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Baptisms in the Walloon Church in Cologne, Germany 1600-1650 (redirected from Baptisms in the Walloon Church in Cologne, Germany 1600-1630)

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Baptisms in the Walloon Church in Cologne, Germany 1600-1650



Format: After the date are the names of the father, then the mother (if mentioned), then the child, then the the witness(es). Last is the book and page number, all separated by semicolons. My own remarks / suggestions are inserted between [brackets].


You can check through these one by one, or search with Ctrl-F for a name or part of a name, using F3 to find each next hit. Spellings may vary from record to record, so be sure to try alternate spellings for the names you are seeking.


1599 Jan 31; N.N. [Samuel] Guesquier; N.N. [Catharina Camp]; Anne; Nicolaes Ruths, the wife of Guillaume Camp [Anna Fritz]; 221/41a [this baptism was entered between two 1628 records]

1600 Jan 12; Jean du Moulin; Els Heurdincq [Eefgen Urdine]; Piere; Jean van Hecque, Nartin Collet, Catharine Vaupienne; 221/1a

1600 Jan 16; Nicolas du Lieu; Marie Cazon; Jean; Simon Atar; Marie del Mere; 221/2

1600 Jun 10; Gille del Court; Madeleine le Grand; Judith; Jean du Herment, Sara del Planque; 221/2

1600 Jul 25; Gilles Laigney; Marguerite de Camp; Marie; Pierre Ferrer, Marye Doremieux wife of Matthieu Breynne [Brayne]; 221/1

1600 Aug 10; Robert Caffart; Marie Davy; Jean; Denis Bave, Henri Clignet from Aix [Aken], Barbe Marchelier widow of Jean Caffart; 221/1a

1600 Aug 25; Gerard de Flenat; Marguerite Robert; Susanne; Daniel Formau [Fremeau], Jeane Formau [Fremeau], Marie Fasser; 221/1

1600 Aug 29; Piere Grebert; Sara van Nynove [Ninove]; Samuel; Thomas Wille, Marie Creton widow of Louis de Blecourt; 221/1

1600 Aug 29; Nicolas Vallois; Catharine le Grand; Piere; Nicolas Bresou, Marie Haslagien, daughter of Andrieu; 221/1

1600 Sep 01; Jean Maes; N.N.; Beze; Jean Cacquet, Martha Lagniet wife of Nicolas le Boul; 221/1

1600 Sep 01; Matthieu Sehier [Sohier]; N.N.; Anne; Gaspar du Bois, Anne Jaupin wife of Jean Copin; 221/1

1600 Sep 01; Hiose de l'Escluse [George de l'Ecluse]; N.N.; Jean; Jean Maes, Jean Caucher, Sara Carlier; 221/1

1600 Sep 25; Hugue Six; Jaqueline Maton; Jean; Jaques Six, Michiel Beutin, Marie Maton; 221/1a

1600 Sep 25; Jaques Six; Catherine de la Court; Marie; Salomon Six, Marie d'Esquiez [de l'Espiere] wife of Louis de la Court; 221/1a

1600 Sep 30; Jehan le Maire; Catherine Rhemy; Catherine; Jehan Maes, Catherine Six; 221/9

1600 Oct 05; Gerard Guillaume; Marie de Besse; Susanne; Ora Caulie, Marie Risbourg wife of Jaques Blancart, the wife of Jaques Mahieu; 221/1a

1600 Oct 10; Gerard Harnecart; Marguerite de Four; Marie; Quintyn del Cambre, Jaqueline de Lennes wife of Abraham de l'Osen, Sara Forniere; 221/1a

1600 Oct 15; Jean de la Court; Jenne Sabot; Esther; Jaques de Gargnier [Gauquier], Anne Vraifpenning; 221/1a

1600 Oct 16; Miche Bentin; Linke Spiller; Sara; Jean Salmon [Salomon], Sara Bedemer, Ireche Billier; 221/2

1600 Oct 22; Jacques Venturin; Elizabet Venturin [Pueravi]; Anne Marguerite; Martin Lopez [Loepes], Margurite Velthousen wife of N.N. de Wysmann; 221/1a

1600 Oct 25; Aubert Auret; Marie Benoit; Marie; Corneille de Corinte, Jean des Efferies, Anne de Betasse widow of N.N. l'Atles; 221/1

1600 Oct 25; Guillaume des Rousseaux; Louise de Parchemins; Marie; Guillaume des Tombes, Marie Benoit wife of Aubert Aurel; 221/1

