignon; Clara; Robert Caffart j.m., Clara van Solt wife of Jan Ramaker; 225/5

1598 Jun 26; Balthasar Schuts; Janneken van Busssechem; Anthonette; Francois Boel; Elisabeth widow Schuts, Anthonette Flagelet wife of Huybrecht de Clerck; 225/5

1598 Jul 12; Peter Sermens; Maria Huwyns; Anna; Jaques la Pere, Anna van den Eynde wife of Michiel Bouchault, the wife [Anna Graesbeeck] of Daniel Formault [Fremeau]; 225/5

1598 Sep 04; Hans Govaers; Susanna Doreslayr [Doreslaer]; Susanna; Michiel Boldyn, Pierinken van den Nevel his mother, Janneken van Doreslaghe widow Delinck; 225/5

1598 Sep 11; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Rantson; Susanna; Samuel Gesquier, Elisabeth [Dierquens] widow of Niclas Walens, Elisabeth Noesemans wife of Albert Steenweyck; 225/5

1598 Sep 11; Francois van Suytphen; Susanna van de Putte; Magdalena; Rombout den Hoetmaecker, Susanna van de Vondel wife of Francois Provoost, Catharina van Leuvenich wife of Tobias Hillesen; 225/5

1598 Sep 14; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Comyns; Helena; Hans de Coninck, Petronella widow Flagelet in place of Helena wife of Peter Flagelet; 225/5

1598 Oct 07; Hans Camphausen; Margriete N.N. [Hendricks]; Agnes; Anthone Bell, Agnes van Brugge wife of Willem Tobias, Margriete Hendryx; 225/5

1598 Oct 15; Steven Wilman [Wysman]; Barbara Six; Dorothea; Melchior de Neuville, Sara Six wife of Marc Antoine Bakels; 225/5

1598 Oct 15; Hans Lyfrincks; Engelken Mays; Daniel; Henrick Goivaets, Anna [Zeewin] wife of Joos Walpergens; 225/5

1598 Oct 17; Olivier van Hecke [Ecke]; Maria N.N. [Tassyn]; Daniel; Jan van Hecke, Catharina Lempereur wife of Jan Meerman; 225/5

1598 Oct 23; Carle Groenendael; Elisabeth Spille; Abraham; Caspar Anthoni, Jan Arents, Elisabeth Delinck wife of Hermannus Faukelius; 225/5

1598 Nov 03; Joos Juliaens; Catharina Jeheux; Janneken; Johannes Jeheux, Janneken Juliaens, Elisabeth Jeheux; 225/5a

1598 Nov 03; Abraham van Ackeren; N.N. [Barbara van der Schuere]; Maria + Elisabeth; Willem Tobias; Cornelis Fierens, Maria Engels, Sara van Ackeren, Elisabet van Ackeren; 225/5

1598 Nov 06; Rutger Sures [Suers]; Anna N.N. [Krewinckel]; Jacob;Jaques Pergens, Christoffel Tuyllier, the wife of Caspar Steffens; 225/5

1598 Nov 27; Hans Fourmenois; Hortensia del Prato; Catharina; Hans Hureau, Lucretia del Prato [Pellicorne] wife of Walterus del Prato; 225/5

1598 Dec 01; Michiel Cuypers; Louyse van Hintz; Michiel; Francois Provoost, Johan van Hirts, Margaretha Friaeldenhoven; 225/5a

1598 Dec 09; Francois Provoost the younger; Susanna van den Vondel; Francois; Walterus del Prato, Jannecken Ruts; 225/5a

1598 Dec 29; N.N. [Pieter van Brugge]; N.N.; Agnes wife of Willem Tobias; 225/5a

1599 Jan 01; Hans van de Putte; N.N. [Catharina] van der Hoykens; Maria; the widow van de Putte his mother, Arnout van der Hoykens; 225/5a

1599 Jan 10; Rombout de Hoetmaker; Bayken N.N. [Schulte]; Joannes; Henric Bilderbek, Jan Coppin, Susanna Colpein; 225/5a

1599 Jan 16; Philips Dynsbroek; Catharina van Bursegem [van Bussechem]; Francois; Francois Rosier, Jacob Moys, Elisabeth Boel [Schuts]; 225/5a

1599 Jan 16; Bernart Bruyns [Broen]; Sara van Ackeren; Isabella; Jacob Sintdorp, Sara Droussault [Droshault]; 225/5a

1599 Jan 18; Michiel Boldyn; Catharina Doreslage; Michiel; Hans Govars, Jacob Moys, Margarete de Verdayen [Doverdage] widow Doreslage; 225/5a

1599 Jan 27; Hans Goossins; Mette N.N. [ten Hove]; Elisabeth; doctor Omphalius, Agnes widow of Gillis Zegers, Mayke Moys; 225/5a

1599 Feb 21; Philips Coten; Lenora Adams; Isaac; Hans Coten in place of Peter Adams, Anna Koll; 225/5a

1599 Feb 23; Jan van Hecke [Ecke]; Anna Smit [de Smeth]; Isaias; Jan van Hecke his father, Maria de Smitt; 225/5a

1599 Mar 05; Hans van den Bos; Styngen N.N.; Maria; Isaac Maeman, Maria Forkemir; 225/5a

1599 Mar 06; Jacques Craye; Anna Gobau; Sara; Boudewyn Craye, Catharina Mamats [Mannaert], widow of Jacob Gobain; 225/5a

1599 Mar 13; David Dousart; Elisabeth de Fosse; Nicolaes; Nicolaes de Fosse, Petronelle [Dousaert] wife of Quintin de Fosse in place of Janna de Plance; 225/5a

1599 Mar 13; Marc Anthoine Bacelier; Sara Six; Anthonius; Jaques Six, Constantia Hagens wife of Nicolaes Heldewier; 225/5a

1599 Mar 20; Cornelis Firens; Truytken Flechmans; Arnolt; Gerrit Bochout, Barbe [van Alsedorp] wife of Rombout Hoymaker, Korintgen wife of Jan Geyvarts; 225/5a

1599 Mar 23; Henrick Stryn van Rees; Susanna Byl; Herman; Hans Flagelet, Arnt van den Cruys, Mechtelt Huygen wife of Hans Soesterman; 225/5a

1599 Apr 02; Jasper Sonneman; Hester Jongelincks; Esther; the widow Block from Dort [Dordrecht], the widow [Elisabeth Montens] of Jan de Ruyhe [Ruyter]; 225/5a

1599 Apr 13; Matthys van Oerle [Ourlay]; Cleyn van Sommeren [Cecilia van Simmeren]; Caspar; Jan van Sommeren, Melchior van Cobolents, Mayken Mons; 225/5a

1599 Apr 16; Hans van der Veelen [Verveelen]; Catharina Olvers [Oliviers]; Lucia; Francois Grammon, Leonora Catsa; 225/5a

1599 May 02; Henrick Correllis; Margareta Vens [Vyns]; Philips; Goycken Vens, Simon Duysen, Susanna de Laet wife of Pieter Bultel [Bulteel]; 225/5a

1599 May 09; Dirick Bruynhagen; Abigael Cost; Abraham; Jacques de Tassemaker, Catharina Huwarts; 225/5a

1599 May 16; Hans del Beeck [del Beque]; Anna Dressout [Droshault]; Joannes; Francoys van Sutphen, Maria Vechsy, Elisabeth van Huygaten; 225/5a

1599 May 22; Henrick Goyvaerts; Anna Walpergen; Catharina; Joost Walpergen, the wife of Leonart Sigmans; 225/5a

1599 May 23; Guillam Schuts; Catharina Trock; Francoys; Francoys Boul, Susanna [de Laet] Bultel [Bulteel]; 225/5a

1599 May 24; Christoffel Quinget [Quingetti]; Josina Heymans; Catharina; Leonart Heymans, the wife of Jaspar van Uffelen in place of Catharina van Surck; 225/5a

1599 Jun 06; Gillis Othanis; Jacquelina Veren; Jacob; Jan Durozyn, Jacqueline N.N.; 225/5a

1599 Jun 10; Martin Loupes; Sara de Landas; Pieter; Hermes de Landa, Jonaes d'Enter; 225/6

1599 Jun 16; Jacques van der Malen; Enken N.N. [Magdalena Smits]; Abraham + Eva; Abraham van der Voort, Abraham Sowyn, the wife of Marc Antoni Bakelaer [Sara Six], Jan Erkelents, the wife of Pieter Crytain, the wife of Frederick Vasselaer; 225/6

1599 Jun 25; Melchior Lemeer [le Maire]; Willemken N.N. [Augustyns]; Carel; Melchior Bresman, Hans Heuvelmans, Macheltken wife of F--ent Kousterman; 225/6

1599 Jul 07; Jaspar van Buysecom; Sara van Pullen; Catharina; Jacob Snel from Neurenberg, the wife of Melchior de Neufville [Catharina Liefrinck], Tanneken de Coninck; 225/6

1599 Jul 09; Arnoldt Truyens; N.N. [Maria Boelens]; Abram; Joost Juliaens, Guillam Wigbout [Wybout], the wife of Cornelis Boot [Emerentia Smayers]; 225/6

1599 Jul 24; Jan de Hoogen; Sara Stevens [de Tronck]; Lodvicus; Francoys Grammont, Bartholomeus Boul, Lodewyc de Troch; 225/6

1599 Aug 04; Jan Beeck; Maria van Solt; Clara; Herman Beeck and Geertruyt his wife, Clara Ramakers [van Solt]; 225/6

1599 Aug 08; Laurents Leonarts; Sara van Solt [sic; Sara van Lommel]; Lenart; Matthys van Voeren, Jan van Lummel, Anneken van den Bergh; 225/6

1599 Aug 14; Denys de Maistre; Catharina Boul [Boel]; Jeremias; Jeremias Wysman, Anneken van der Vinck [Vervynck] wife of David van der Piet; 225/6

1599 Aug 23; Crellis Ardi; Geertruyt van der Borcht; Willem; Willem Engels, Jan Brul, Anneke de Grant; 225/6

1599 Aug 30; Jacques van Gerven; Maria del Beque; Maria; Arnolt van Gerven, Anna Mondekens wife of Jaspar Anthony, the wife of Henrick van Tielt in place of the wife of Anthonis Martens; 225/6

1599 Sep 03; Pieter van Geel [Gheel]; Sara N.N. [Marcelier]; Sara; Pieter Dablyn [d'Ablaing] the younger in place Maximiliaen van Geel, Susanna Dragon in place of Margariet van Geel; 225/6

1599 Sep 05; David de Coussenaer; Catharina Huwaers; Sara; Jacques de Coussenaer, Anneken Pollarts; 225/6

1599 Oct 30; Goris de Mel; Goeltgen N.N. [Dankaert]; Joanna; Gerart Cuypers, the wife of Jan van Renes; 225/6

1599 Nov 11; Abraham van der Voort; Joanna Hureau; Guilelmus; Nicolaes Spilleur in place of Guillam van der Voort, Lucretia Pellecorins [Pellecorne] wife of Waltero del Prato; 225/6

1599 Nov 22; N.N.; N.N.; four adults, Susanna Tys, Sara Tys, two brothers Carel and [no name]; 225/6

1599 Nov 30; Jan de Boulogie; Margriet Willems [Guiljame]; Maria; Denys Blanckart, Maria van Sasburg; 225/6

1599 Dec 04; Jacques de Coussenaer; N.N.; Catharina; Pieter de Coussenaer, Catharina Huwart; 225/6

1599 Dec 07; Tobias Gillissen; Catharina van Lovenich; Anna; Willem Quaet, Anna de Graef, Sara Kremers; 225/6

1599 Dec 30; Servaes van Bemen; N.N.; Simon; Simon Lentailleur, Henrick Carels, Janneken Lentailleurs; 225/6

1600 Jan 07; Hans van Loo; Amerans van Erpekum; Catharina; Jacques Godyn, Catharina Malepert; 225/6

1600 Jan 23; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Ranson; Agneta; Hans Ranson, Agnees Claessens, Anneken Damas; 225/6

1600 Feb 02; Guillam Gommerslach; Susanna Wyers; Joannes; Pieter Verhagen [van der Hagen], Theodore d'Cuyn, Elisabeth [Montens] the widow Ruyters; 225/6

1600 Feb 07; Hans Govaerts; Susanna van Doresla; Joannes; Jan Praet, Janneke and Carle van Doresla; 225/6a

1600 Feb 14; Jan Fonteyne; Catharina Dablyn; Pieter; Pieter Dablyn [d'Ablaing] the elder; the widow of Thomas Fonteyn; 225/6a

1600 Feb 19; Denys van Heul; Josinte Timmermans; Daniel; Arnoldus van der Horst, Jan Sypen, Catharina Cray; 225/6a

1600 Feb 27; Cornelis de Graent [de Grave]; Anna N.N. [Moccaet]; Tobias; Joost de Smit [Smeth], Tobias Gillissen, Louwynken the wifes' mother; 225/6a

1600 Mar 04; Simon Lentailleur; Catharina N.N. [Kerstens]; Guillelmus; Henrick Bilderbeeck in place of Guillelmus van Bilker, Gregorius Kestelate, Hortensia del Prato; 225/6a

1600 Mar 05; Anthoni le Cat; Janneken N.N.; Anna; Guillam Sout the younger, Anna Barbian [Balbian], Anneken Vermeren; 225/6a

1600 Mar 09; Hans van den Put [Putte]; Catharina N.N. [van der Hoykens]; Elisabeth; N.N. Parmentier the ---- son of Francoys Grammont in place of his father, the wife of Jan Coppyn [Colpyn], Elisabeth Bourdoul wife of Carel van der Houkens [van der Hoykens]; 225/6a

1600 Mar 09; Cornelis Simons; Joanna Mannaerts; Janneken; Boudewyn Craye, Agnete Smitsers [Smissaert]; 225/6a

1600 Mar 13; Hans Lemmers; Susanna N.N. [Thys]; Susanna; Hans Vervelen, Anna Peils, Sara Tyss; 225/6a

1600 Mar 22; Jacques Erkens; Janneken N.N. [Vosbeck]; Joannes; Jan Fouuenctan [?], Catharina van Pert, wife of Per del Mere; 225/6a

1600 Apr 23; Christoffel Polarts; Elisabeth Bonarts [Goddaert]; Jacobus; Jacques Moys, Anneken van de Steenstrate, Simona Bonarts; 225/6a

1600 Apr 30; Gerart Cuypers; Mayken de Mel; Philips; Philips Erdyn, Goeltgen Dankarts; 225/6a

1600 May 05; Albert Charf; Gilleken Dest; Susanna; Steffen Wysman, Susanna de Laet; 225/6a

1600 May 27; Jacob Jacobsoon [Jacques Jacques]; Susanna Hevel; Gillis; Nicolaes Varle [Varlet], Anneken Hevels; 225/6a

1600 May 28; Jan de Hose; Margriet van Schinnen [van Maestricht]; Christina; Melchior van Altrop [Altorp], Christina van Nuyss, Magdalena van Schenen; 225/6a

1600 May 29; Balthasar Schut; Anneken van Bussechem, Anna; Jaspar Sonnemans, Anneken Schuts, Mayken van der Herft; 225/6a

1600 Jun 04; Willem Tobias; N.N. [Agnes van Brugge]; Willem; Steffen Wysman, Caspar Steffens, Clara Jans; 225/6a

1600 Jun 05; Rombout de Hoedemaker; Bayken Scholthuys [Schulte]; Arnoldt; Jacques Mareschal, Arnolt Pels, Agnete Janssens; 225/6a

1600 Jun 30; Meynar Kims; Anna Willems; Hector; Hector Willems, Jacob Konkens, Trutgen Lonters; 225/6a

1600 Jul 05; Hans Quaetgebuyr; Susanna van Pulle; Abraham; Abraham van Pulle, Cornelis Simons, Sara van Pulle; 225/6a

1600 Jul 06; Francoys Boel; Elisabeth N.N. [Schuts]; Elisabeth; Hans Schuts, Elisabeth Schuts, Janneken Schuts in place of Elisabeth Sonneman; 225/6a

1600 Jul 22; Carel Groenendael; Maria Spil [sic: Elisabeth Spille]; Anna; Coert de Potgieter from Aken, Elisabeth Schryvers, Maria Spil [Spille]; 225/6a

1600 Aug 03; Martin Loupes; Sara de Landas; Sara; Ludovicus Peres, Godina van [unreadable]; 225/6a

1600 Aug 06; Abraham van Ackeren; Barbel N.N. [van der Schuere]; Christina; Boudewyn Cray, Elisabeth Canby, Christina Lintgens; 225/6a