1600 Oct 25; Philipe Jeriet; Jaquemine Nutil; Jaques; Jaques de Pern, Marguerite Comin; 221/1

1600 Oct 29; Antoine le Back; Francoise Garlepont; Jean; Jaques Plancart, Marie Tintenier; 221/2

1600 Nov 14; Jean de Mon; Pasquette Lentu; Catherine; Nicolas Masse, Catherine del Saux [del Sau]; 221/2

1600 Nov 14; Verant de l'Eau; Barbe de Rocour; Abraham; Noe le Brou, Ester la Grange; 221/2

1600 Nov 15; Jean de Blecourt; Sara Mornaudize [Moregnault]; Anna; Jaques Six, Anne Frents wife of Arnoud de Blecourt; 221/1a

1600 Nov 15; Nicolas le Boucq; Anne le Boucq; Anne; Nicolas Jacquin, Anne in den Hoven, Eva Castannen; 221/1a

1600 Dec 16; Melchior Brejau; N.N.; Melchior; Jean Boquet, Willemken wife of Melchior le Marie; 221/1a

1600 Dec 16; Jean d'Afeny; Noele Aia; Jaques; Jean du Tour, Marie Faulconnieze [Fauconnier]; 221/1a

1600 Dec 16; Gilles Busgonts; Marguerite Pascal; Anne; Gerard Caulier, Marie Anne wife of Jean Praet; 221/2

1601 Jan 06; Chrestien Mau; N.N. Marie; Daniel Fremau [Fremeau], Marie Carliere [Carlier] wife of Jean Brise [Brayne], Frediq Fournier; 221/3

1601 Jan 06; Jean Olivier; Anthonette le Grand; Sara; Piere del Mere, Anne Flugte; 221/3

1601 Jan 09; Chrestien Willokeau; N.N.; Marie; Piere Kip, Anne Parmentier; 221/3

1601 Jan 15; Jaques del Saux [del Sau]; Catherine de Remeux [Doremieux]; Anthonette; Antoine del Saux, Catherine Fosse; 221/3

1601 Feb 24; Guillaume Prevost; Jenne Copin; Jeanne; Guillaume Copin, Jenne de Vicart, Anne de Vicart; 221/3

1601 Mar 18; Jean del Praet; Marie Teschers; Henry; Henry Govaert, Jeanne wife of Henry Smit; 221/3

1601 Mar 18; Daniel Traché; N.N.; no name; Jeanne Traché, Francois le Parel; 221/3

1601 Mar 31; Michiel Heldewier; Philipine Mornaut [Moregnault]; Jacob; Anne Heldewier, Loys Malapert the younger; 221/3

1601 May 04; Estienne Mezman; Anne Simon; Charles; Charles Tys, Jonathan Wille, Marguerite des Planques; 221/3a

1601 May 16; Jean Cambier; N.N.; no name; Toussain Gabri, Guilmette Baclau; 221/3

1601 Jun 21; Hans van Layn; Barbel Behau; Jean; Thomas Melayn, Anne Malapert; 221/3

1601 Jul 02; Mareys Pancar; Jeanne le Meeze; Marie; Martin Collet, Marie Candzon; 221/3

1601 Jul 19; Henri Lat; ; N.N.; Henri; Abraham l'Osson, Marie Terser; 221/3

1601 Aug 05; Chrestin Willoqueau; N.N.; Jean; Jean Coppin, the wife of Jean Hubrecht; 221/3

1601 Oct 15; Jaques du Gauquier; Marguerite del Court; Susanne; Jean de Smet, Marie del Court; 221/3a

1601 Oct 26; Denis Bave; Jeanne David; Piere; Piere David, Marie Gabri widow of Jean Cambier; 221/3a

1601 Nov 02; Hugues Fourmeau [Fremeau]; N.N.[Gertrude Rabour]; Anne; Jean Noel, Anne Alart, Anne Wille; 221/3a

1602 Feb 10; Jean du Moulin; N.N. [Eefgen Urdinge]; Jean; Laurent Corneille, Andre le Sombre, the wife of Jean Pratte; 221/5

1602 Feb 10; Noel Hanneton; N.N. [Barbe Man]; Noel; Jean Maes, Guillaume del Tombe, the wife of Jean Tournois; 221/5

1602 Mar 24; Daniel Colpin; Marie Benoit; Daniel; Jean Benoit, the widow of Piere Colpin; 221/5a

1602 Apr 24; Jaques Venturin; Elisabeth Venturin [Pueravi]; Elisabeth; Steffan Wisman, Ursula Lopez, Elisabeth ------; 221/5a