1600 Aug 08; Henrick Mantens; Mechtelt Kramers;Joannes; Frans Benraet, Willem Engels, Stina van Duysborch; 225/6a

1600 Aug 13; Bernart Bruns [Broen]; Sara van Ackre [Ackeren]; Sara; Nicolaes Ruts, Catharina van Pene, Elisabeth van Ackre; 225/6a

1600 Aug 13; Steffen Wysman; Barbara Six; Anna; Jacques Six, Ursula Lennep, Anna Walpergens; 225/6a

1600 Aug 23; Jan Flagelet; Catharina Comyns; Susanna; Hendrick van Tielt; Antonette Flagelet, Susanna Broem; 225/6a

1600 Aug 24; Hans Claessens; Agnete van Ubeque; Oycken; Hans Ranson, Geertruyt Reyerts, Judith Faukonier; 225/6a

1600 Aug 27; Jacques van der Male; Lynken Smits; Jacob; Jan van Huych, Saer Hippeldorp in place of Jacob Frooster, Geertruyt Rupperts; 225/6a

1600 Aug 30; Pieter Echels; Maria Wyrix; Catharina; Lowys Malepart the younger, Anna Malepart, Catharina Viviens; 225/6a

1600 Sep 02; Christoffel Quinquet; Josyna N.N.; Cornelia; Steffen van Hattingen, Anneken Alouwyns [Alewyn] wife of Jaspar van Uffel; 225/6a

1600 Sep 11; Henrick Goyvarts; Anna Walpergen; Joannes; Hans van den Dorpe; Steffen Wysman, Anneken Alouwyns; 225/6a

1600 Oct 06; Rutger Botes; Anna N.N.; Joannis; Lambrecht Schryvers, Jan Camp, Catharina Verdych; 225/7

1600 Oct 23; Cornelis Virens [Fierens]; N.N. [Geertruyt Flechtmans]; Jacobus; Jacques Moys, Jacques Jacques, [Anna] van den Endt wife of Michiel Bochout [Bouchault]; 225/7

1600 Nov 19; Henrick van Correllis; Margritta Vyns; Elisabeth; Matthys Govarts, Wychmont Kins, Stynken Slentels; 225/7

1600 Nov 30; Jan de Hogen; Sara de Troch; Lucretia; Denys de Maistres, Lucretia Pellicorne wife of Waltero del Prato; 225/7

1600 Dec 12; Francois Provoost; Susanna van den Vondel; Joannes; Jan Merckmans, Anna Hullegarts [van Hullegarden]; 225/7

1601 Jan 18; Gerart Davids; Catharina Wingarts; Geertruyt; Isaac Wingart, Geertrut daughter of Frans Könen, Anna daughter of Jacop Stevens in place of Catharina Melarts; 225/7

1601 Jan 22; Jan Camphusen; Margaretha Henricx; Wilhelmus; Guillam van Dale, Jan Bertels, the wife of Sebastian Kars; 225/7

1601 Jan 25; Joost Juliaens; Catharina Jeheux; Susanna; Joos de Smet [Smeth], Clara Jeheux wife of Hans de Coninck; 225/7

1601 Jan 25; Abraham van der Voort; Janneken Hureau; Joannes; Jan Hureau, in place of Jan Andries and Janneken [van Steene] wife of Willem Elout; 225/7

1601 Jan 31; Pieter Verhagen [van der Hagen]; Elisabeth [de] Ruyter; Elisabeth; Catharina Vlug [Vlugge] wife of Mattheus van der Hagen in place of Eduwart Montens, Paulina van Wyffliedt from Breda; 225/7

1601 Feb 07; Philips Dinsbroeck, Catharina van Beusegem; Balthasar; Balthasar Schuts, Tobias Boel, Anneke de Coninck wife of Bartholomeus Boul; 225/7

1601 Feb 09; Pieter Anselmus; Anneken Janssens; Antonette; Jan Anselmus, Agnete Claessens; 225/7

1601 Feb 13; Samuel del Beque; Anneken Everts; Maria; Nicolaes del Beque, Maria del Beque in place of Anneke Raus; 225/7

1601 Feb 13; Jan van Ecke; Anna Smits [de Smeth]; Stephanus; Steffen Wysman, Maria de Mares wife of Christiaen del Court; 225/7

1601 Feb 27; Aert van Kempen; Margriet Smits; Steffen Anthonius; Pieter van Heuchenraet in place of Steffen Wysman, Anthonius Bel, Susanna wife of Bernt Mullers; 225/7

1601 Mar 07; Goris Demolde [de Mel]; Goolken Danckaers; Maria; Jaques Moins, Anna Hullehat [Hullegaerts]; [written in the margin] 225/7

1601 Mar 09; Willem Coolmans; Jasperina N.N.; Sara; David de Coussenaer, Anneken Walpergens, Sara her sister; 225/7

1601 Mar 28; Guillam Camp; Anneken Frits; Susanna; Jaspar van Uffele, Cornelia van Uffele wife of Leonart Heymans; 225/7

1601 Mar 29; Jacques van Gerven; Maria del Beque; Arnolt; Anthonis Kleth, Martha van Uffele wife of Arnolt van Gerven, Cornelia van Uffel j.d.; 225/7

1601 Mar 30; Jacques Jacques; N.N. [Susanna Hevels]; Anna about 10 years old: Hans Cores; 225/7

1601 Mar 30; Hans Goyvarts; Susanna Doreslage [Doreslaer]; Guillam; Guillam Elout, Anneke Goyvarts; 225/7

1601 Apr 11; Michiel Cuypers; Louwysken van Mart [van Hirtz]; Catharina; Urbaen Vaes, Elisabeth van Cuelen, Catharina Boens; 225/7

1601 Apr 13; Batholomeus Boul; Anneke de Coninck; Pieter; Tobias Boel in place of Andries de Coninck, Catharina Boel wife of Denys de Maistre; 225/7

1601 Apr 19; Simon Engelgrave the younger; Catharina van den Ende; Pieter; Pieter van den Endt, the wife of Jan van Penen; 225/7

1601 Apr 22; Michiel Bochout [Bouchault]; Anna van den Ende; Daniel; Lodewic Glandorp in place of Daniel van den Endt, Abraham van Ecke, Sophia Adams; 225/7

1601 May 06; Laurens Leonarts; Sara van Lummel [Lommel]; Margaretha; Vincent Walraet, Margrieta and Helena van Lummel; 225/7

1601 May 20; Jacques Erkens; Jene Vosbeck; Elisabeth; Jan Nerm, Sara Hosart; 225/7

1601 Jul 14; Francois van Ecke; Clara van Montfoort; Melchior; Jan van Ecke, Melchior de Neuuevile [Neufville], Janneken van Ecke; 225/7

1601 Jul 17; Olivier van Ecke; Maria Tasyn [Tassyn]; Maria; Gillis de Windel; Tanneke van Ecke wife of Samuel Traché; 225/7

1601 Jul 22; Jacques Jacques; Susanna N.N. [Hevels]; 2 children: Maria, Joannes; Joost de Smit [Smeth], Joost Juliens, David de Coussenaer, Hans Cores; 225/7

1601 Jul 26; Meinart Konarts [Konrats]; Anna Wilkens; Martinus; Jan Lutez, Jacop Konrats, Annelin Wellekens; 225/7

1601 Jul 30; Guillam Gommerslagh; Susanna Woyers [Weyters]; Willem; Arnolt Gortyens, Elisabeth van Laer wife of Jeronimus de Hollebeeke; 225/7

1601 Jul 30; Jacques Stons; Maria Steutens; Maria; Jeronymus Schellekens, Elisabeth Montens widow [of Jan] de Ruyter, Maria de Ruyter wife of Arnolt Gertjens; 225/7a

1601 Aug 09; Thomas Gemart; Maria Wachtmans; Maria; Jeronimus Schellekens in place of Cornelis van Dale, Tanneken Cambier in place of Nicolaes Gemaer; 225/7a

1601 Aug 30; Nielsse de Meer; N.N.; Daniel; Anna Moet, Daniel de Meer, Gerdrut Stoock; 225/7a

1601 Aug 31; Jacques Craye; Anna Gorbau [Gobauts]; Maria; Boudewyn Craye in place of Hans Gorbau, Hans Ranson, Annetgen Smitsaerts wife of Hans Mannaerts; 225/7a

1601 Aug 31; Jaspar van Bussechem; Sara van Pulle; Catharina; Hans Cores, Catharina Jansens [Oliviers] wife of Hans Verveelen; 225/7a

1601 Aug 31; Jacques Jacques; Susanna N.N. [Hevels]; Susanna; Joost de Smeth, Susanna van Pulle, Hans Quaetgebuers; 225/7a

1601 Oct 12; Albrecht Schatz; Sesilia Aes; Clara; Nicolaes Spilleur, Clara wife of Thomas Broun [Broen], Eva wife of Peeter Christiaen; 225/7a

1601 Oct 28; Hans Verveelen; Catharina Jansens; Catharina; Willeken Engels, Bheicken Gelandorp; 225/7a

1601 Nov 20; Dyrick Bruynhaghen; Byltgen Cost; Anthonis; Anthonis Ruyter; Tanneken van Steenstrate; 225/7a

1601 Nov 20; Arnoult Tripens; Mayken Pellens; Elisabeth; Hendrick Goyaerts, Anna Peres wife of jonker [squire] Segens, Elisabeth the wife of Jacques Stacket; 225/7a

1601 Nov 22; Francoys Boel; Johanna Schuts [sic: Elisabeth Schuts]; Anna; Jacques Boel, Jannetgen Bussichem, Janneken Schuts; 225/7a

1601 Dec 17; Simon Lentailleur; Catharina Kerstens; Sara; Geeraert Bochout, Hans Kraus, Sara Korlyn; 225 /7a

1602 Jan 16; Hans Goosens; Machtelt te Hove; Christina; Albert Erkenraet, Tanneken wife of Abraham Boone, Anneken wife of Jochum Brensens; 225/7a

1602 Jan 16; Pieter Sermens; Maria Fatain [Huwyns]; Luytgen; Charle Perquelet, Maria [Fassyngs] wife of Christiaen Quintgens, Catharina Adams; 225/7a

1602 Feb 26; Rombout de Hoedmaeker; Barbel Schulte; Daniel; Jan van Ecker the younger, Jacques Craye, Anneken van den Ende wife of Michiel Borchaut [Bouchault]; 225/7a

1602 Mar 05; Jan Katme [Catinqui]; Jaquemeine Sabot [Saboths]; Johanna; Jan del Coert [Jean de la Court], Margaretha [Vryfpenninck] wife of Francoys Sabot; 225/7a

1602 Mar 07; Henrick Goyaerts; Anna [de] Walpergens; Anna; Nicolaes Ruts in place of Albertus Walpergens in Frankfort, Catharina Walpergens in place of Saer Salfes, Janneken Goyvaerts wife of Marten Goyvarts in Delft; 225/7a

1602 Mar 15; Peeter Hans Helmus; Anneken Janssens Klerk; Peeter; Jan Hans Holmus, Jan Claessens, Anna Uytenhoove; 225/7a

1602 Mar 22; Guillam Wibot [Wybout]; Sara Meyers; Sara; Albertus Steenwegh, Martha van Uffelen wife of Arnolt van Gerven; 225/7a

1602 May 01; Abraham van Ackeren; Barbara van der Schuyren; Margarita; Wilhelm van Dale, Sara van Brugh wife of Henrick Marichael; 225/7a

1602 May 04; David de Kausener [Cousenaer]; Catharina Huywarts; Isaac; Jacques Stacket, weduwe Walens; 225/7a

1602 May 06; Isaac Cassier; Tanneken Backers; Sara; Jacques de Cousenaer, Sara van Bussechem, Goseyn van Pulle; 225/8

1602 May 14; Hans Enens; Tanneken Staes; Catharina; Adriaen de Mandemaeker the younger, Lowysken wife of Joost Tornoy; 225/8

1602 May 14; Symon Ingelgraef; Catharina van [den] Ende; Symon; Symon Ingelgraef, Hans van den Ende; Elisabeth Rans, Catharina Hermens; 225/8

1602 May 14; Pieter Dablyn [d'Ablaing]; Anna Heldewier; Maria; Jan Fonteine, Maria ------; 225/8

1602 Jun 16; Hans Lemmers; N.N. [Susanna Thys]; Johannes; Hans Verveelen in place of Carel Lippens, Thomas du Bou, Tanneken Thys; 225/8

1602 Jun 20; David Mondekens; Susanna N.N. [Baron] Jeremias; Jeremias Wisman, Anna Mondekens wife of Caspar Anthony; 225/8

1602 Aug 09; Rutger Tsuert [Suers]; Anna Crevinkel [Krewinckel]; Margarita; Simon Lentailleur, the wife of Lambart Pergnerts, Catharina Crevinkel; 225/8

1602 Aug 21; Carl Pellens; Barbara Janssens; Jochem; Willem Tobias, the wife of Steven Wysman; 225/8

1602 Oct 12; Willem Tobias; Agnete van Broeck [Agnes van Brugge]; Anna; Samuel Gysber, Gertruyt van Broeck [van Brugge] wife of Nicolaes Craye, Mayken Walpergens, wife of Lovys -----; 225/8

1602 Oct 18; Abraham van de Voorde; Janneken Hureau; Abraham; Jan Hureau, Agneta Smitsart [Smissaert], Hans Manjart [Mannaert] , 225/8

1602 Oct 18; Bernhardt Breus [Broen]; Sara van Ackeren; [no child-name mentioned]; Jan van Ecke, Martha van Uffelen, wife of Arendt van Gerven; 225/8

1602 Oct 20; Guillam Gommerslach; Susanna N.N.; Maria; Conraeth ------, Maria Hanschen, Maria Loweys; 225/8

1602 Oct 29; Denys van Heule; Josina Timmermans; Agneta; Guillam Elout junior, Emerentia Smayers wife of Cornelis Boot, Agneta van Steggel; 225/8

1602 Nov 27; Peeter Vielyck; Margarita Booch; Susanna; Anthony Alardt, Susanna Malaparts wife of Philips Godyn; 225/8

1602 Dec 01; Carel Groenendael; Elisabeth Spilen; Sara; jonker [squire] Havel, Anna Mondekens wife of Caspar Antony, the wife of Abraham Einbagh; 225/8

1602 Dec 01; Hans Govaert; Susanna Doorslage [Doreslaer];Susanna; Abraham Genaerts, Margarita Doverdage 225/8

1602 Dec 13; Daniel Resteau; Maria Heldewier; Anna; Edwart Pels, Anna Heldewier wife of Pieter Dablyn [d'Ablaing], Anna Pels de weduwe van Christoffel Resteau; [written in the margin] 225/8

1603 Jan 01; Michiel Bentyns [Boldyn]; Catharina Spilleurs, Susanna; Hans van der Voort, Susanna Spilleurs; [written in the margin] 225/8

1603 Jan 30; Michiel Cuypers; Lowyssen van Hirtz; Abraham; Abraham Kuypers, Jan van Freisen, Peterken Greveragts; [written in the margin] 225/8

1603 Feb 20; Jacques Stacquet [sic; Jacques Jacques]; Susanna Hevels; Francina; Niclaes Cupresse [Kobrits], Francinken Varlet; 225/8

1603 Feb 25; N.N.; N.N.; Peter van der Loo [adult]; Gerard Cuypers, Boudewyn Craye; 225/8

1603 Feb 28; Goris de Mel; Goelken Danckarts; Catelina; Henrick Felthuysen, Catelina Comyns wife of Hans Flagelet; 225/8

1603 Feb 28; Henrick Mantens; Magtel Urdinghe [Cremers]; Catelina; Samuel Heskier, Catelyna Kestens wife of Symon Lentalleur, Jan Tibouts; 225/8

1603 Mar 04; the son of Lanaert Capouns, 29 years old; Frederick and Francoys Casselaer; 225/8

1603 Mar 10; Louys Doree; N.N. [Sara de Walpergen]; Philips; Melchior Neuville in place of Philips Doree, Anna Walbergh [de Walpergen] wife of Henrick Gonaert [Goyvaerts]; 225/8

1603 Mar 14; Olivier van Ecke; Maria N.N. [Tassyn]; Olivier; Francois van Ecke, Abraham van Ecke, Anna Smit [de Smeth] wife of Jan van Ecke the younger; 225/8a

1603 Mar 23; Albrecht Schatz; Cecilia Ast, Anna; Johan la Steur, Anneke Govaerts, Tringe Halfman; 225/8a

1603 Mar 28; Melse [Melchior] de Maire; Willemke N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Gieles de Windel, Gak [Jacques] Benoyt [Benoit], Sara Corstiens; 225/8a