1602 Apr 29; Jean Coppin; Anne Jaupin; Marie; Piere Kip, Jacqueline widow de Bulteau; 221/5a

1602 May 04; Jehan le Maire; Catherine Remy; Jehan; Jehan du Roisin, Jost Tournois, Barbe Honton; 221/9

1602 May 04; Thomas Wille; Anne Coppin; Thomas; Guillaume Coppin and his sister Jaqueline widow of de Bulteau; 221/5a

1602 May 04; Jaques Marissal; Marie du Vivien; Nicolas; Nicolas Vivien, Marie wife of Francois Behaut; 221/5a

1602 Dec 17; Jean d'Engis; Magdeleine le Febure; Jean; Jaques le Pers [le Pert], Jean Prat, Jenne Venant; 221/6

1602 Dec 17; Jaques l'Engle; Jeanne Vineau [Vigneau]; Anne; Jaques le Pers [le Pert], the wife of Jan Maes, the widow of Loys l'Engle; 221/6

1603 Jan 04; Matthieu Breince [Brayne]; Marie d'Oremieux [Doremieux]; Christin; Christin Fauronne, Martinne del Saux; 221/6a

1603 Feb 05; Piere Gerbert; Sara van Ninoven; Jean; Nicolas Vivien, Elisabeth Venturin [Pueravi]; 221/6a

1603 Feb 13; Hugues Fourmeau [Fremeau]; Gertrut Rabour; Hugues; Jean del Court, Jean Salmon [Salomon], the wife of Jean de Smit; 221/6a

1603 Feb 21; Nicolas Vivien; N.N.; Antoine; Antoine Parmentier, Marie Heldewier wife of Daniel Resteau; 221/6a

1603 Mar 02; Abraham Henri; Judith Harlé; Salomon; Jean Maes, Guillaume van Dul; 221/6a

1603 Mar 04; Gilles Richard; Marie Cardon; Marie; Gaspar Foumenterau, Francoise de Ryspourq; 221/6a

1603 Mar 07; Guillaume Prevost; Jeanne Coppin; Piere; Piere Coppin, Jean Coppin, Hester Coppin; 221/6a

1603 Mar 23; Jean Fontaine; Catherine Dabblin [d'Ablaing]; Catherine; Thomas Fontaine, Anna Heldewier wife of Pierre Dabblin the younger; 221/6a

1603 Apr 06; Gilles del Court; Madeleine le Grand; Madeleine; Jean del Court, Louise del Planque wife of Robert Bulteau; 221/6a

1603 Apr 26; Piere Cagnon [Caignon]; N.N. [Martine de Boulogne]; Daniel; David Cousenaer, Nicolas Varle [Varlet], the wife [Marie Carlier] of Jean Breine [Brayne]; 221/6a

1603 May 19; Martin Bernicour; Rachel Kemmel; Abraham; Abraham le Febure, the wife of Jean Terlin; 221/6a

1603 May 19; Daniel Colpin; Marie Benoit; Anne; Jacques Passet, the wife of Pierre Dablin the younger [Anna Heldewier]; 221/6a

1603 Jun 04; Israel Passet; N.N.; Piere; Piere du Bucquoy, Marie del Court daughter of Christin; 221/7

1603 Jun 08; Antoine Philippo; N.N.; Antoine; Gaspar Fourmenteraux, Jaques Six, the wife of Jaques Taquet [Elisabeth Caulier]; 221/7

1603 Aug 03; Jacques del Sau; Catheline d'Oremeux; Abraham; Abraham d'Oremeux, Marie de Kennes; 221/7

1603 Aug 11; Jaques Commin; [Janneken] l'Entailleur; Simon Piere; Piere Kippe [Pieter Kip]; Catharine Hurreau widow of Symon Fourmenois, Catharine [Kerstens] wife of Simon l'Entailleur; 221/7

1603 Aug 12; Jaques Jongleu; Esteverette le Clercq; Catherine; Jaques le Pers [le Pert]; Isabeau Blancart, Catherine Dom; 221/7

1603 Aug 13; Laurents Corneille; Anne [Alart]; Anne; Michel Briselance, Anne Alart; 221/7

1603 Aug 13; Jean Storq; N.N.; Daniel; Adrien Hertevier [Hattewier], the wife of Isac Tenerois; 221/7

1603 Aug 13; Guillaume le Rise; N.N.; Paul; Arnoult Matte, the wife of Jean Dafnie; 221/7

1603 Aug 28; Arnoult Cantzeu; N.N.; Marie; Gerard Cautie, Collette, wife of Jean Hezment, Anne Ienart, wife of Jean Fassing; 221/7

1603 Oct 14; Jean Hennion; Jeanne Verant [Venant]; Judith; Guillaume Prevost, Francoise Fontaine wife of Jacques le Pers [le Pert]; 221/7a

1603 Oct 24; Antoine le Cats; Jeanne van Nigelbeck; Jaques; Jaques Taquet, Anne Wille; 221/7a

1603 Oct 26; Gilles de Beugem; Marguerite Paschal; Jaques; Estienne de Lespieres [de l'Espiere], Marguerite le Dreux; 221/7a

1603 Oct 27; Thomas Wille; Anne Coppin; Daniel; Piere Coppin, Sara de Ninove wife of Piere Grebert; 221/7a

1603 Nov 25; Samuel Guesquier; Catherine Camp; Catherine; Wilhem Tobias, Correquen Ruts [Cornelia Ranson?]; 221/7a

1603 Nov 28; Simon Alart; Marguerite Brisel [Briselance]; Marie; Jean Salmon [Salomon], Anne Alart, Elizabet Mondequens [Mondekens]; 221/7a

1603 Dec 11; Jean Joly; Maria du [unreadable]; Esther; Jean Breine [Brayne]; Collette Con------, 221/7a

1603 Dec 12; Jean de Blecourt; Sara Mormans [Moregnault]; Samuel; Arnout Pels, the wife of Jean de la Hors; 221/7a

1603 Dec 22; Guillaume de Kousteau; Leyse de Quatrechemins; Esther; Rize Caurnion, Marie del Tombe; Catheline Rhemi [Remy]; 221/7a

1603 Dec 26; Jean Fauquenié [Fauconnier]; Judith Fournié; Anne; Louis Doré, Tannequen Willipert; 221/7a

1604 Jan 06; Piere le Pers [le Pert]; Susanne de Beuchoit; Rachel; Jean del Rue, Jeanne del Boe wife of Jean Caret; 221/8

1604 Jan 09; Jean Coppin deceased; Anne Jauppin; Constant; Guillaume Coppin the younger, the wife of Hans van der Put; 221/8

1604 Jan 11; Nicolas Hacquin [Jacquin]; Marie Matton [Maton]; Simon; Simon Matton, Marie Tibreg [Tiberghen]; 221/8

1604 Jan 23; Philipe Buret; Jeanne Herren; Susanne; Jean de Germens son of Cecile Beinoit; 221/8

1604 Feb 28; Robert Bulteau; Louise del Planque; Jenne; Joos Treurnois the younger, the widow Jonas, the widow Resteau; 221/8

1604 Mar 06; Jehan Terlin; Sara Croissandt; Sara; Guillaume le Tombre; Barbe Coignet; 221/8a

1604 Mar 07; Philippe Corneille; Elizabeth du Bar; Philipe + Elizabeth; Paul le Febure, Jacqueline du Brusse widow of Jaques Prevost, Jean Maes, Willem[ken] Augustin wife of Melchior le Maire; 221/8

1604 Mar 25; Jehan du Moulin the younger; N.N. [Eefgen Urdinge]; Marie; Sara Hennekar; Marie Tiebeghen wife of Gaspar Fourmentreaux, Anne le Maire, wife of Mart Pamar; 221/8

1604 Apr 18; Hugues Fremauts [Fremeau]; Gertrude Rabours; Jehan; Jacques Tacquet, Guillaume Piebolt [?], Anne de Smiet [de Smeth] wife of Jehan van Ecq [Ecke]; 221/8a

1604 Apr 22; Jehan de le Court deceased; Marguerite Roberts; Catherine; Jacomo Venturin, Catherine le Maire; 221/8

1604 Apr 25; Jehan de Aton; N.N.; Marie; Abraham del ----, Marie Cavinne wife of Nicolas du Lieu; 221/8

1604 Apr 25; Matthieu Braime [Brayne]; N.N. [Marie Doremieux]; Marie; Abraham Doresmieux, Jehanne Balenghion wife of Toussain Doresmieux; 221/8

1604 Apr 29; Nicolas le Bouc; Anne la Feue; Barbe; Rhené Endenhauf, Barbe [Six] wife of N.N. Wesman [Steven Wysman], Marie wife of Jacob Stom; 221/8a

1604 Apr 29; Jaques le Pert; Francoise Fontaine; Jaques; Guillaume Prevost, the widow del Planque; 221/8a

1604 May 15; Jacomo Venturin; N.N.; Marie; Francois le Besants, Marie du Vivien, wife of Jacques Mareschal; 221/8

1604 May 19; Hugues Six; Jaqueline Maton; Anne; Jehan Barem, Antoinette Vivien; 221/8a

1604 May 20; Abraham Henri; N.N.; Moise; Thomas du B-----, Guillaume Gabolt, the wife of Frederic Casseler, the daughter of Herlare Romshort; 221/8

1604 May 31; Jehan le Maire; Cateline Remy; Marie; Guillaume des Rousseau, Martine Caignon, Louise Bulteau [de la Planque]; 221/8a