1603 May 12; Henrick Marregael [Marischal]; N.N. [Sara van Brugge]; [no child-name mentioned]; Wilhelm Tobias; Truigen Brugh [Brugge]; 225/8a

1603 May 13; Henrick Marresael [Marischal]; N.N. [Sara van Brugge]; Wilhelm; Wilhelm Tobias, Joris van Pene, Sara van Brugh [Brugge]; 225/8a

1603 May 13; Antony Lammers; N.N.; Wilhelm; Willem Tobias, Lodewyck [no surname mentioned], Agniet Cnoops wife of Dirick Cnoops; 225/8a

1603 Jul 15; Isaac Cassier; Anneken Backers; Isaac; Guiljam Coolman, Henrick Andriessen, Lisabeth van den Broeck; 225/8a

1603 Jul 26; Jacques de Cousenaer; N.N. [Lynske van Crombrugghen]; Sara; Marten van Moers, Catelyna Seconters; 225/8a

1603 Sep 13; Pierre Rara [Arras]; Sara Tys; Anna; Anna [Pels] the widow of Christoffel Resteau, Hans Lemmers; 225/8a

1603 Sep 14; Jan Kamphuisen; Margrita N.N. [Jansdr. Hendricks]; Wilhelm; Wilhelm Tobias, Hans H--b---, Madelene Kat; 225/8a

1603 Oct 04; Rombout de Hoymacker; Beyke Alsdorp [Schulte]; Maria; Melchior van Cuelens [van Cobelens], Anna Pels widow Resteau, Maria van Eck, daughter of Adriaen van Eck; 225/8a

1603 Nov 05; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Walterus; Walterus del Prato, the wife [Janneken de Raet] of Eduwart Pels in place of the mother [Jacqueline Chombart] of Jeremias Boudewyn; 225/8a

1603 Nov 16; Guiljam Wybout; Sara de Meyer; [no child-name mentioned]; Jacques Schet, Daniel Vermais, Agneta Kemp wife of Denys Barsols; 225/8a

1603 Nov 27; Henrick Goyvarts; Anna Walpergent; Daniel; Lowys Dore, Susanna Walpergen; 225/8a

1603 Dec 11; Jacques Stons; Maria Sleuters; Maria; Samuel Gassier, Maria Wachmans, Thomas Gomaer, Agneta van Sigter; 225/8a

1603 Dec 12; Hans van der Put [Putte]; Catharina van der Hoykens; Jan; Hans van Behagel, the widow Coppyn; 225/8a

1603 Dec 25; Jacques Craye; Anna Goubau; Catelina; Guillam Elout, Maria Lippens wife of Boudewyn Craye, Clara Manjaerts [Mannaerts]; 225/8a

1604 Jan 17; Hans van der Aa; Janneken N.N. [de Letriere]; Anna; Cornelis Boot, Anna Droshault; 225/8a

1604 Feb 13; David Mondekens; Susanna N.N. [Baron]; Johannes; Johannes Baron, Marten Martelsz., Barbara Wysmans [Six] wife of Steven Wysmans; 225/9

1604 Feb 13; Joost Juriaens; Catharina Jeheux, Jodocus; Adriaen Jeheux in place of Joost Juliaens the elder, Maria van de Waude; 225/9

1604 Mar 25; Peter Majarts [Mannaerts]; Catelyne N.N. [Doweleert]; Clara; Jost Bils, Clara Bilderbeeck, Sara van Gerven; 225/9

1604 Mar 25; Guillaume Gommersbach; Margarita N.N. [sic: Susanna Weyers]; Margarita; Abraham le Beck [del Beque], Margarita Staedt, Gertien van Staedt; 225/9

1604 Apr 29; Hans de Hoche; Susanna de Trock; Maria; Anthony Halet, Christiaen Willoqueau; 225/9

1604 May 06; Francoys Boel; Elisabeth Schuts; [no child-name mentioned]; Jacques Cray, Tobias Boel, Maria Sonnemans wife of Frans Francens; 225/9

1604 Jun 25; Steven Wisman; Barbara Six; Jeremias; Harman Stephens, Wilhelm Tobias, Clara Broen wife of Thomas Broen; 225/9

1604 Jun 25; David de Cousenaer; Catelyne N.N. [Huwaert]; Johanna; Adriaen Wandemaker [Wannemaker], Catelyne van Crombergen wife of Jacques van Cousenaer; 225/9

1604 Jul 02; Hans Tens; Susanna Tens; Janneken; Hans Goyvaerts, Janneken Resteau, Madelena van Dale wife of Guillaume van Dale; 225/9

1604 Jul 20; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Ranzon; Madalena; Gillis de Windel, Madalena Ranzon; 225/9

1604 Jul 24; Albrecht Schatz; Celia Artsen; Johannes; Johan Brul from Manjou, Abraham Sondoir, Sara Spilleur; 225/9

1604 Aug 27; Jacques Jacques; Susanna Hevels; Jacques; Jacques Craye, Anneken wife of Herman Krun; 225/9

1604 Sep 02; Christiaen Michielsens; Lysbeth Viller; Rebecka; Jaques van der Grooven, Sara Droushaul [Droshault]; 225/9

1604 Oct 02; Nicolaes van Winden; Maria van der Mousel; Jacob; Jacques Scholts, Rombout Hoymaker, Maiken S------- ; 225/9

1604 Oct 23; Abraham Frits; Lisbeth Roemers; Johannes; Peter Romers, Hans Frits' widow; 225/9

1604 Oct 25; Jan Comyn; Janneken Lentaljeur; Janneken; Simon Lentaljeur, Janneke van der Voore [Hureau] wife of Abraham van der Voore [Voort]; 225/9

1604 Oct 30; Philips Coten; Leonora Adams; Margarita; Hans Cros, Peterke Icard wife of Jan van Worghen; 225/9

1604 Nov 01; Daniel Resteau; N.N. [Maria Heldewier]; Constance; Joris Kesseler, Constance Heldewier wife of Peter Vivien; 225/9

1604 Nov 13; Goris de Mel; Golken Danckers; Maria; Jan van Pene, Agat [Agatha Petitpas] widow of Jan Gregoris [Gregoire]; 225/9

1604 Nov 26; Carl Janssens; Clara Janssens; Carel Frederich; Frederich Schurman, Catharina the widow of Michiel Quickelberghs; 225/9

1604 Dec 04; Willem Tobias; Agnes van Bruch [Brugge]; Cornelia; Cornelia Ranson, Catharina wife of Samuel Geffner, Henrick Marichal; 225/9

1604 Dec 18; Henrick Marichal; Sara van Bruch [Brugge]; Gertrut; Walberg van Bruck [Brugge], Catharina Hoochseden; 225/9

1605 Jan 08; Melchior le Mair; Willemken N.N. [Augustyns]; Willem; Willem Kurphen [van Suytphen], Arnolt Hermans, Saerke Himmeraet; 225/9a

1605 Jan 29; Simon Ingelgrave; Cathelyne van den Eynde; Cathalina; Pauwels van der Schuere, Cornelia Bilderbeck; 225/9a

1605 Feb 01; Jacques Herkens; Janneke Rosbeke; Jacques; Guillaume Provost, Catalyne de Magiste; 225/9a

1605 Feb 06; Jan de Boloigne; Margaretha Willems [Guiljame]; Ragael; Jacques Tacket, Ragelle le Tytzyo; 225/9a

1605 Feb 16; Maynaert Coenraets; Lanneken Willekens; Herman; Herman Nobis, Hans Goossens alias Drayer, Ysa Stroomengel; 225/9a

1605 Feb 16; Rutger Soers; Anna Crewinckel; Rutger; Pieter Peerger, Herman Stoerens zoon van Willem, Margriete wife of Herman van Sloten; 225/9a

1605 Feb 19; Michiel Cuypers; Lowysken van Herts [Hirtz]; Sophia; Abraham Boons [Boonen], Anna Droeshant [Droshault] wife of Hans le Beck [del Beque]; 225/9a

1605 Feb 20; Hans Goossens, alias de Drayer; Mettel van Hove; Jan; Hans Flagelet, Thys Hulst, Maria de Vivien wife of Jacques Marechal; 225/9a

1605 Feb 22; Manth van Mechelen; Mettel Bremmers; Anna; N.N. Voscuyl, Perynken Gouarts, Anna Gobau, Jaques Cray; 225/9a

1605 Feb 24; Thomas Gommaer; Maria Wachmans; Hector; Daniel Schellekens in place of Hector Schellekens, Lucretia Wachmans wife of Isaack Nuysenhove; 225/9a

1605 Mar 12; Anthonis Lambert; Geertruyt Drues; Antheunis; Hans Hobroeg, Hendrick Wildeman, Geertruyt Walt; 225/9a

1605 Mar 17; Isaack Meermans; Janneken van der Ryst; Jacques; Bernault Muller, Jacques Craye, Anna Gariael wife of Paul le Jeune; 225/9a

1605 Mar 21; Pieter Maierts [Mannaert]; Catharina Doweleert; Constans; Anthoine Hallet, Cornelia Bilderbeke, Catharina Hackenbroeck wife of Hans Vervelen; 225/9a

1605 Apr 22; Isaack Cassier; Tanneken Backers; Geeraert; Reynaert Gatwiller, Geeraerdt Cuypers, Catharina [Huwaert] wife of Davidt de Causenare [Cousenaer]; 225/9a

1605 May 29; Hans van Acht [van der Aa]; Janneken Ladrier [de Letriere], Joannes; Cryspyn van Opsay, Hans Jeheux, Anneken Rosau [Rosseau]; 225/9a

1605 Jun 02; Hans Mans; Tanneken Stoer; Adriaen; Adrian de Wannemaecker, Maria Vroelick; 225/9a

1605 Jun 08; Denys van Heul; Josynken Timmermans; Catharina; Hans de Rosie from Antwerp, Catharina wife of Adriaen Flamminck, Outger Kannebinck wife of Geeraerdt Cannebinck from Grenenbroeck; 225/9a

1605 Jul 10; Rombout Hoetmaecker; Barbara Scholtens [Schulte]; Abraham; Jacques Tacket, Susanna Boechhout; 225/10

1605 Jul 17; Jacob Stomp [Stonsen]; Maria Stolter [Steuten]; Agnees; Samuel Ges----, Maria Wachmans wife of Thomas Gommaer; 225/10

1605 Aug 03; Simon Lantailleur; Catharina Kests [Kerstens]; Johannes; Jan de Four, Jacob Binou, Jenneken Lantailleur wife of Jacques Comyn; 225/10

1605 Aug 20; Aernoult Pels; Esther del Sau; Arnoult; Guillame Coppyn [Colpyn], Jan Meerman in place Paulus Pels, the sister [Anna Pels] of Aernoult Pels the widow of Christoffel Resteau in place of Joanna de Raet; 225/10

1605 Sep 08; Niclaes Spilleur; Jacquelyne Mannaert; Jan; Hans Mannaert; Sara van de Voorde widow of Niclaes Spilleur; 225/10

1605 Nov 09; Marten Lopez; Sara Landas; Philippus; Anthone Mournau, Debora de Landas; 225/10

1605 Nov 11; Pieter Dablain [d'Ablaing]; Anna Heldewier; Pieter; Jean [de la] Fontaine in place of Elias van Geel [Gheel], Catharina Eldewyer [Heldewier] in name of Anna Behau [Behault]; 225/10

1605 Nov 11; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Rantson; Barbara; Marten Rantson, Agnes van Bruch [Brugge] wife of Willem Tobias; 225/10

1605 Nov 15; Niclaes van Winden; Mayken van der Moesen; Samuel; Samuel Ghestus, Guillame Gommerslach, Mayken Schots in place of Tanneken Stalens; 225/10

1605 Nov 21; Guillaume Gommerslach, Susanna Weyers; Samuel; Hans Lemmers, Niclaes van Winden, Catharina de Clercq; 225/10

1605 Nov 30; Pieter van Duyts; Catharina Varhayhen; Abraham; Joost Juliaens, Anna wife of Joost van Schuyren; 225/10

1605 Dec 01; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Susanna; Jean Fourmenois, Lucretia Pellicorne widow of Waltero del Prato; 225/10

1606 Jan 04; Adriaen de Vlaminck, born in Brussels; Catharina Smetselars from Wenelinckhove; Cornelis; Hans Govarts son of Jan, Anthonis Bel both from Brussels, Jasperryne wife of Juliaen Cocman from Antwerp; 225/10

1606 Jan 24; Abraham van den Voordt; Joanna Hureau; Isaac; Guillame Landt in place of Isaac van der Voordt, Hortensia del Prato wife of Jan Froumenoor [Fourmenois], Sara Spilleur in place of the wife of Niclaes Colpyn; 225/10

1606 Feb 08; Hans van Hecke [Ecke]; Anna Smidt [de Smeth]; Maria; Jan Nool, Maria Tassyn widow of Olivier van Hecke; 225/10

1606 Feb 16; Francois van Hecke [Ecke]; Clara van Mondtfort; Abraham; Jan van Hecke the elder, Hans van Hecke the younger, Joanna van Hecke wife of Abraham del Becq; 225/10

1606 Feb 26; Symon Ingelgrave; Catharina van den Ende; Oelcken; Willem Nigels, Oelcken Stenens; 225/10

1606 Feb 28; Abraham Fritz; Elsken Romens; Pieter; Jan van Meeghen, Cornelia van Huffle [Uffelen] wife of Lenaerdt Heymans; 225/10

1606 Mar 02; Willem Tobias; Agnes van Buurq [Brugge]; Guillelmus; Guillelmus van Brugge living in Mul---, Guillelmus Henerick, Walberg van Brugge wife of Hendrick van Brucq [Brugge]; 225/10

1606 Mar 27; Hans Lemmers; Susanna Thys; Catharina; Jan du Four, Joanna Sabots wife of Jan de la Court; 225/10

1606 Apr 02; Abraham Marschalc [Marischal]; Anna van Bruck [Anna van Brugge]; Margarita; Willem Goossens; Agneta van Bructen [Agnes van Brugge]; 225/10

1606 Apr 04; Jacques Comyn; Anna Lentailleur; Cornelis; Anthoine Hullet, Cornelis de Bruyn, Martha van Huffle [Uffelen] wife of Aernault van Gherruwe [Gerven]; 225/10

1606 Apr 26; Hans Vervelen; Catharina Hackebroeck; Guillame; Guillame Wybault [Wybout], Pieter Maryart, Martha van Uffel [Uffelen] wife of Aernault van Gherrewen [Gerven]; 225/10

1606 May 22; Hans van de Putthe; Catharina van der Hoykens; Joanna; Hans Bohagle [Behagel], Janneken Coppyns; 225/10

1606 Jun 09; Jacques Craye; Anneken Ghebau; Anna; Niclaes Ruts; Catarina Camp wife of Samuel Gashuys, the widow Gobau [Catharina Mannaert] in place of Elisabeth Sonnemans; 225/10a

1606 Jun 22; Jacques van den Broecke; Feyken Cramers; Cornelis; Hans van Hecke [Ecke] the elder, Hans van Hecke the younger, Maria Tassyn widow of Olivier van Hecke; 225/10a

1606 Jun 23; Jacques Jacques; Susanna Hevnile [Hevels]; Jacques; Jack Hack son of Jooris, Agneta Hoenig wife of Bertolomeus Boonkens; 225/10a

1606 Jun 24; Pieter Mayaert; Catharina N.N.; Joanna; Aernault van Gheruwen [Gerven], son of Aernault, Elisabeth Stevens wife of Ghuvaert Cuypers, Joanna de Bolderbecke daughter of Heyndrick; 225/10a

1606 Jun 25; Carel Cokmans; Sara Agthins; Anna; Hans Lamerint, Anna Walpergens wife of Hendric Govaerts, Catharina Walpergens wife of Jan du Four; 225/10a

1606 Jul 17; David Mondekens; Susanna Baroendts [Baron]; Margarita; Tomas Braun [Broen], Margarita Wissemans; 225/10a

1606 Jul 31; Tobias Boel; Margaretha van Apperloo; Margareta; Francois Boele, Janneken Ruts, Tanneken Tibauts; 225/10a

1606 Oct 18; Daniel Resteau; Maria Heldewier; Daniel; Pieter Dablain [d'Ablaing], the widow of Estienne de la Puvre; 225/10a

1606 Oct 30; Dirick Bruynhaghe; Beyltgen Kest; Lysbeth; Jacques de Canssenere [Cousenaer], Janneken van der Meulen; 225/10a

1606 Oct 31; Pieter van Oordt; Sara Laignyer; Gherardus; Bastiaen Cluys, Jacques Pyrane, Anneken van Penen, Charlotte van Stylman; 225/10a