1604 Jun 01; Pierre Crusy, Sara Bredon; Susanne; Jaques Taquet, Jeanne le Conte; 221/8a

1604 Jun 13; Louis d'Oré; Sara Walperghere; Sara; David Moreau, the wife of Louis de la Maine; 221/9

1604 Jun 16; Daniel Colpin; Marie Benoit; Marie; Jehan Baptiste Colpin, [Marie] Benoite widow of Jehan Heldewier; 221/8a

1604 Jun 27; Jehan du Roisin the younger; N.N.; Marie; Jehan du Roisin the elder, Marie great-aunt of the child; 221/8a

1604 Jun 30; Thomas du Bois; Barbe Oncle; Samuel + Isabeau; Samuel Guesquieres [Gesquier] , the wife of Jaspar Fourmentrau [Maria Tiberghen], Jehan del Prat, the wife of Jaques Taquet; 221/9

1604 Jul 03; Jost Tournois; Sara del Planque; Jost; Gilles del Court, Jehan del Planque, Louise widow of Jost Tournois; 221/9

1604 Jul 26; Jost Smecker; Catiline Matton; Marie; Jehan Matton, Marie de la Court; 221/9

1604 Jul 29; Jaspar Fourmentrau; Marie Tiberguien [Tiberghen]; Rachel; Daniel Tiberguien, Isabeau [Elisabeth] Caulier; 221/9

1604 Aug 11; Jost de l'Escluse [George de l'Ecluse]; Catiline Ghewantmaker [Drapier]; Adolphe; Adolphe Ghewantmaker, Marguerite Wille; 221/9a

1604 Aug 22; Louis le Maine; Marie Moreau; Sara; Jan d'Ablain, Sara Walpergue; 221/9a

1604 Aug 22; Gilles Richard; Marie Cardon; Abraham; Jan de la Rue, Helene wife of Jan Pammar; 221/9a

1604 Oct 10; Giles del Court; Madaleine le Grand; Esther; Pierre du Chesne, Madaleine del Planque; 221/9a

1604 Oct 16; Jehan Dafrigni; Noelle Rara [Arras]; Abraham; Charles Teis [Thys], Jeanne Resteau; 221/9a

1604 Oct 19; Venant de l'Eau; Barbe de Rancour; Marie; Jehan de Ninoue, Marie d'Oresmieux, Francoise Jacques [Francina Jacobs] wife of Nicolas Varlet; 221/9a

1604 Oct 21; Jehan de Ninoue; Sara de la Hors; Louis; Jehan Salmon [Salomon], Jeanne Saboth; 221/9a

1604 Oct 24; Jehan Camp; Catiline Maillet; Francoise; Samuel Guesquieres [Gesquier], Francoise Maillet wife of Jaques Mahieu; 221/9a

1604 Oct 30; Abraham de Blecourt; Odighen Palen; René; René Ghatseville, Anna Frens; 221/10

1604 Nov 04; Pierre Spelbroth [Speelbroot]; Marie Barbé; Barbe; Jehan Pauar, Barbe Onele, Rachel le Tietre; 221/10

1604 Nov 06; Jaques Binoy; Jeanne de la Rue; Daniel; Henry Loot, Jeanne Steen; 221/10

1604 Nov 07; Pierre Caignon; Martine de Boulogne; David; Jehan de Jeems, Marguerite Guillaume; 221/10

1604 Nov 21; Jehan Josneau; Jeanne de la Maire; Isaac; Gilles del Court; Heleine d'Ablain; 221/10

1604 Dec 10; Jehan Chocquet; Marie Fauconnier; Pierre; Pierre Coune, Margueritte Wille; 221/10

1604 Dec 12; Arnould Wastel; Anne Mouchon; Andrieu; Andrieu del Sombre, Guillaume del Tombe, Sara Croissart; 221/10

1604 Dec 18; Thomas Lion; Elizabeth Gerard; Jehan; Jehan Fassing [Fassin], Margueritte widow of Leonard Leonardsen, Marie Slaie wife of Jacob Jacobsen; 221/10

1604 Dec 19; Nicolas le Cocq; Francoise del Motte; Rachel; Guillaume del Tombe, the widow of Chrestien del Court [Maria de Marez], Louise Bulteau; 221/10a

1605 Jan 02; Noel Hanton; Barbe Man; Sara; Jehan del Brasserie, Sara del Planque; 221/10a

1605 Jan 09; Francois Fieuet [Fievet]; Jeanne de Nauarre [Navarre]; Jehan; Jehan de le Maire, Jeanne le Conte; 221/10a

1605 Feb 05; Nicolas Vivien; Elizabeth Parmentier; Paul; Jehan Parmentier, the widow of Michiel Heldewier [Jenne Mahieu]; 221/10a

1605 Feb 05; Nicolas del Orange; Madelene Barbien; Sara; Daniel Matton, the widow of Chrestien le Court [Maria de Marez], Catiline le Maire; 221/10a

1605 Feb 07; Roland del Chambre; Jeanne Drappier; Abraham; Jehan del Maire, Susanne Matton; 221/10a

1605 Feb 13; Gilles Ferret; Marguerite Matton; Pierre; Thomas de Labeau, Susanne Jaques; 221/10a

1605 Feb 20; Jacques Lengler; Jeanne Vigneau; Jeanne; Noel Hanton, Jeanne Resteau; Louise Bulteau [de la Planque]; 221/10a

1605 Mar 05; Jehan le Braime [Brayne]; Marie Carlier; Sara; Jaques del Sau, Sara Carlier; 221/11

1605 Apr 19; Jaques du Gauquier; Marguerite de la Court; Jeanne; Jaques Mareschall, Jeanne Saboth; 221/11

1605 Apr 25; Jaques Francois; Gertrud Morau; Jehan; Jehan Maes, Francoise Fontaine; 221/11

1605 May 03; Jehan Fouconnier; Judith Fournier; Susanne; Estienne l'Espiere, Guertrud Lamberts, Susanne de Walperque; 221/11

1605 May 05; Jehan Mouchon; Marie Lauchie; Abraham; Abraham le Febure, Barbe Loucher wife of Nicolas Coignet; 221/11

1605 May 07; Marc Pauar; Anne le Maire; Jeanne; Jehan de l'Espierre, Jeanne le Maire; 221/11

1605 May 20; Anthoine del Croix; Judith Lieuin; Sara; Jehan Fontaine, Jaqline de Brule widow of Jaques Preuort; 221/11

1605 May 24; Daniel Colepin [Colpin]; Marie Benoist [Benoit]; Pierre; Pierre d'Ablin [d'Ablaing], Susanne Colpin; 221/11

1605 Jun 08; Laurens Corneille; Anna Allardt; Marguerite; Daniel Feremaut [Fremeau], Marguerite Brislance wife of Simon Allards; 221/11

1605 Jun 09; Jacques Six; Catherine de la Court; Jacques; Jacques de Gauquier, Jehanne Basse wife of Jehan Smit; 221/11a

1605 Jun 21; Jehan de la Hors; Sara Jonnas; Jacqueline; Anthoine Hallie, the widow [Jacquelyne Fourmentreau] of Estienne de Lespierre [l'Espierre]; 221/11a

1605 Jun 23; Simon Tenoban; Elisabeth Gofin; Sara; Noe Henton, Marie Destombe [de la Tombe]; 221/11a

1605 Jun 29; Jehan Chanchie; Marguerite Hoocseingt; Jehan; Paul Ramectre, Anne Seyt, wife of Jehan Benoist; 221/11a

1605 Jun 29; Jehan la Mollin [du Moulin]; Eelfken Oordinch [Eefgen Urdinge]; Marie; Elie Marissal, Anne le Maire, Jehanne van Pienne; 221/11a

1605 Jul 02; Guillaume du Pire; Gedrut van Wilrat; Marie; Jehan Joqué, Marie Carlier wife of Jehan de Brem [Brayne]; 221/11a

1605 Jul 03; Loys Doré; Sara de Walperghe; Loys; Martin Ranson in place of Albrecht de Walperghe, Catherine Lifrinct [Liefrinck] widow of Melchior de Neufville; 221/11a

1605 Jul 05; Jehan Carrette; Jehanne de le Bonne; Jehan; Jehan Pamar, Jacqueline de Breule; 221/12

1605 Jul 19; Samuel Guesquie; Catherine Camp; Sara; Jacques Crap [Craye?], Magdelaine Rencon; 221/12

1605 Jul 27; Abraham Boraille; Lisque van Zeel; David; Loys Prevost, Corneille Goiuarzt, Jacueline de Gemmes; 221/12

1605 Jul 28; Martin de Bernicourt; Rachel Madere; Isaac; Nicolas Varlet, Marie Cauchie, wife of Jehan Mouchon; 221/12

1605 Aug 06; Henri Blocker; Judith le Druth; Jacob; Jehan Noel, Marguerite le Drut; 221/12

1605 Aug 10; Guillaume Prevost; Jeanne Coppin; Anne; Abraham Coppin; Marguerite Wille, Anne Coppin; 221/12

1605 Aug 15; Antoine le Chat; Jeanne Middelbek; Jeanne; Matthieu Sauhier [Sohier], Anne Smit; 221/12

1605 Aug 15; Guillaume Dervoisé [des Rouseau]; Loyse des Quatrechemine; Judith; Nicolas Leunce from Tournai, Martine Canaine from Brugs; 221/12a