1606 Nov 03; Bernardt Bruyn [Broen]; Sara van Aken [Ackeren]; Susanna; Guillame Coolmans, Susanna van Doreslage [Doreslaer] wife of Hans Gouaerts, Pierryntken de Peystere wife of Anthoine Balbian; 225/10a

1606 Nov 03; Nicolaes Ruts; Cornelia Rantson; Isaac; Thomas Heyndricks, Anna Gobau [Gobauts] wife of Jacques Craye; 225/10a

1606 Nov 03; Pieter Veybault [Wybout]; Elisabeth van der Sype; Pieter; Guillame Wybault in place of Pieter Meyer, Elisabeth Stanvoor in place of Janneken Rogiers; 225/10a

1606 Nov 11; Michiel de Cuyper [Cuypers]; Louyse van Ruts [van Hirtz]; Anna; Cornelis van Schouden, Anna Cuypers, Elisabeth van Antwyler; 225/10a

1606 Dec 01; Guillame Camp; Anna Fuidts [Fritz]; Petronella; Pieter Flagelet in place of Hans Fridts, Lucretia Fridts in place of Susanna Pellicoorne; 225/10a

1606 Dec 24; Jacques Erckens; Joanna Roosbec [Vosbeck]; Hendrik; Hendric Cramer, Susanna van Doorrislage [Doreslaer] wife of Hans Govaerts; 225/10a

1606 Dec 26; Nicolaes Spilleur; Jacqueline Mannaert; Catharina; the wife of Hans Mannaert [Agnieta Smissaert], Jeremias Baudewyns; 225/10a

1606 Dec 31; Guillame Wybault [Wybout]; Sara Mayr [Meyer], Maria; Anthoine Hallet; Maria van Solt in place of Christina Matthys wife of Sebastiaen Matthys; 225/10a

1607 Jan 17; Aernoult Pels; Esther del Sau; Joannes; Jeremias Baudewyns, Bartolomeus Pels, Joanna Coppyn widow of Jan Coppin; 225/10a

1607 Jan 20; Rombault de Hoetmaker; Barbara Scholtens [Schulte]; Abraham; Louys Dore, Jan Baptista Colpyn, Constantia del Prato; 225/10a

1607 Jan 25; Louys Dore; Sara Walpergens; Susanna; Joan [van] Acken, Susanna Walpergens wife of Pieter Vinet; 225/10a

1607 Feb 23; Abraham Leynier; Anna Toube; Joannes; Heyndrix Marischal, Pieter van Oordt' Margriete Romains widow Roquilsyn; 225/11

1607 Feb 24; Francoys Boel; Elisabeth N.N. [Schuts]; Francois; Jacques Hack, Jasper Sonnemans, the widow of Melchior Ruts [Janneken Typots]; 225/11

1607 Feb 25; Denys Beters; Susanna Matton; Susanna; Guillame van Dale, Joanna Coppyn; 225/11

1607 Mar 07; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Lucretia; Francois Baudewyns in place of Pieter Pellicorne, the widow [Hortensia del Prato] of Jean Fourmenois in place of Anna Graphsen widow of Abram Schuerman; 225/11

1607 Mar. 10; Melchior del Mar [le Maire]; Wilmenken N.N. [Augustyns]; Laurentius; Jacques le Pel, Abraham Heyndring, Margriete --stone wife of Daniel del Mar; 225/11

1607 Mar 18; Jacques Hacke; Anna Jacques; Jacques; Jacques Jacques, Francyne Jacques widow of Niclaes Varlet; 225/11

1607 Mar 25; Hans Bohagel; Anna Parmentiers; Maria; Nicolaes Vivien, Maria Marischal; 225/11

1607 Apr 02; Paulus Ramaker; Catharina Voets; Clara; Herman Bichdande in place of Hans van Solt, Clara van Solt wife of Matthys van Vorch, Catharina Vlugge wife of Mattheus Varhage in place of Maria Comens wife of Francoys Viet [Voet]; 225/11

1607 Apr 28; Hans Hellebaert; Emerentia Schoemakers; Martha; Hans Schudts son van Balthasar, the wife [Martha van Uffelen] of Aernoult van Geruwe [Gerven], the widow of Balthasar Schudt [Janneken van Bussechem] in place of the wife of Francois Boele [Elisabeth Schuts]; 225/11

1607 Apr 28; Denys van Heule; Josyne N.N. [Timmermans]; Guillame; Guillame van Dale, Jacques Janssens, Machdalena van den Berghe; 225/11

1607 May 01; David de Causseniere [de Cousenaer]; Catharina Huvaert; David; Pieter de Causseniere, Anna Vervynck widow of David van der Piet; 225/11

1607 May 01; Maynart Coenraets; Anna Willeckens; Jacob; Jacques Evange, Jacob Lenaerdt in place of Christiaen Lenaert, the wife of Jan van Guch in place of Sara Walpergens wife of Lowys Dore; 225/11

1607 May 11; Joost Juliaens; Catharina Jehu [Jeheux]; Anna; Andries Jeheu, Anna de Smeth, Joost de Smet, Elisabet Jehu; 225/11a

1607 May 18; Hans Vervelen; Catharina Janssens; Maria; Hans Cores, Catharina Fridtz; 225/11a

1607 Jun 01; Hendric Andries; Sibilla Wirtz; Catarina; Jacques de Caussanaer [Cousenaer], Elisabeth van Ecken, Catharina Witz; 225/11a

1607 Jun 01; Tobias Boel; Marya van Apperloo; Heyndrick; Heyndrick Gront , Marya Sonnemans wife of Frans Franssens; 225/12

1607 Jun 02; Jan du Four; Catharina Walperghe; Tomas; Jaspar Stevens, Tomas Brau, Anna Walperghe wife of Heyndric Govaerts; 225/11a

1607 Jun 09; Cornelis Fierens; Cecilia van Damme; Susanna; Jooris Clay, Susanna Thies, Elisabeth van Damme; 225/11a

1607 Jun 06; Jacques Craye; Anna Gobau; Baudewyn; Baudewyn Craye, Lenaerdt Heymans in place of Christoffel Coignet [Quingetti], Maria Sonnemans wife of Francois Franssens; 225/11a

1607 Jun 20; Jan Camp; Margaretha Loon; Maria; Diric Isaac; Herman Spieleur, Judith Tobias; 225/11a

1607 Jun 25; Willem van Gommerslach, Susanna Wyer; Christiaen; Christiaen de Duytsch, Ghewaeldt Coninc, Blye wife of Jan Bats; 225/11a

1607 Aug 28; Anthoine Lambrechts; Gheertruidt Lappens; Ghertruudt; Sybilla Haubrechts, Maria Losens, Heyndric Maerschalc [Marischal]; 225/11a

1607 Sep 16; Symon Ingelgrave; Catharina van den Eynde; Matthias; Jan Dasseny, Debora Landas; 225/11a

1607 Oct 02; Joost Vervelle; Marya Grauwels; Jackes; Jan Grauwels in place of [unreadable], Judyth de Wannemaker in place of Janneken ter Moellen; 225/11a

1607 Oct 02; Isaac Cassier; Janneken Backereus; Johannes; H-----n J-da, Tanneken --------; 225/11a

1607 Oct 11; Jan Goising; Mettel Goising; Abraham; Abraham [rest unreadable]; 225/11a

1607 Nov 20; Heyndrick Manters; Magdalena Cramers; Abraham; Abraham van der Voort, Cornelis Goyvaerts, Anna van der Huys; 225/11a

1607 Nov 28; Abraham Fritz; Elisabet Romeyns; Caspar; Caspar van [rest unreadable]; 225/11a

1607 Nov 28; Jan de Colony; Margaretha N.N.; Johannes; Pieter --------, Eva de ------- j.d.; 225/11a

1607 Dec 03; Francoys Baudewyns; N.N. [Lucretia del Prato]; Lucretia; Lucretia del Prato [Pellicorne], Jeremias and Francoys Baudewyns; 225/11a

1607 Dec 07; Joost van den Bempden; Catharina de Windele; Elisabeth; Gillis de Windele, Maryken Gratian in place of Elisabeth van den Bempden wife of Abraham van Delden; 225/11a

1607 Dec 27; Heynrick Goyaerts; Anna Walpergens; Susanna; Heynrick ------, Catryna Walpergen; 225/11a

1608 Feb 04; Guiljam Colmans; Reyntgen Bramshagen; Catharyna; Hans --------------, Catryna Walpergens, Marycken Walpergens; 225/11a

1608 Feb 12; Heyndrick Mareysall [Marischal]; Sara van Brueck [Brugge]; Melchior; Hans Hunchbosch, Melchior Rondorp, Margaretha Maintz; 225/11a

1608 Mar 23; Jackes Hack; Anna Jackes [Jacques]; Abraham; Joris Hack, Griet Drost; 225/11a

1608 Apr 13; Hans van der Aa; Janneken N.N. [de Letriere]; Margriet; Heyndrick Mantens, Margaretha Huysman, Catharyna Boots; 225/11a

1608 Apr 17; Willem Tobyas; Maycken Walpergens; Willem; Louis Dorre, Gertruyt van Brugge wife of Nicolaes Craye; 225/11a

1608 Apr 18; Jan van Ecke; Anna de Smeth; Heyndrick; Heyndrick de Bach in place of Jan de Smit , Elisabeth [Caulier] the wife of Jackes Taket; 225/12

1608 Apr 29; Martin Loepes [Lopez]; Sara [de] Landas; Elisabeth; Heronimus Landas, the two sisters of the child Marya en Johanna Lopes; 225/12

1608 Jun 12; Simon Lentailleur; Catryna N.N. [Kerstens]; Constantia; Danyell Gansepoell, Constantia del Prato, Catharyna Voumenoys [Hureau]; 225/12

1608 Jun 28; Heyndrick Andriessen; Beltyn Weynts [Wints]; Janneken; Pieter Weynts, Catryna Hamriet, Janneken Sabot; 225/12

1608 Jul 15; Denys de Braue; Grietgen Janssens; Anna; Denys ------, [unreadable], Anneken van Apperlo daughter of the widow Rotss [Ruts]; 225/12

1608 Jul 24; Hans Behagens [Behagel]; Janneken Parmentiers; Johannes; Jan Parmentier, Lisabethe Parmentier the wife of Nicolas Vivyen [Vivien] in place of Marya Behagens wife of Francois de Coster; 225/12

1608 Jul 27; Denys de Huele; N.N. [Josine Timmermans]; Josyna; [unreadable], the widow of Jan ---------; 225/12

1608 Jul 29; David Mondekens; Susanna Barens [Baron]; Davidt; Isaac Genius, Arnoldt Tack , Geertruyt Becks; 225/12

1608 Aug 22; Aernoult Pels; Esther del Sau; Daniel; Godefridus Loutrebach, Pitter Kins, Anneken Resteau in place of the widow of Paulus Pels; 225/12

1608 Aug 30; Cornelis de Broeyn; Cordela N.N.; Jacob; Jacob Pergens, Francois Boel, Marya Mundyk--; 225/12

1608 Sep 06; Pieter Dabelyn [d'Ablaing]; Anna Heldewier; Constantia; Daniel Resteau, Janneke Heldewier; 225/12

1608 Sep 07; Peter Weybrens; Elisabeth Seypen; Elisabeth; Albertus A-----, in place of Jan P---- , Jacob Reyn---[rest unreadable]; 225/12

1608 Sep 11; Hans Vervellen; Leyntgen Janssens; Marya; Hans Cores, Marya van den Crengel, Maria B-----; 225/12

1608 Oct 11; Jacques Reykens; Jannecken N.N.; Helena; Arnoldt Bocholt, Helena W----------; 225/12

1608 Oct 11; Tobias Boel; Margaretha Apperloo; Anna; Heyndrich ------- Luytgen ---[rest unreadable]; 225/12a

1608 Oct 17; Telman Mosbergh; Josynke N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Hans Cores, Jan Gr------- , Marya van der Mollen; 225/12a

1608 Oct 26; Cornelis Weyverens; Clara van den Damme; Jannitge; Pietter de --------[rest unreadable]; 225/12a

1608 Nov 11; Hans Govaerts; Catharina N.N. [de Walpergen]; [no child-name mentioned]; Catharina de Ca------, Catharina Drynsberchen, Jacques Ban------- ; 225/12a

1608 Dec 03; Pauwels Moins; Margaretha [de] Lanoy; Joannes; Hans Flagelet, Jacques Tacquet, the widow of Steven le Pere [probably Jacqueline Fourmentrau, widow of Estienne de l'Espiere]; 225/12a

1608 Dec 08; Hans Lemmers; Maria [de] la Hors; Maria; Carel Thys, Zara la Hors her sister; 225/12a

1608 Dec 30; Hans Govaerts; Helena Lommel; Cornelia; Cornelis Boot; Cornelis Goovaerts, Margaretha van Lommel; 225/12a

1609 Jan 25; Bernardt Broen; Zara van Ackeren; Abraham; Jan Corstyns, Jan Fielyns; Catharina Cocqueel; 225/12a

1609 Mar 06; Jan du Four; Catharina Walpergens; Joannes; Jaques van Furini, Leonardt Pergens, Barbara Wismans [Barbara Six]; 225/12a

1609 Mar 08; Francoys Boel; Elisabeth Schuts; Abraham; Hans Goverts, Coenrad Sonneman, Margarite wife of Steven Hattings; 225/12a

1609 Mar 25; Guillam Wiboudt [Wybout]; Zara Mayarts; Elizabeth, Pieter de Mayaet, Pieter Wiboudt in place of Catharina the widow Godaert, Janneken Stylmans wife of Hieronimus Tibouts in place of Agnieta Bournouleu; 225/12a

1609 Apr 01; Christoffel Quingetti; Josina Heymans; Lucretia; Willem Camp in place of Melchior Quingetti, Josina van Uffelen widow of Hans Frits; 225/12a

1609 May 24;Jacques Hack; Anna Jacques; Susanna; Coenraedt Sonneman, the mothers' sister Catelina Jaques, daughter of Jacques Jacques; 225/12a

1609 May 25; Jacques van den Broeck; Catharina Lantens; Esther; Abraham de la Beck, Anneken Sabaths [Saboths] wife of Jan de la Court; 225/12a

1609 Jun 10; Hubert Aller; Margarita van den Houte; Jeremias; Jeremias Fiaters alias Plantzius, Wilhelm Tobias, Gertruytgen Jelles wife of Hans van den Ende; 225/12a

1609 Jun 26; Joost van den Bempden; Catharina de Windel; Gilles; Gilles de Windel, Anneken de Windel; 225/12a

1609 Aug 04; Jacques Dens; Gertruydt Hack; Jacques; Jacques Hack, Catharina Dens daughter of Adrian Dens; 225/12a

1609 Aug 23; Hans Gergori [Gregoire]; Elisabeth Donck; Wilhelme; the widow Gregori [Agatha Petitpas] in place of Janneke Lith the mother of Hans Gregori's wife, Daniel Gregori, Guiliamo Vignobel in place of Anthony Dunck; 225/13

1609 Sep 04; Hans Vervellen; Lentgen Janssens; Jacobus; Hans Cores, Jacob Craey, Fycke Geverninck; 225/13

1609 Sep 10; Wilhelm Tobias; Maria Walpergens; Peter; Hans Lyfrinck in place of Peter Vinet, Janneken Walpergens; 225/13

1609 Sep 10; Nicolas Spilleurs; Jacqueline Manart; Susanna; Pieter Carlier, the widow of Waltero del Prato [Lucretia Pellicorne]; 225/13

1609 Sep 18; Pauly Rademaeker; Catharina Voets; Pauly; Jan Becks, Matthias van Vooren in place of Frans Voots [Voets], Maria van Zoldt [Solt] in place of Fransina van Zoldt; 225/13

1609 Oct 05; Isaac Cassier; Tanneken Backers; Corneles; Corneles Blisten, Peter van der Wee, Bley Krykebecks; 225/13

1609 Oct 09; Niclaes Ruts; Anneken van Apperlo; Theodorus; Christian Willequeau, Janneken Tipots [Typots] widow of Melchior Ruts: 225/13

1609 Oct 10; Hans Verellen; Catharina Borchharen [Hackenbroeck]; Anthonie; Arnoldt Vergerue in place of Anthonie Hallet, Jacques de Cryse [Craye], Elisabeth Wybout wife of Peter Wybout; 225/13

1609 Oct 16; Guilliam Vignobel; Gertruyt van Essen; Peter; Arnoldt Pels, Peter Becks, Elisabeth Knipraeths wife of Peter Becks the younger; 225/13