1605 Aug 19; Matthieu Sohier; Jehanne de Bot; Matthieu; Guillaume Copin the younger, Cornille le Brun the younger, Catherine van der Goicken [van der Hoycken] wife of Jan van de Put[te]; 221/12a

1605 Aug 20; Nicolas Jacquin; Marie Maton; Pierre; Pierre Luagnon, Anna Maton daughter of Simon Maton; 221/12a

1605 Aug 24; Matthieu Bryme [Brayne]; Marie Doremieux; Abraham; Jehan de le Roux, Johanne Doremieux [Balenghion]; 221/12a

1605 Aug 26; Balthazar Pirquin, messenger; Marie du Lieu; Gertrude; Paul Remae, Gertrude Jansei, wife of Jehan Stoe; 221/12a

1605 Sep 01; Simon Alart; Marguerite Brisland [Briselance]; Michel; Pierre Kip, Jehan de Smit, Jehanne Brisland; 221/12a

1605 Sep 06; Jehan Fontaine; Catherine Dabelins [d'Ablaing]; Thomas; Thomas Fontaine, Madelaine Hermar widow of Pierre Dabelin [d'Ablaing]; 221/13

1605 Sep 21; Michel Marchand; Marie Willems; Anne; Jehan de Serment; Anne Coppin, Thomas Wille; 221/13

1605 Sep 22; Gerard Hannecar; Marie du Four; Rachel; Jehan de Serment, Rachel Larcher; 221/13

1605 Oct 05; Jehan d'Arras [sic: Jehan Hardwin, born in Arras, France]; Marie Detombes [de la Tombe]; Gertrude; Guillaume Camp, Barbe Louchere wife of Nicolas Coignet; 221/13

1605 Oct 05; Daniel Tracé; Marguerite Quelque; Judith; Judith de Roissard widow of Chrestien Fauconier, Lysbeth Botre; 221/13

1605 Oct 12; Antoine Parmentier; Jehanne de la De Faire [de Latfeur]; Antoine; Francois Granmont in place of Nicolas Vivien, Catharine Soier [Sohier] widow of Jehan de la de Faire [de Latfeur]; 221/13a

1605 Oct 15; Jehan Scaops; Marguerite Ponton; Francoise; Samuel Guechier, Francoise wife of Nicolas Varlet; 221/13a

1605 Nov 08; Jean Campe [Camp]; Catherine Naille [Maillet]; Magdelaine; Patrocus Rheuphon, Elizabeth du Pont, Marie du Pont; 221/13a

1605 Dec 09; Jacques del Sau; Catherine Dormieux; Daniel; Abraham del Sau, Marie Dormieux wife of Matthieu Braime [Brayne]; 221/13a

1605 Dec 10; Jacob Jacques; Marguerite Merckelbach; Guillaume; Guillaume Coppin the younger, Esther del Sau, wife of Arnould Pels; 221/13a

1605 Dec 10; Jehan de Mon; Pasquelle Lourie; Philippe; Philippe le Moine, Rachel Tren; 221/14

1605 Dec 10;Jehan le Brun; Jehanne Chin; Jehanne; Daniel Trachet, Marguerite Bronchart; 221/14

1605 Dec 11; Jehan de Roisin the younger, Judith Gra; Sara; Jehan del Cour, Sara del Planc wife of Josse Tournois; 221/14

1605 Dec 28; Gilles Picard [Richard]; Marie Cardon; Judith; Nicolas Rouard, Gilly du Celez; 221/14a

1606 Jan 15; Gabriel Mausy [Magis]; Cateline N.N.; Abraham; Jaques Passet, Jeanne van Pienne; 221/15

1606 Jan 25; Josse Tournoy; Sara del Planque; Jean; Robert Bulteau, Daniel Maton, the widow del Planque; 221/15

1606 Jan 25; Jean de Haignon [Hennion]; Jeanne Venant; Jean; Jean de la Rue, Barbe Man wife of Noel Haneton; 221/14

1606 Jan 27; Abraham Blecourt; Odilia Panen; Sara; Pierre Colpin, Sara van Jnouen [Ninove] wife of Pierre Grebert, Jaspar N.N., Rinken [Bramshagen] wife of Guillaume Coolman; 221/15

1606 Feb 02; Martin Viquet; Anne Polet; Jean; Pierre Joly, Guillaume Prevost, Marie Garzin, Grietken N.N. 221/15a

1606 Feb 02; Pierre Cuveter; Magdaleine Sasenquien; Magdaleine; Guillaume Prevost; Rachel Sasenquien, Jeanne Berlo;

1606 Feb 19; Daniel Fremaut [Fremeau]; Anna N.N.; Pierre; Pierre Kyp [Kip], Guillaume Copin the younger, Anna Alart; 221/15a