1609 Oct 21; Anthoni Lamberts; Geertruide van Acen; Catharina; Rychsardt Ramset, Catharina van Hakesel, Agnees van Rempen; 225/13

1609 Nov 19; Peter Wybout; Elisabeth van der Zypen; Abraham; Jeremias Tibaut in place of Guenaert van de Zypen, Mathys Borset in place of Abraham van der Zypen, Sara Wybouts [Meyer] wife of Guilliam Wybout; 225/13

1609 Dec 16; Jeremias Boudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Franciscus; in name of Pieter Courten, Pieter Courten in place of Francoys Baudewyns the younger living in Amsterdam; 225/13

1609 Dec 26; Cornelis Forens; Esther Lanters; Francois; S--- Hermacken, Francoys van Heerlen, Margriet Hey in place of Jan Ba—el; 225/13

1609 Dec 27; Hans van der Aa ; Janneken Ladewere [de Letriere]; Barbara; Jacques Francys, Barbara Scholtens [Schulte] wife of Rombout Hoymaker, Maria Ladewere her mother; 225/13

1609 Dec 30; Cornelis de Brun; Kontken Manders; Susanna; Hendrick Schut, Susanna wife of Hendrick Ca---s; 225/13

1610 Feb 03; Conradus Sonnemans; Helena Myts; Elisabeth; Elisabeth Bolchun in place of Jan Lucant, Hans Mits, Maria Sonnemans wife of Frans Franssens; 225/13

1610 Feb 28; Hendrick Goyaerts; Anna de Walpergen; Jeremias; Jeremias Pieters, Willem Thobias, Sara Walpergens wife of Loys Dore; 225/13

1610 Feb 28; Loys Dore; Sarken Walpergen; Loys; Willem Thobias, Hendryck Goyvaerts, Catharina Morean mother of Dorre; 225/13a

1610 Mar 07; Jan van Vooren; Josina Fransen; Matthys; Matthys van Vooren, Steven Jarves, Maria Sonneman wife of Frans Franssen; 225/13a

1610 Apr 29; David Mondekens; Susanna Baron; Maria; Hendrick Goyvaerts in place of Steven Wysman, Maria de Marys [Marez], widow of Christiaen de la Court; 225/13a

1610 May 02; Guillaume Gommersbach; Aelken Willems; Abraham; Hans Dingen, Jan Kolst van Bonn, Janneken Trass widow of Jan Seymits ; 225/13a

1610 May 04; Abraham Fritz; Esken Roemers; Pieter; Hans Flagelet, the wife of Pieter Flagelet, Mathys B---- , the wife of Gerart ---- , Josina G---- ; 225/13a

1610 May 05; Matthys Beidals; Catharina Jacques; Jacob; Jacques Jacques, Tanneke Jacques in place of Elisabeth Dues; 225/13a

1610 May 07; Consalvos Remiti [Romiti]; Magdalena Heldewier; Nicolas; Nicolas Heldewier son of Michiel in place of Nicolas Heldewier the elder, Nicolas Mahieu, Janneken Mahieu widow of Michiel Heldewier ; 225/13a

1610 May 08; Joos Julliaens; Catharina Johne [Jeheux]; Andrys; Andrys Jeheux her father, Lucretia Pellicorne, widow of Waltero del Prato; 225/13a

1610 Jun 11; Paul Moyens [Moys]; Maria de Lanoy; Elisabeth; Martintke Beele in place of Elisabeth Hullenaerts [van Hullegarden] wife of Jacques Moins, Hendrick van Beele, Elisabeth Tacquet daughter of Jacques Tacquet; 225/13a

1610 Jul 13; Tobias Boel; N.N. [Margaretha van Apperloo]; Janneken; Godhandus van Looy, Josina Fransen wife of Jan van Vooren; 225/13a

1610 Aug 01; Jacques Hack; Anna Jacques; Fransina; Jacques Dens, Fransyngen van Eick widow of Jorys Hack; 225/13a

1610 Aug 13; Aernoult Pels; Esther del Sau; Esther; Pieter van ----, Anna Pels widow of Christoffel Resteau; 225/13a

1610 Sep 01; Hans Lemmers; Maria la Hors;Johanna; Hans Cores, Adriana Lemmers wife of Jan ---man ; 225/13a

1610 Oct 26; Jan van Acken; Anna de Schut [Schmit]; Abraham; Abraham Kip, Elisabeth van den Broek wife of Cornelis Fleysten; 225/14

1610 Oct 29; Heyndrick van Bilderbeck; Margaretha van Haren; Margaretha Justina + Anna Walbarch; Dierick van Haren, Margaretha widow of Jan van Haren, Justina Potselberg widow of Heyndrick Bilderbeck, Nicolaes G---, Anna --------- wife of J. van Haren, Waltera van Haren the sister of the mother; 225/13a

1610 Dec 20; Hendrick Schmertz; Sara Mot; Catharina; Catharina wife of Jan Marcus, Catharina wife of Hans van den Ende; 225/14

1610 Dec 22; Nicolaes Ruts; Anna van Apperloo, Salomon; Jeronimus Sybouts, Frans Boel, Margaretha van Apperloo wife of Tobias Boel; 225/14

1610 Dec 30; Joost van den Bempden; Catharina de Windele; Maria; Anna Wannemaker, Maria de Windele; 225/14

1611 Jan 13; Hans Vernellen [Verveelen]; Catharina Oliviers; Anneken; Jan -------, Maria Gunmers wife of Lucas Potgieter in place of Jeronimus ----- ; 225/14

1611 Jan 24; Abraham Govaerts; Sybilla Fleuers; Jeronimus; Hermann Stevens, the grandfather of Hans Govaerts, Anna Heymans wife of Frans [rest unreadable]; 225/14

1611 Jan 30; Francois van Ecke; Anna la Grandt; Nicolas; Nicolas van Eck, Anna Parmentier wife of Hans Behagel; 225/14

1611 Feb 17; Guilliam Kolmans; Beeltken Coorst; Elisabeth; Herman Nutz, Lizebet van den Broeck wife of Cornelis van Flysten, Lentken ---antes j.d.; 225/14

1611 Mar 02; Willem Tobias; Maycken de Walpergen; Johannes; Nicolaes Ruts in place of Albert de Walpergen, Tanneken Walpergen wife of Heindrick Goyvaerts; 225/14

1611 Mar 03; Bernardt Broen; Sara van Acken; Maria Magdalena; Maria Mois wife of Hans de S----, Magdalena Cocquel wife of Hubrecht Cocquel, Herman van ---- ; 225/14

1611 Mar 04; Hans van der Aa; Jeanne Ladrerye [de Latriere]; Cornelis; Cornelis Waymans, --------- -------, Martynken Lores [Loepes] daughter of Marten Lorres, 225/14

1611 May 28; Willem Grontschet; Willemken Theuns; Goddart; Lucas Potgieter, Goddart Turckenburg, Catharina van de Bende; 225/14

1611 Jun 26; Jacques Hack; Anna Jacques; Jacques; Mathys Beidals [Beydels], Maycken Jacques; 225/14

1611 Jul 29; Hans van den Ende; Gertrudt Gillis; Aeltgen; Jan van Meye, Catharina van der Banck wife of Jan Mairn, Catharina Gillis; 225/14a

1611 Aug 18; Hans Lhommel; Elisabeth van Acken; Catharina; Johannes Boermans, Helena [van Heer] Heer wife of Servaes van Acken, Gaspar Martens, the widow of Francoys Vogels; 225/14a

1611 Sep 10; Hans Vernellen; Katharina Boucheaut; Johannes; Aernolt van Gherven in place of Hans van -----, Hans Maryschel, Sara la Hors in place of Adriana Meermans wife of [rest unreadable]; 225/14a

1611 Oct 16; Nicolas Spilleur, Jacqueline Mannaerts; Nicolas; Jacques Craye and his wife Anna Gabau in place of Clara Mannaerts widow of Heindrick van Dorp; 225/14

1611 Nov 07; Pieter Wybout; Elisabeth van der Zype; Maria; Abraham Iyl, Janneken van der Key wife of Abraham Burg in place of Willem Bryent's wife named Maria Schellekens; 225/14a

1611 Nov 10; Hans Lommers [Lemmers]; Maria de la Hors; Hans; Jan de la Hors, Helena Lommel wife of Hans Govaerts ; 225/14a

1611 Nov 15; Nicolaes Ruts; Anneken van Apperloo; Samuel; Samuel Gesquier, Janneken van Apperloo; 225/14a

1612 Jan 30; Michiel Bolteyn; Sara del Bees; Abraham; Abraham Kyp, Pieter Carleyn, Janneken Fabots wife of Jan del Foordt; 224/14a

1612 Jan 30; Martin Lopez; Sara de Landas; Anna; Jan van Sey---- , Abraham de Mouran, miss Margaretha Ha---- ; 225/14a

1612 Feb 10; Jacques Craye; Anna Goubeau; Anna; Boudewyn Craye in place of Hans ----- , Cathelyn Mannaerts in place of her sister Janneken Mannaerts wife of Cornelis Symons, Jacelyn Mannaerts wife of Nicolaes Spilleur;225/14a

1612 Mar 19; Paul Mans; Maria de Lauwry; Marya; Jan L------, Marya Sonnemans wife of Frans Franssens, Helena Lommel wife of Hans Goovaerts in place of Maryken Moynt wife of Michiel van den ----; 225/14a

1612 May 03; Jacques Dens; Gertruydt Hack; Catharyna; Jacques Jacques, Catryna Dens; 225/14a

1612 May 03; Jan van Pyen; Helena Tack; Jan; Jan van Pyen his grandfather, Jacobus Tack in place of Marya Tack wife of dokter -----; 225/14a

1612 May 23; Jacques Hack; Anna Jacques; Jacques; Jacques Dens, Catryna Jacques wife of Matthias Beudels [Beydels]; 225/15

1612 May 26; Hans Hellebaert; N.N. [Emerentia Schoemaker]; Johannes; Willem Teham, Hans ------ and his wife, Cornelis van Mastricht; 225/15

1612 Jul 01; David Mondekens; Susanna Baron; Susanna; Jacques de Ga----, Elisabeth de Montyr [Montier] wife of Paulus Mondekens; 225/15

1612 Jul 29; Francois van Ecke; Anna la Grande; Maria; Jan van Py----, Marya Tassyn widow of Olivier van Ecke, Catryna van -----; 225/15

1612 Jul 29; Hans Gregoor [Gregoire]; Elisabeth van der Donck; Catelyne; Willem ------ in place of Theodorris van der Donck, Helena Hartmans wife of Gerret Wuppersteegh; 225/15

1612 Aug 08; Matthys Beidals; Catharina Jacques; Anna; Hans Mits, Anna Jacques wife of Jacques Hack. 225/15

1612 Aug 10; Gerart van de Croys; Elisabeth Elaut; Willem; Guiljam Elhaut, the grandmother Cornylya van den Croysse ; 225/15

1612 Aug 25; Joost van den Bemden [Bempden]; Catharina de Wyndell [de Windele]; Jan; Boudewyn Craye in place of Jan van den Bemden, Jodygh W------in place of Weylemyn de Weyndell [de Windele] widow of Chrystoffel de Steyr [Steur]; 225/15

1612 Oct 21; Hans Govaerts; Helena Lommel, Jeronimus; Guylyam van den ------[rest unreadable]; 225/15

1612 Nov 15; Paules Westenbergh; Anneken Cores; Paullis; Paullis Moins, Jacob By----, Magdalena Stockmans wife of Abraham van der Voort; 225/15

1612 Dec 10; Jeronimos Mannerts; Antonette Flagelet; Catharina; Jack~s Cray in place of Melchior Manhart [Mannnaert], Cathelyne Commyns wife of Hans Flagelet, Jacquelyne Manhart wife of Nicolas Spilleurs; 225/15

1612 Dec 18; Anthoine Lamberechts; Geertruyt Arens; Catheryne; Cornelis G-----, [rest unreadable] ; 225/15

1613 Jan 11; Arnouldt Pels; Esther del Sau; Susanna; Marya Weyort in name of Susanna Pels, Marya Heldewyr wife of Daniel Restyau; 225/15

1613 Jan 12; Hans Coquell; Margaritte Mets; Johannes; Jan van ---- , Herman van Freysen, [rest unreadable]; 225/15

1613 Feb 03; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna dell Prato; Hortensia; Constancia dell Prato in place of Marya Baudewyns; 225/15

1613 Feb 05; Nicolas Ruts; Anneken van Appelo; Samuel; Samuell Gesquir in place of Jan Ruts, Maryken Walpergens wife of Wyllem Tobyas; 225/15

1613 Feb 05; Tobias Boel; Margaretha van Appelo; Tobias; Nycolaes Ruts, Janneken van Appelo; 225/15

1613 Feb 07; Abraham van Vooren; Catharina Ramaker; Johannes; Hans Ramaker in place of Hans van Solt, Jan van Lommerts in place of Pieter van Vooren, Helena van Luyck in place of Clara van Solt widow of Matthys van Vooren; 225/15

1613 Apr 25; Hans van der Aa; Janneken Ladrine [de Letriere]; Catharyna; Frenys ------- , Catryna Schutels [?]; 225/15a

1613 May 16; Hans Vernellen; Catharina Hackenbroeck; Cathryna; Daniell Sonman, Marta van Wissell in place of Catryna Monys, Sara Wybouts in place of Cathryna Moyser;225/15a

1613 Oct 10; Nicolaes Spelloers [Spilleur]; N.N. [Jacquelyne Mannaert]; Abraham; Christoffel Quynghet [Quingetti], Catharyna Managaert [Mannaert] wife of Hans Boots; 225/15a

1613 Oct 11; Jacques Hack; Anna N.N. [Jacques]; Maria; Margriet Beydels, Marrya Mantz wife of Hans Mantz; 225/15

1613 Nov 20; Pauwels Moins; Maria de la Noy [de Lanoy]; Susanna; Philips Dermontryn, Susanna Heldewyr, Martynken Berloo wife of Pieter Berlo; 225/15a

1613 Nov 21; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Elisabeth van Acken; Melchior; Melchior Rondorp, Jan van Acken , Lowysken Wannemaker wife of Abraham Kyp; 225/15a

1613 Dec 15; Matthys Beidals; Catharina Jacques; Nicolas; Nycolas Cobreyss, the widow of Joost de Smeth [Anna Jeheux]; 225/15a

1614 Feb 15; Philippus Deynsbroek; Leonora le Draey; Guyleyam; Martin van ----- in place of Gulyam van Dynsbroeck, Heresel le Dru; 225/15a

1614 Feb 23; Francois van Ecke; N.N. [Anna la Grande]; Frans; Jorris van Vyven, [rest unreadable] 225/15a

1614 Mar 20; Gerart van Croys; Elisabet Elaut; Arnoldt; Hans van Herreyngh [Heiringen] in place of Elysabet Boots, Heyndrych van den Croys in place of Arnoldt van der Croys, Cornelya van den Croys; 225/16

1614 Mar 21; Heyndrick van Bilderbeck; Margarita van Harren [Haren]; Jacobyna Constantia; Jacob ------, the widow of dr. ------, Cornelya van Bilderbeck; 225/16

1614 Apr 08; Hans Brackell [van Brakel]; Maria de Has [de Haes]; Maria; Dannyel Vernellen [Verveelen] in place of Hans Vernellen, Catryna wife of Daniel de Craye in place of Margaryta de Heys [de Haes]; 225/16

1614 May 17; Wilhelm Tobias; Marya de Walpergen; Maria; Christoffel Conget [Quingetti], Marya van Nuyts wife of Frans van Nuyts; 226/16

1614 May 19; Moyses Walens; Janneken Willocqueau; Elisabeth; Crystyan Willocqueau, Elisabeth Dyrkens [Dierquens] widow of Nicolaes Walens, Elisabeth Parmentier, wife of Nicolaes Veyvyn [Vivien]; 225/16

1614 May 20; Joost van den Bemden; Catharina de Wyndell [Windele]; Catharyna; Jan Lucarth, Lysbeth Wannemaker wife of Abraham Kip in place of Catryna van den Bemden wife of Jan Spilman; 225/16

1614 May 24; Hans Liefferinck; Anna Gabry; Jacolyna; Hans van den Enten in place of Lowys Dore, Jacolyna Mangart [Mannaert] wife of Nicolas Spilleur; 225/16

1614 May 29; Hans Konen; Catryna Keuers; Johannes; Heyndrich van --- in place of Pietter Keuers, Catryna Jacobs wife of Matthys Beydels; 225/16

1614 Jun 02; Jeronimus Mangelt [Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Anna Mari; Hans Flagelet in place of Marta Flagelet, Anna Goubau, Jacques Craye, Anna Flagelet; 225/16

1614 Jul 19; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna dell Prato; Anna; Dirick Martz in place of Pieter Corsten [Courten], Magdalena Stockmans wife of Abraham van der Voort in place of the widow [Geertruid Pellicorne] of Lowys de Boys [du Bois]; 225/16

1614 Aug 10; Tobias Boull [Boel]; Margaretha van Apprloo; Conradt; Conrad Sonneman, the wife of Jorgen van der Sults; 225/16

1614 Oct 21; Christoffel Conquet [Quingetti]; Josyna Heymans; Lucretia; Leonart Heymans, Cornelia van Uffelen, Petter Heymans, Jacques Cray; 225/16

1614 Nov 18; Matthhys Bydaels; Catharina Jacobs; Abraham + Mattheus; Conradt Sonnemans, Maria Mits, Dideryck Courmans, the widow of Joris Isacs; 225/16

1614 Dec 22; David Mondekens; Susanna Baron; Niclaes; Niclaes Heldewier, Catharina Nels [Nelles] wife of Robert Effart [Caffart] in place of Sara Baron wife of Jan le Plet; 225/16

1615 Jan 06; Hans Goyvaerts; Elena van Lommel; Margaretha; Jan van Lommel in place of Arendt Engels, Margaretha van Lommel, Maria Tiberghen widow of Jaspar Fourmentran; 225/16a

1615 Jan 10; Antoni Lambrechts; Geertruidt Lambrechts; Jacob; Jacques Commyn, Hans Goyvaerts, Catharina Hackenbroeck, the wife of Hans Forvel [Verellen]; 225/16a

1615 Feb 02; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Elisabeth van Aecken; Cornelis + Elisabeth; Cornelis van Mastricht the elder, Anna Kip [Simon] widow of Peter Kip, Jan Fassyn [Fassin], Antonette van Heurk wife of Melchior Rondorff; 225/16a

1615 Feb 02; Paulus Westenbarch; Anna Corkens [Cores]; Abraham; Thomas Fonteine, Abraham van der Voort, Maria Rees; 225/16a

1615 Mar 04; Jan van Lommel; Elisabeth van Aecken; Alet; Abraham van Lommel, Dina van Lommel, Catharina Fluss in absence of Aeltien Keldermans; 225/16a

1615 Mar 11; Hans van der Aa; Johanna van der Aa [de Letriere]; Jacob; Jacob Vinoor, Anna del Beque; 225/16a

1615 Mar 12; Hans Hellebaert; Emerentia Schoemaker; Wilhelmus; Karel Trock, Francois Boonen from Wesel, Grietien wife of Matthys Rickers; 225/16a

1615 Jun 09; Paulus Moyns, Maria de Lanoy; Paulus; Jan la Rys, Jan Burger, Isabeau Jeheux; 225/16a

1615 Jul 06; Frans van Ecke; Anna le Grand; Frans; Hans van Ecke, Elisabeth Parmentier wife of Nicolaes Vivien; 225/16a

1615 Jul 11; Hans Liefrinck; Anna Gabri; [no child-name mentioned]; Wilhem Tobias, Antonette Flagelet; 225/16a

1615 Sep 03; Jacques van den Broeck; Catharina Lutthians; Anna; Peter Kip; Anna de la Court, 225/16a

1615 Nov 02; Michiel Bouchout [Bouchault]; Catharina Schauters [Serouters]; Catharina; Abraham Moreau, Michiel Illes in place of his sister Anneken Illes and Catharina Huwaerts; 225/16a

1615 Nov 05; Matthys Bydaels; Catharina Jacques; Matthys; Jacques Jacques in place of Jacques du Castel, Eva Pilleras; 225/16a

1615 Nov 07; Michiel Heldewick [Heldewier]; Maria Mahieu; Leonardt; Niclaes Heldewick, Barbara Mircich [Mercys] widow of Jacques Pergens; 225/16a

1615 Dec 01; Geraert van de Cruys; Elisabeth Elaut; Elisabeth; Hans van Heiringen in place of Hans Coret, Barbara Borghgraeft wife of Hans van Heyringen in place of Maria Elaut wife of Jacob Boots, Beatrix van de Cruys widow of Dirick van Heyringen; 225/17

1615 Dec 11; Guillaume Dinstbroeck [Dynsbroeck]; Margaretha le Drut; Johannes; Jaspar Sonneman in place of Jan Campaing, Servaes Dienstbroeck, Catharina van Bussechem widow of Philips Dienstbroeck; 225/17

1616 Feb 06; Michiel Lots; Margaretha Reynstwillen; Anna; Jan Baudewyns, Anna de --elis wife of Pasquiet Michiels; 225/17

1616 Mar 09; Moses Walens; Janneken Willoqueau; Nicolaes; Hans Behaegel, Janneken Benhardts; 225/16a

1616 Mar 13; Jeremias Boudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Jeremias; the widow del Prato [Lucretia Pellicorne] in place of Lucretia del Prato wife of Francois Boudewyns, Abraham du Bois in place of Daniel Boudewyns; 225/17

1616 Mar 16; Jeromynus Magnaert [Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Hans; Hans Flagelet, Joannes Mangaert, Anna Gobau wife of Jacques Craye in place of Cornelia van Es wife of Isaac van Erckel; 225/17]

1616 May 03; Aernoult Pels; Esther de la Sau; Esther; Jan Bleucourt, Anna Pels widow of Christoffel Resteau in place of Sara de Brassierier wife of Carel Pels, Maria Loutes in place of Maria Pels; 225/17

1616 Jun 21; Abraham van Lommel; Ittgen van Aecken, Johannes; Hans Ramaecker, Hans Goyaerts, Hellena Tiel [van Heer] wife of Sivaert [Servaes] van Aecken; 225/17

1616 Jul 05; Hans Goyvaerts; Hellena van Lommel; Maria; Peter Aldenhove; Maria Tiberghen widow of Caspar Fourmentrau, Maria Copin [sic: Anne Copin] wife of Thomas Wile; 225/17

1616 Aug 07; Hans Liefferinck; Tanneken Gabri; Maria; Jacques Tacquet, Maria Sonnemans wife of Frans Franssens; 225/17

1616 Sep 23; Paulus Westenbargh; Tanneken Cores; Maria; Peeter Verschilen, Maria Bellens, Geertruyt van Hattinghen, 225/17

1616 Oct 01; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Elisabeth van Aecken; Magdalena; Tielman Loutter, Magdalena Vos wife of Cornelis van Maestricht the elder, Louyse de la Planque wife of Robert Bulteau; 225/17

1616 Oct 11; Rutger Ceursthiens [Kerstens]; Catharina Wannemaecker; Joannes; Jan Ceursthiens, Peter Berkel in place of Herman Winckens, Janneken van de Laet in place of Commel Vos; 225/17

1616 Dec 04; Nicolaes Spilleur; Jakelyne Manjaert; Sara; Jeremias Boudewyns in place of David Nuyts, Sara Spilleurs, Anthonette Flagelet wife of Jeronimus Manjaert; 225/17a

1616 Dec 23; Antoni Lambrechts; Geertruyt van Atrents; Anneken; Steffen Bildermans, Margarita le Dreus [le Drut] wife of Guilliam Dinselvonck [Dynsbroeck], Anna Heuffs wife of Jan Schenk ; 225/17a

1616 Dec 27; Michiel Bochoult [Bouchault] (deceased); Catelyne Serouters; Michiel; David de Cousenaer, Lucretia Frits daughter of Hans Frits deceased; 225/17a

1617 Jan 18; Joost van Bemden [van den Bempden]; Catharina Windele; Maria; Abraham Kip in place of Abraham Delden living in London, Judith de Wannemakers in place of Willementien de Wendele widow of Christoffel de Steur living in London; 225/17a

1617 Feb 07; Hans van Brackel; Maria de Haas; Johannes; Jan Raemaecker, Maria de Haas widow of Baruch de Haas; 225/17a

1617 Feb 23; Philipe Hack; Elisabet Pontrees; Geertruyt; Ferdinando Finckels, Gertruyt Hack wife of Jacques Dens; 225/17a

1617 Mar 02; Willem Tobias; Maria Walpergens; Maria; Jean du Four, Anna Gabry wife of Hans Liefferinck, 225/17a

1617 Mar 24; Michiel Helduwier; Maria Mahieu; Michiel; Nicolas Helduwier in place of Consalvo Romiti, Pieter Carlier in place of Jacob du Fay, Magdalena Pergens wife of doctor Godefried Loutenbach; 225/17a

1617 Apr 08; Gerart van der Cruys; Elisabeth Elouts; Maria; Jan van Bruck, Maria van der Cruys, Barbara Bourgraef; 225/17a

1617 May 12; Paulus Moyns; Maria Lanoy; Nicolaes; Nicolas Viurs [Vivien], Michiel Helduwier, Maria Tiberghen widow of Caspar Formestraux [Fourmentrau]; 225/17a

1617 Aug 16; Jacques Dens (deceased); Gertruydt Hack; Gertruyt; Severyn Hack in place of Coenraedt van Glabbars [van Glabbach], Elisabet Pontrees wife of Philips Hack; 225/17a

1617 Oct 10; Guillaume Dinsbroeck: Margarita la Dru; Margarita; Jacques Bandison, Jacquelyne Fourmestrauxs widow of Steffen Lespiers, Margaretha Sobelents wife of Michiel Hermans; 225/17a

1617 Dec 12; Rutger Kerstens; Catharina Wannemaker van Maseyck; Johannis; Pieter Bexs in place of Jan van Maseyck, Jacob Boots, Janneken van der Laer in place of her mother Mettel Carstgens van Maseyck; 225/17a

1618 Feb 01; Hans Liefferinck; Anna Gabry; Clara; Abraham Boots in place of Hans Boots, Jacqueline Mannaerts in place of Clara Gabry daugher of Carel Gabry; 225/17a

1618 Mar 20; Jeronimus Manniart [Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Maria; Nicolas Spilleurs, Maria Sonnemans wife of Frans Franssen, Maria Craye daughter of Jacques Cray; 225/18

1618 Mar 22; Francois van Brackel; N.N.; Johannes, 6 years old; Hans van Brackel, Anna Gobau [Gobauts] wife of Jacques Cray; 225/18

1618 Mar 25; Moyses Walens; Janneken Willocqueau; Maria; Nicolaes Willocqueau in place of Jeremias Walens, Maximiliana la Aust wife of Christiaen [the elder] Willocqueau; 225/18

1618 Aug 10; Hans Verellen; Catharina Hackenbrouck; Elisabeth; Nicolas Spilleurs; Maria Fese wife of Andries Dens, Elisabeth Vygens wife of Daniel Matthias; 225/18

1618 Aug 15; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Elisabeth van Aecken; Peter; Peterken Knevel daughter of Gertruyt Jonhost; 225/18

1618 Sep 09; Willem Tobias; Maria Walpergens; Claerken; Jacques Tacquet, Anneken Lentailleurs wife of Jacques Comyn; 225/18

1618 Oct 09; Abraham van Lommel; Etten van Aken; [no child-name mentioned]; Caspar ----- , Lodewick van Aken, Dina van Lommel widow of Vincent Walraet; 225/18

1618 Oct 14; Joost van den Bemden; Catharina de Windele; Johannes; Abraham Kip, Judith de Wannemakers wife of Samuel Mits; 225/18

1619 Jan 01; Severyn Hack; Catarina Verlet; Francyna; Jacques Jacques, Geertruidt Hack widow of Jacques Dens; 225/18

1619 Jan 15; Michiel Heldewier; Maria Maheu; Barbel; Nycolaes Heldewier in place of Carel Heldewier, Susanna van Uffel wife of Jan Baptista Colpyn, Barber Pergens daughter of Jan Pergens; 225/18

1619 Jan 15; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneken de la Planque; Cornelis; Cornelis van Mastricht the elder, Johan Festein, Lowyse de la Planque; 225/18

1619 Jan 25; Jan van Lommel; Elisabeth van Aken; Jacob + Johannes; Johannes and Hans Goyaerts, Margaretha van Lommel wife of Theop--us Boerman deceased, Abraham van Lommel in place of Jacob Huberts, Lodewys van Aken; 225/18

1619 Feb 15; Jeremias Boudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Constancia; Nicholas Biliuer in place of Marten Goreau, Constantya del Prato; 225/18a

1619 Mar 12; Philipe Hack; Elisabet Pontrees; Jacob; Hans Mides, Catryna Varlet; 225/18a

1619 Mar 14; Hans van Brackel; Maria de Haes; Marya; Abraham van Pul, Elizabeth van Zeel; 225/18a

1619 May 13; Paulus Moons [Moins]; Marya de la Noy; Margriet; Melchior Rotterdam, Margriet Tacquet; 225/18a

1619 May 24; Tobias Boel; Margret Apello [van Apperloo]; Johannes; Johannes Cray, Saerken Schues wife of Philip Dermondyn; 225/18a

1619 May 24; Hans van den Einde; Helena Midts; Helena; Jeremias Midts, Marya Jacques wife of Hans Midts; 225/18a

1619 Sep 28; Gerart Kouck the younger; Margriet N.N.; Sibille; Hans Liefrinc in place of Gerart Kouck the elder living in Antwerp, Siltgen van 't Truch; 225/18a

1619 Dec 02; Theronymo Manart [Jeronimus Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Susanna; Hans Liefrinc, Anna Goubau wife of Jacques Cray in place of Clara Manaert widow of Heyndrick van Dorp, Susanna Flagelet j.d.; 225/18a

1620 Feb 17; Wilhelm Tobias; Maria Walpergen; Engeltgen; Hans Lieferinck, Catharina Kamp wife of Samuel Gesquint in place of Anna Walpergen wife of Hendrick Goyvaerts, living in Antwerp; 225/18a

1620 Feb 28; Peter Muller; Entgen van Gulick; Catharina; Thomas van Gulick, Catharina Fluck wife of Matthys van der Hagen, Catharina Sluffelant daughter of Henrick Sluffelant; 225/18a

1620 Mar 20; Severyn Hack; Catharina Varlett; Goris; Philips Hack in place of Jacques Hack, Geertruydt Hack widow of Jacques Dens in place of Judith Tintenier wife of Caspar Varlett living in Utrecht; 225/18a

1620 May 06; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Elisabeth van Aken; Janneken; Conradt Pyl, Janneke de Planque wife of Thomas van Maestricht; 225/19

1620 Jul 25; Moses Walens; Janneken Willoqueau; Christiaen; Nicolaes Walens the elder, Christiaen Willoqueau the younger, Elisabeth Willoqueau in place of Sara Walens; 225/19

1620 Aug 08; Joost van [den] Bemden; Catharina de Windele; Anna Maria; Adriaen de Wannemaker in place of Daniel de Greve, Josina Heymans wife of Christoffel Quinjetti in place of Maria de Groot wife of Peter de Flemin; 225/19

1620 Oct 24; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneke de Planque; Thomas; Jan del Rhue [Jean de la Rue], Petrus Fourmout, Catharina Baerdonck wife of Peter Volcquier; 225/19

1620 Dec 25; Michiel Helduir [Heldewier]; Maria Maheu [Mahieu]; Sara; Nicolaus Vivien, Elisabeth van Dries widow of Adam van Se--stel, Barbara Pergens in place of Sara Pergens wife of Hans van der Merct; 225/19

1621 Feb 02; Guilliam Dunstbroeck [Dynsbroeck]; Margriet le Draye; Philips; Conraet van Glabback, Philips Dunstbroeck, Antonette Schuts; 225/19

1621 Mar 15; Johan van Lommel; Elisabeth van Aken; Johan Wilhelm; Lodewyck van Aken in place of Jan van Aken, Joost Raemaecker in place of Wilhelm van Aken, Helena van Lommel wife of Hans Ghoyvaerts; 225/19

1621 Mar 26; Gerart van der Cruys; Elisabeth Elhout; Geraert; Willem Homselter in place of Hans Vervelen, Jan van Bruch in place of Pieter Abels, Barbara Burggraeff in place of Anna Elhaut wife of Daniel Vervelen; 225/19

1621 Apr 23; Hans Verellen; Katharina Hackenbroeck; Constanze; Jan Baptista Colpyn in place of Guilliam Moers, Judith Cume [de Wannemaker] wife of Samuel Midts, Constanze le Bruyn daughter of Cornelis le Bruyn; 225/19

1621 Jun 25; Paulus Moins; Maria de Lanoy; Catharina; Pieter Valkenaer, Catharina Mahis wife of Gabriel Magis; 225/19

1621 Jul 18; Jeremias Boudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Jacqueline; Jaqueline Boudewyns wife of Abraham du Boys in place of Caspar Boudewyns; 225/19

1621 Jul 27; Joost van den Bemde [Bempden]; Catharina de Windel; Susanna; Jacques Craye, Cordella Suurdts wife of Heyndrick Cremer; 225/19a

1621 Nov 01; Hans Lieferinck; Cornelia van Bruch; Maria; Geertge van der Cruys wife of Jan van Bruch, Hans van Heringhen, Elisabeth Franssens; 225/19a

1621 Dec 03; Hans van den Ende; Helena Midts; Johannes; Hans Midts in place of Daniel Midts living in Amsterdam, Hester Midts; 225/19a

1621 Dec 06; Jeronimus Maihaert [Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Jacob; Jacques Cray, Margaretha de Clerck wife of Johan Hedonier; 225/19a

1622 Jan 04; Hans [van] Brakel; N.N. [Maria de Haese]; Susanna; Jacques Cray, Susanna Spilleurs wife of Peter Carlier; 225/19a

1622 Jan 05; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; N.N. [Elisabeth van Aecken]; Thomas; Thomas van Maestricht, Tanneken Fourmontrout wife of Steven Jacobsz.; 225/19a

1622 Jan 30; Abraham du Boys; Jacquelyne Boudewyns; Jacoba; Jeremias Boudewyns, Constantia del Prato in place of Gertruyd Pellecorne widow of Loys du Boys Abrahams' mother living in Antwerp; 225/19a

1622 May 26; Moses Walens; Janneken Willoqueau; Johannes; Christiaen Willoqueau the younger, Elisabeth Willoqueau; 225/19a

1622 Jun 18; Joost de Smit [Smeth]; Margrita Enghels; Geertruyt; Philips Demondyn in place of Peter Becx, Geertruyt Loovemans [Laermans] wife of Coenraedt Enghels; 225/19a

1622 Jul 14; Jacques Tacquet the younger; Gertruyt Hack; Lysbeth; Hans Mits in place of Jaques Hack, Elisabeth Caulier wife of Jacques Tacquet the elder; 225/19a

1622 Jul 15; Tobias Boel; Ghrieten Apprlooy [Apperloo]; Maria; Jeronimus Maihaert, Mary Fromeau [Fremeau] wife of Nicolas Lintlau [Linclo], Mary Cray daughter of Jacques Cray; 225/19a

1622 Aug 03; Joost van Bemde [van den Bempden]; Catharyne de Windel; Tanneke; Syntge Haymans [Josina Heymans] wife of Christoffel Quingetti, Jacques de Gautquere [Gauquier]; 225/20

1622 Aug 23; Guilliam Diesbroeck; Margaretha de la Dreu; Catharynken; Katelyne Dens wife of Coenraedt [van] Glabbach, Samuel de l'Esyvre [de l'Espiere], Catelyne Campen [Camp]; 225/19a

1622 Dec 03; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneken de la Planque; Janneken + Magdalena; doctor van der Haghen, Cornelis van Maestricht the younger, Janneken Bulteau, Magdalena Vos wife of Cornelis van Maestricht the elder; 225/20

1622 Dec 28; Gherhaert van Cruys; Elisabeth Eelhaut; Johannes; Hans Liefrinck, Hans van Heiringhe, Elisabeth Faestien in place of Allitgen Hemminghs; 225/20

1623 May 28; Francois Boons; Geertruyt Emonts; Susanneken; Hans Ghovaerts, Susken de Heuvel in place of Susanna del Prato wife of Jeronimus Baudewyns; 225/20

1623 Jun 16; Gaspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Christiaen; the grandfather Christiaen Willoqueau, Hester le Bruyn in place of Constantia le Bruyn; 225/20

1623 Jul 28; Philips Hack; Margaretha Tacquet; Elisabeth; Elisabeth Steenwyck wife of Jacques Tacquet the elder, Paulus Mois in place of Severyn Hack the father's brother; 225/20

1623 Aug 01; Hans Vervellen; Cathelyne Hackenbroeck; [no child-name mentioned]; Simon Delart in place of Andries Tanse, Catharina Baerdonck wife of Pieter Volcquier in place of Susanna van Uffelen wife of Jan Baptista Colpeyn; 225/20

1623 Oct 11; Joost van [den] Bemden; Catharina de Windele; Ester; Inghel Birdt servant of Joost van den Bempden in place of the fathers' brother in law Abraham van Delden, Margaritha de la Court wife of Jacques de Gausquier [Gesquier]; 225/20

1623 Nov 17; Moyses Walens; Janneken Willoqueau; Hester; Antonius Stivier, Marie Willoqueau; 225/20

1624 Feb 08; Jeronimus Manyaerts [Mannaert]; Antonette Flagelet; Antonette; Francoys Benghleraedt, Susanna Flagelet in place of the wife of Waldorp, Jacquelyntje Spilleur [Mannaert]; 225/20

1624 Mar 22; Isaac Haussepied [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Constantia; Gaspar le Bruyn in place of Nicolaus Haussepied, Hester le Bruyn in place of Constantia le Bruyn; 225/20

1624 Apr 17; Hans van den Ende; Helena Mits; Robertus; Samuel Mits in place of Robert Mits, Gerdrut Schryvers wife of Jeremias Mits; 225/20a

1624 Jun 11; Joost de Smeth; Margaritha Enghels; Anna; Philips Dermondyn in place of Abraham Maertens living in Frankfort, Anna de Smeth wife of Peter Becks; 225/20a

1624 Jun 11; Hans van Brakel; Maria N.N. [de Haese]; Daniel; Daniel Matthys, Elisabeth wife of Daniel Matthys in place of Geerken Keyser; 225/20a

1624 Jun 20; Gaspar le Bruyn; Lysbeth Willoqueau; Christiaen; Christiaen Willoqueau the grandfather, Janneken Willoqueau wife of Moses Walens; 225/20a

1624 Jul 30; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger; Lysbeth van Aken; Magdalena; Melchior Rondorff in place of Andreas Holty, Magdalena [Vos] the grandmother wife of Cornelis van Maestricht the elder, Geertruydt wife of Caspar Maestricht; 225/20a

1624 Aug 31; Hans Liefrinck; Cornelia van Bruch; Anna; Jan du Four living in Frankfort, Catharina Liefrinck wife of Dirick Camp; 225/20a

1624 Dec 18; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Friderico; Aernout Pels in place of Francisco de Raet, Constantia del Prato; 225/20a

1625 Mar 10; Isaac Haussepied [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Cornelis; Caspar le Bruyn, Josyntje Haymans [Heymans] wife of Christoffel Quingetti; 225/20a

1625 Jun 16; Philips Hack; Margarita Tacquet; Philippus; Jacques Tacquet the elder, Maria de Lanoy wife of Paulus Mois; 225/20a

1625 Jul 07; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneke de la Planque; Madeleentje; Daniel Meerman, Madeleen Vos wife of Cornelis van Maestricht the elder in place of Madeleena de Planck wife of Jeremias de Jeiue, Madeleen le Grand wife of Jean del Rue; 225/20a

1625 Jul 25; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Cornelis; Christiaen Willoqueau the younger, Maximiliana la Aust wife of Christiaen Willoqueau the elder; 225/21

1625 Aug 13; Michiel Heldewier; Maria Mahieu; Maria; Jacob Pergens in place of Daniel d'Orville, Marie Benoit widow of Jean Heldewier, the wife of Jean Breun in place of Maria du Fay wife of Abraham Malapart, Jeanne Carlier; 225/21

1625 Oct 13; Johannes Mantens; Catharina Otrenrath; Daniel; Jacob Jacobsz. [Jacques Jacques] in place of his father Jacob Jacobsz., Daniel le Bruyn, Susanna Jacobs daughter of Jacob Jacobsz.; 225/21

1625 Dec 04; Heyndrick Ecker [Enker]; Lysbeth Styfgens; Catharina; Coenraedt van der Delen, Jeremias Herdyck in place of N.N. van Ervenveldt, Mettel Vlenbergh wife of Jan van Essen in place of Catharina Eycker van Everveldt wife of Caspar Eycker, Barbara Meyer dochter van Heyndrick Meyer in place of Catharina van Gusseler wife of Hans van Gusseler van Essen; 225/21

1626 Jan 27; Isaac Haussepied [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Hester; Joost de Smit [Smeth] in place of Jean Haussepied, Hester le Bruyn wife of Christiaen Willoqueau the younger; 225/21

1626 Apr 09; Hans van Brackel, Maria de Haes; Nicolaes; Nicolaes Spilleurs, Anna Lenaerts wife of Jan Fassyn [Fassin]; 225/21

1626 May 01; Jeremias Baudewyns; Susanna del Prato; Leonora; Christoffel Quingetti in place of Louis du Boys living in Venice, the widow del Prato [Lucretia Pellicorne] in place of Elisabeth Boudewyns wife of Samuel Rademacker living in Hamburg; 225/21

1626 May 07; Hans van den Ende; Helena N.N. [Mits]; David; Jan Mol, Eva Tharinailles [written in the margin]; 225/21

1626 Sep 08; Hans Vervellen; Catharina Hackenbroeck; Anna; Jacob van Vehelen, Janneken de Planck wife of Tomas van Maestricht, Elisabeth Koelendals wife of Daniel Fremant; 225/21

1626 Sep 12; Hans Willem Harmer; Sara Boermans; Godefriet; Hans Ghovaerts, Cornelia van Uffelen widow of Hector Schellekens; 225/21

1626 Oct 21; Joost de Smit [Smeth]; Margaretha Enghelsch; Joost; Philips Dermondyn in place of Joost Juliaens, Catharina Enghels j.d. daughter of Coenraet Enghels; 225/21

1626 Nov 07; Hans Liefrinck; Cornelia van Bruch; Sebastian; Hans van den Eynde in place of Bastian de Neuville, Maria Hou-----, widow of Henderyck van der Cruys; 225/21a

1627 Jan 10; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Lysbeth; Christian Willoqueau the younger, Maximiliana la Toust [la Aust] wife of Christian Willoqueau the elder, Elisabeth Parmentier wife of Nicolas Vivien; 225/21a

1627 Apr 20; Isaac Hausepiet [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Isaacus; Johan Langen in place of Daniel Hausepiet, Philips Dermondys in place of Joost de Smit [Smeth], Hester le Bruyn the wife of Christiaen Willeckens [Willoqueau] the younger in place of Leonora le Bruyn; 225/21a

1627 Jun 20; Hendrick Enker; Elisabeth Stiffgens; Elisabeth; Jan Binser son of Johan Binser, Grietgen Kenmer the wife of Samuel Mits, Maria Potgieter the wife of Gabriel Winckel; 22/21a

1627 Aug 16; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneken de Planck; Margrita; Hans Verhellen [Verellen], Anna Fassin [Lenaerts] wife of Jan Fassin the elder in place of Margrita Cemuut living in Amsterdam, Magdalena van Maestricht [Vos] wife of Cornelis van Maestricht the elder in place of Margaretha Roosen living in Nimwegen; 225/21a

1627 Nov 15; Jan Mantens; Catharina Athenraet [Otrenrath]; Anna Mari; Isaac Hausepiet [Hochepied], the widow of David Morjau, Anneken Engels daughter of Willem Engels; 225/21a

1627 Nov 24; Hans Verellen; Catelyn Borcherts named Hackenbroeck; Elisabeth; Isaack Housepiet [Hochepied], Elisabeth Willoqueau wife of Caspar le Bruyn, Elisabeth Steenens [Steenwyck] wife of Jacques Tacquet the elder; 225/21a

1628 Jan 08; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Cornelis; Moises Walens, Christiaen Willoqueau in place of Caspar le Bruyn living in Amsterdam, Lucretia le Bruyn wife of Isaac Hausepiet; 225/21a

1628 Feb 25; Michiel Heldewier; Maria Mahieu; Elisabeth; Jan Pergens, Elisabeth Pergens widow of Daniel Dorvylen [d'Orville]; 225/21a

1628 Mar 24; Isaac Hausipiet [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Abraham; Catharina Willoqueau, Daniel Willoqueau in place of Abraham Hausipiet; 225/21a

1628 Oct 12; Philips Hack; Margaretha Takett [Tacquet]; Samuel; Samuel de Lesxier; Jacques Taket the younger, the wife of Simon Duysinck; 225/21a

1628 Nov 19; Jeremias Baudewyns; N.N. [Susanna del Prato]; Petronella; Fransens Baudewyns the younger in place of Johan de Laet living in Leiden, Constantia del Prato in place of Catharina Formenois wife of Pieter Boudaen Courten living in Middelburg; 225/22

1628 Nov 22; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Ester; the wife of Nicolaes Vivien [Elisabeth Parmentier] with her son Pieter Vivien, Justius Beer Mayor of Wesel; 225/22

1628 Dec 24; Hans van den Ende; Helena Mits; Wilhelmus; Willem Engels, the widow of Guiljaem Diensbroeck [Margaretha le Drut], Margaretha le Bruyn in place of Helena Frits wife of Jan Campe; 225/22

1629 Feb 17; Hendrick Ekel [Enker]; Elisabeth Stygens; Philippus; Philippus Dermondein, Jacques de Bucoy, Margarita Engels wife of Joos de Smit [Smeth]; 225/22

1629 Mar 01; Isaac Hansipiet [Hochepied]; Lucretia le Bruyn; Abraham; Willem Tassemaecker in place of Abraham Hansipiet living in Hoorn, Cornelia Quinjets [Quingetti] wife of Joos van Beeck; 225/22

1629 Apr 27; Joost van den Bemde; Catharina de Windel; Gillis; Philips Mandemaker, Josina Haimans [Heymans] widow of Christoffel Quinget [Quingetti] 225/22

1629 Jun 12; Jan van Aken; Catharina Bachmans; Johannes; Catharina van Aken [sic: Helena van Heer] the widow of Servaes van Aken 225/22

1629 Jul 16; Hans Liefrinck; Cornelia van Bruch; Nicolaes; Nicolaes Spilleur, Elisabeth Takett [Steenwyck] wife of Jacques Takett [Tacquet]; 225/22

1629 Oct 26; Dirick Camp; Catharina Lyfrinck; Theodorus; Tomas Fontein in place of Hans van den Hourne living in Hanau, Anna Camp widow of David Ackerman; 225/22

1629 Nov 06; Michiel Heldewier; Maria Mahieu; Constantia; Pieter Becx son of Jan Becx from Maseyk, Cornelia van Uffelen widow of Hector Schellekens; 225/22

1629 Nov 21; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Elisabeth; Goddaert Hattingh, Lucretia le Bruyne wife of Isaack Hansipiet [Hochepied] in place of Leonora le Bruyne wife of Thomas Hooft living in London; 225/22

1630 Mar 12; Hendryck Bilderbeecke; Anna Franssen; Anna Maria; Frans Fransschen, Josina Fransschen wife of Johan van Voren, Anna Mottenhouen wife of Cornelis Jacobs; 225/22a

1630 Apr 26; Joos de Smit [Smeth]; Margrita Engels; Coenraet; Coenraet Engels, Elisabet Kuenen; 225/22a

1630 Jun 24; Jan Mantens; Catharina Othenraet; Susanna; Jaques Taket [Tacquet], Bilghen Schonck, Susanna Othenraedt j.d.; 225/22a

1630 Dec 23; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneke la Planck [de la Planque]; Pieter; Jan Fassyn [Fassin] in place of his son Pieter Fassyn [Fassin], Daniel van Hamele in place of Pieter Buyssen living in Wesel [Germany], Maria Erber in place of Maria Slechtendale, living in Hessen [Germany]; 225/22a

1631 Jan 14; Isaack Housipeet [Hochepied]; Lucretie le Bruyne; Lucretia; Guiljaem Jehu in place of Jacop Housipeet living in Danzig [Germany now Poland], Cornelia Quingets [Quinghetti] in place of Elisabeth Heufft widow of Andries Toorenburgs; 225/22a

1631 Feb 08; Hendryck van Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransen; Agneta Sybilla; Samuel de Lespieer [de l'Espiere], Agnes van Stralen, Sybilla the wife of doctor Goor; 225/22a

1631 Mar 07; Caspar le Bruyn; Elisabeth Willoqueau; Caspar; Antony Vieux, Maria Willoqueau; 225/22a

1631 Mar 10; Hyromme [Jeronimus] Mannaert; Antonette Flagelet; Johanna Constantia; Heindryck Cranue in place of Johan Schuller living in Straesbourgh [Strasburg, Germany], Jacqueline Mannaert wife of Nicolaes Spilleur in place of Janneke Mannaert living Henove [Hannover, Germany?], Cornelia van Bruch wife of Hans Liefrinck in place of Constantia Smitsaert living in Amsterdam; 225/22a

1631 Jul 25; Philips Hack; Margerita Takets [Tacquet]; Johannes; Johan Rines [Kines], the wife [Maria de Lanoy] of Paulus Moens [Moins] in place of the wife of Adriaen Chombaert in Hamburg called Elisabeth Taket [Tacquet]; 225/22a

1632 Feb 08; Heinderyck Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransen; Lucretia Elisabeth; Jeremias Baudewyns, Elisabeth Fransen wife of Johan van Heerynck [Heiringen]; 225/22a

1632 Sep 10; Gaspar le Bruyne: Elisabeth Willoqueau; Casar; Isaac Hansepeet [Hochepied] and his wife [Lucretia le Bruyn] in place of the wife of Casar le Bruyne called Maria Joree; 225/22a

1632 Nov 25; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneke Planck [de la Planque]; Johannes; Pieter Mits living in Muhlheim, Pieter Kip, Susanna Meermans living in Wesel; 225/22a

1632 Dec 09; Johan Mantens; Catharina Othenraet; Janneken; Herman Nix, Janneke van Heck [Ecke] wife of Servaes Dienstbroeck [Dynsbroeck], Sara Lentelieur [l'Entailleur] j.d.; 225/23

1633 Jan 20; Joos de Smit [Smeth]; Margrite Engels; Reinmont; Guiljaeme Hagen in place of Reinmont de Smit brother of Joos de Smit, living in Amsterdam, Isebeau Jeheu j.d. daughter of the late Andries Jeheu; 225/23

1633 Mar 07; Henderyck Bilderbeeck; N.N. [Anna Franssens]; Frederyck Heinderyck; doctor Goor in place of Frederyck Heinderyck Prince of Orange, Samuel de Lespier [de l'Espiere] in place of Abraham Cameranius ambassador of the king of Sweden, Catharina van der Berghe in place of the countess of Fladdorp; 225/23

1633 Mar 28; Hans Lyfrynck [Liefrinck]; Cornelia van Bruck; Cornelia; Michiel Heldewier, the wife of Johan Cruys named Cornelia Brouchgreeff [Burggraef]; 225/23

1633 July 02; Johan Jonckers; N.N.; Cornelis; Cornelis van Maestricht the younger, Daniel Fermouts [Fremeau], Matthys Jonckers daughter named Christina Jonckers; 225/23

1634 Jan 14; Joos van Beeck; Cornelia Quingets [Quingetti]; Petrus; Pieter Heimans living in Utrecht, Josina Heimans widow of Christoffel Quinget; 225/23

1634 Mar 08; Philips Hack; Margrita Takets [Tacquet]; Margrita; Jacob Taket [Tacquet] the elder in place of Jacob Taket the younger living in Hamburg, Margrita Moins daughter of Paulus Moins; 225/23

1634 Jul 05; Henderyck Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransen; Elisabeth Helena; Wilhem van Harn, Elisabeth Beckers called Gysens, Helena Fransens; 225/23

1634 Jul 07; Hyronimo Mannaerts; Antonetta Flagelet; Henderyck Philippus; Henderyck Bilderbeeck, Johan Mol, Cornelia van Bruch wife of Lyfrynx [Hans Liefrinck]; 225/23

1634 Jul 28; Wilhelm Zweifel; Elisabeth van Dort; Damasandra; Henderyck Bilderbeeck and his wife Anna Fransen; 225/23

1634 Nov 28; Thomas van Maestricht; Janneke del Planck [de la Planque]; Elisabeth; Simon Duysinck, Elisabeth van Maestricht [van Aecken] wife of Cornelis van Maestricht, Cornelis van Maestricht the elder in place of Margaretha Dillenburgh wife of Pieter Pelgrem; 225/23a

1635 Jan 27; Matthys van Sutphen; Maria Cruyders; Matthys; Dyryck Damman in place of Johannes Cruyders, Margriet le Drut widow of Guiljam Diensbroeck; 225/23a

1635 June 20; Gerraert le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Anna; Pieter Kip, Janneke Saboth widow of Johan de la Court, Maria le Bruyn widow of David Moreau; 225/23a

1635 Aug 16; Johan Mantens; N.N. [Catharina Othenraeth]; Catharina; Hans Voorellen [Verellen] and Catharina [Hackenbroeck] his wife, the wife of Herman Nix; 225/23a

1636 Apr 12; Hans Liefrinck; Cornelia van Bruck; Hendrick; Hendrick van Dussen, Aeltjen van de Cruys j.d.; 225/23a

1636 Apr 15; Philips Hack; Margerita Tacquet; Maria; Jacques Tacquet in place of Adriaen Chombardt, Maria Duysingh, Maria Mois wife of Simon Dusingh, Paulus Mois; 225/23a

1636 June 24; Gerhardt le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Elisabeth; Caspar le Bruyn, Maria [sic: Anna] de la Court wife of Isaac van Nutt, Sara wife of Claes van Castelle; 225/23a

1636 Sep 11; Hendrick Bilderbek; N.N. [Anna Franssens]; Frans Hendrich; doctor Hendrick van Goor, Samuel de Lespieer [de l'Espiere] in place of Frans van A---, Lord of Sommelsdyck, Jan --- in place of Elisabeth Franssen; 225/23a

1637 Jan 26; Joannes Mantents; Catharina Otsenraedt; Catharina; Daniel Resteau, the wife [Catharina Hackenbroeck] of H. Vorellen [Hans Verellen], Catharina Diensbroeck [Dynsbroeck] daughter of Guillaume; 225/23a

1638 Jun 20; Henrik Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransens; Margareta; Wernerus Kinsweylen, Theodorus Jeriverius, Gothart Ginzelberg, Gerhart van der Meulen, Margaretha de Bronckhorst; 225/23a

1638 Sep 09; Joost de Smit [Smeth]; N.N. [Margaretha Engels]; Robertus; Coenraed Enghels in place of Robertus Wyler, Elisabeth Jeheux in place of Susanna de Spina; 225/23a

1638 Nov 09; Daniel Resteau; Elisabeth van de Bemden [Bempden]; Johannes; Johannes van den Bemden, Angelica Resteau in place of Anna Resteau widow of Isaac Heldewier; 225/23a

1639 Mar 14; Peter Koenen; Susanna Spilleurs; Susanna; Nicolaes Spilleurs, Maria Marischal in place of Sara Marischal the mother of Peter Koenen; 225/24

1639 Aug 01; Henrik Muanieh; Catharina Kraye; [no child-name mentioned]; Nicolaes Spilleurs the younger in place of Nicolaes Spilleurs, Maria Kraye in place of Johanna Manjart widow of Cornelis Symons; 225/24

1639 Oct 24; Thomas [van] Maestricht; Janneke de la Planque; Gerard; Gerard le Bruyn, Gerard Courage, the wife of Andries Jansen; 225/24

1639 Dec 08; Henrik Bilderbeek; Anna Fransens; Johannes Joachimus; Samuel Mits in place of Hans van den Enden, doctor Henrik Goor in plaats van Joachim Wiequefort, Catharina Freemoege wife of Servaes van Liptenberg; 225/24

1640 Apr 28; Elias Oosterholt; Magdalena [sic: Catharina] Hachtmans; Henricus; Lucia Luhtzkirchen, Matthys Helys in place of Henrik Hachtman; 225/24

1640 May 17; Gerard Momboer; Clara Liefring [Liefrinck]; Catharina; the widow of Albert Momboer [Catharina Flocke], Hans Liefrings [Liefrinck], the widow of Dirck Camp [Catherine Liefrinck]; 225/24

1640 Aug 03; Arnold Ernst; Barbara Heldewier; Anna Maria; Marten Ernst, Susanna van Uffelen widow of Joh. Colpyn in place of Anna Bendorp, Maria Mahieu wife of M. [Michiel] Heldewier; 225/24

1640 Aug 20; Valentinus Eckhardus; Catharina Fruesman; Johannes Casparus; Caspar le Bruyn, Hans Liefrinck, Margaretha Engels wife of Joost de Smith [de Smeth]; 225/24

1640 Oct 28; Gerard le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Maria; Joost de Smith [de Smeth], the widow of David Moreau [Marie le Bruyn] in place of Constantia le Bruyn, the widow of Georg van Sch----- in place of Anna le Bruyn; 225/24

1640 Nov 29; Frans Boel; Beatrix van Heringen; Cornelia; Pierre du Pont in place of Arnd van der Kruysen, Cornelia Burggraef wife of Hans Krist, Cornelia Boons widow of Cornelis Randach; 225/24

1640 Dec 01; Daniel Resteau; Elisabeth van de Bemde [van den Bempden]; Elyzabeth; Joost van de Bemde, Catharina Heldewier widow of Elias Marischal; 225/24

1640 Dec 11; Marcelis Palant; Helena Fransens; Maria; Anna Fransens wife of Henrik Bilderbeek, Sebylla Goors, Christoffel van der Hart in place of Wynand van der Hart; 225/24

1640 Dec 19; Hans Liefrinck; Cornelia van Bruck; Jeremias; Sibylla ---- wife of Herman van Dalen; 225/24a

1641 Jan 31; Hans Braek; Marguerite Moins; Maria; Jaques Taket [Tacquet], Maria Fourmenois, Maria Moins wife of Simon Dusingh; 225/24

1641 Mar 15; Henrik Hermans; Catharina van Walt; Aeltje; Jan op de Kamp, Anneken wife of Bastiaen van Soest, Aeltjen Allersz, daughter of Jan Allersz; 225/24a

1641 Aug 23; Nicolaes Spilleurs; Beatrix Ernst; Nicolaes; Marten Ernst in place of Nicolaes Spilleurs the elder, Helena Fellinger wife of Marten Ernst; 225/24a

1641 Dec 15; Henrik Bilderbeek; Anna Fransens; Elyzabeth Eleonora; the widow of Hans Herrings in place of Amelia Elyzabeth Countess of Hessen, Elyzabeth van Schonbergs, Michiel Heldewier in place of Jacob Pergens; 225/24a

1642 Feb 02; Hans Braeck; Margaretha Moins; Susanna Marguerite; Jan Kriesch, Marguerite Taket [Tacquet] wife of Ph. [Philips] Hack, the wife [Catharina van Veling] of J. Taket [Jacques Tacquet] in place of Susanna de Hans widow of Hans Fauchier; 225/24a

1642 Feb 23; Gudhart Meuling; Christina Fasbinder; Gudhart; Sebastiaen van Soest, Tilman Fortman, the wife of Tilman Fortman in place of Cecile Botte wife of Henrik Vos; 225/24a

1642 Apr 14; Gerard le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Anna; Hans Aidelgass, Anna du Gauquier wife of Caspar le Bruyn in place of Lucretia le Bruyn wife of Isac Hoesepied [Hochepied], Anna Moreau j.d. in place of Anna Moreau [Moregnault] wife of Dan. Wiel [Daniel Wille]; 225/24a

1642 Aug 01; Henrik Palant; Helena Fransens; Helena; Helena Mits widow of Hans van den Enden, Elisabeth Fransens widow of Hans van Herringen, Willem Korstjens; 225/24a

1643 Mar 09; Hans Braeck; Marguerite Moins; Catherine; Ph. [Philips] Hack in place of Caspar van der Portz, Catharina van Fennen [van Veling] wife of Jaq. Taket [Jacques Tacquet], Catharina Moins; 225/24a

1644 Mar 06; Gerardt le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Johannes; Hans Adelgaiss in place of Johan Brieser living in Frankfort [Germany], Andries Jansz Noch in place of Jehan Vivien living in Utrecht [Netherlands], Johanna Moreau in place of the wife of Christiaen Willocqueau; 225/24a

1644 Mar 12; Henric Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransens; Henricus; Henric Vercken, Lord of Hemersbach, Hans Lieffrinck in place of Martin Lasquchen, Leonora Passe wife of Henric Lutgens in place of Catharina N. wife of Marcellus Thieus tax-collector in Aken; 225/25

1644 Oct 26; Johan van Braeck; Margarita Moins; Magdalena; Jacques Taquet the elder in place of Isac Moins from Frankfort [Germany], Maria de Lanoy widow of Paulus Moins in place of Magdalena de Haes from Aken; 225/25

1645 Mar 29; Johannes Wendeling; Sophia van Acken; Johannes Jodocus; Johannes Meynertshagen, Joost de Smith [de Smeth], Helena Mits widow of Hans van den Ende; 225/25

1646 Jan 26; Johan van Braeck; Margareta Moeys [Moins]; Geertruyt; Leonard Heldewier, Geertruyt Hack wife of Jacques Tacket the younger, living in Hamborch [Hamburg, Germany]; 225/25

1646 Apr 16; Gerard le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Magdalena; Rutger ten Berch Rutgers from Wesel [Germany], the wife of Johan Meynertshagen [Helena van den Ende] in place of the wife of Frans Bays from Frankfort; 225/25

1646 Nov 03; Johannes Wendeling from Stromborch on the Guldenbach [Stromberg, Germany]; Sophia van Acken from Elberfelt [Eberfelt, Germany]; Catharina; Peter Speck in place of Caspar his brother, Catharina Speck, Geertruyt Gradusse in place of Catharina Slofeers; 225/25

1647 Feb 17; Abraham de Wret; Margaretha van Maestricht; Thomas; Thomas van Maestricht, Philips Dynsbroeck, Magdalena van Maestricht in place of Susanna Meermans, living in Wesel [Germany]; 225/25

1647 Oct 29; Hans Braeck; Margaretha Moeyns [Moins]; Anna Margarita; Jacques Tacquet the elder in place of Henric Ervervelt, the widow [Maria de Lanoy] of Paulus Moeyns [Moins] in place of Anna de S----; 225/25

1648 Sep 29; Abraham de Wreet; Margarita van Maestricht; Magdalena; Cornelis van Maestricht, Magdalena Coerhafe living in Frankfort [Germany] wife of Gerard Coerhafe, Magdalena van Maestricht; 225/25

1648 Oct 26; Reynhardt Gatzwyler; Sibilla Kriesch; Johannes Reynhardt; Hans Kriesch, Hans Liefrinck the younger, Kinnegunda Burchgraeff widow Kriesch; 225/25

1648 Dec 14; Hans Braeck; Margarite Moyns; Johannes Daniel; Hans Kriesch, Daniel Matthys, Catharina Oosterholt wife of Elias Oosterholt living in Dusseldorf [Germany] 225/25

1649 Feb 14;Leonard Fellinger; Margaretha Növenich; Arnoldus; Arnoldus Növenich from Cologne, Leonard Roemer, Sara Roemer, named Sellinger from Aacken; 225/25a

1649 Mar 19; Henric Bilderbeeck; Anna Fransens; Otto Wilhelmus; Jacob Jongman in place of Otto van Schoneburch, Johan Meynertshagen in place of Wilhelmus Cartius, Catharina Fabricy; 225/25a

1649 Aug 07; Abraham Luttringhkhausen; Janneken van Maestricht; Cornelius Casparus; Cornelis van Maestricht the elder; 225/25a

1649 Oct 27; Abraham de Wreet; Margarita van Maestricht; Guillaume; Philips Diensbroeck in place of Guillaume Diensbroeck living in Hamburg, Thomas van Maestricht in place of Willem de Wreet living in Hamburg, Christina van Lulstorp wife of Goddart Mueling; 225/25a

1649 Oct 31; Gerard le Bruyn; Anna Kip; Sara; Daniel Wille in place of Matthys Schreiber from Basel, Helena van den Enden wife of Johan Meynertshagen, Sara Moregnault [Godin]; 225/25a

1649 Nov 17; Henric Rademaecker; Elizabeth Heldewier; [no child-name mentioned]; Bertram Rademaecker, Maria Mahieu widow of Michael Heldewier; 225/25a

1650 May 02; Leonard Sellinger; Margaretha Növenich; Arnoldus Casparus + Johannes Wilhelmus; Arnold Wildeman, Caspar Tieffhausen, Margarita Verheyden widow of Arnold Növenich, Johan van Munster, Wilhelm Cirrus, Maria Bex; 225/5a

1650 Nov 11; Abraham Luttrinchausen; N.N. [Janneke van Maestricht]; Peter; Thomas van Maestricht in place of Peter van Maestricht, Peter Teschemaecker; 225/25a

1650 Nov 20; Henric Rademaecker; Elisabeth Heldewier; Christianus; Leonard Heldewier in place of Christianus Rademaecker, med. doctor in Emmerich [Germany], Barbara Heldewier wife of Arnold Ernst; 225/25a

1650 Nov 29; Hans Braeck; Margarita Moens [Moins]; Sibylla Elizabeth; Hans Liefrinck the younger, Sibylla Kriesch wife of Beynard Gatzwyler, Elizabeth Hack; 225/26




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