1606 Feb 19; Pierre Gruzy; Sara Berdon; Marie; Philippe Boudroy, Marie de Lanoy [step?]daughter of Jaques Taquet; 221/15a

1606 Mar 07; Jean de Hancourt; Anna N.N.; Jean; Gerard Gaulier, the widow of Christien del Court [Maria de Marez]; 221/14

1606 Mar 07; Philippe Corneille; Isabeau du Bay; Antoine de la Croix, Marie Prevost; 221/14

1606 Mar 30; David Moreau; Marie le Brun; David; Joost de Smit {Smeth] in place of Dirick Dobbeler living in Hamburg, Catherine Moreau widow of Philippe Doré; 221/14a

1606 Apr 14; Thomas Lion; Elisabeth Gerard; Lion; Stephen Jacobi, doctor Hermannus Heffuser in the place of Stephen Wolters, Elisabeth Sluys, wife of Stef Kuysen; 221/14a

1606 May ??; Pierre Grebout; Sara van Ninouen; Michel; Matthys van der Hayen, Michel Angelo Zonnino [?], Jeanne de Blecourt wife of Abraham Morignaut [Moregnault]; 221/14a

1606 May 17; Jacob Nuerer; Elizabeth Willony; Thomas; Thomas Wille, Marguerite Wille; 221/14a

1606 May 25; Jean Bourg; N.N.; Marie; Guillaume Prevost, Jeanne N.N. wife of Jacob Erquin; 221/15a

1606 Jun 04; Jaques Jongeleur; Estienette le Clerq; Rachel; Louys Hennehart, Rachel le Fiert, Marguerite widow of Jean del Court; 221/15a

1606 Jun 07; Pierre Arras; [Sara Thys]; Jean; Jean del Court, Jeanne Resteau; 221/16

1606 Jun 07; Eduard Simon; N.N.; Marie; Jean van Neck [van Ecke] the elder,Catherine le Merk grandmother of the child, Marie Tasin [Tassyn] widow of Olivier van Neck [van Ecke]; 221/16

1606 Jun 18; Jean Cauty; Antoinette de Fine; Marguerite; Jacques Causener, Anne Juda wife of Gerard Carlier; 221/16

1606 Jun 25; Robert Bulteau; Louyse del Planque; Daniel; Daniel Maton, Jean del Planque, Jeanne Simon wife of Karel Tys; 221/16

1606 Jul 06; Jean Fauquenier [Fauconier]; Judith Fournier; Catherine; Kaerle Tys, Catherine Walperque wife of Jean du Four, Catherine del Sau wife of Jean Fossé; 221/16a

1606 Aug 12; Daniel Colpin; Marie Benoit; Pierre; Jean Fontaine, Agneis Malapert widow of Antoine Carlier; 221/16a

1606 Aug 13; Nicolas le Cour; Anna N.N.; Assuerus; Assuerus Erfe, Michiel Plate, Ester Weerdt; 221/16a

1606 Aug 29; Jean Salomon; Anna Kip; Anna; Laurens Corneille in place of Simon Allard, Anna Simons wife of Pierre Kip; 221/16a

1606 Sep 02; Jean de Moulin; Anna N.N.; Jean; Jean Pamart; the widow of Christien del Court [Maria de Marez]; 221/16a

1606 Sep 02; Jean Didier; Marie Grange; Susanne; Corneille Lisen, Jacqueline Maton; 221/17

1606 Sep 02; Ambroise Cutin; Perinne Prone; Susanne; Gerart Gekenich, Marguerite le Dru; 221/17

1606 Sep 20; Nicolas le Coq; Francoise de la Motte; Marie; Loys Beschenin, Marie de la Tonue [de la Tombe], Marie Castelle; 221/17

1606 Oct 03; Jehan le Maire; Catherine Remi [Remy]; Susanne; Loys Genicar, Jehanne Tis; 221/17

1606 Oct 07; Jehan Dengi [d'Engis]; Magdelaine le Febure; Abraham; Denis Blancar and Catherine his wife; 221/17

1606 Oct 15; Jost Smiecte [?]; N.N.; Charles; Jaques Bynoirt [Benoit], Caerle Tis [Thys], the wife of Pierre Arras; 221/17

1606 Oct 24; Henri Lot [Loots]; Catherine le Grand; Marie; Godscal Rommesuinele, the widow of Gaspar Stefue, the wife of Jehan le Grand; 221/17

1606 Oct 30; Anthoine Parmentier, deceased; Jehanne [de] Latfeur; Antoine Charles; Nicolas Vevien [Vivien], Charles [de] Latfeur, Marie Marissal wife of Chrestien Villoteau [Willoqueau]; 221/17a

1606 Nov 06; Chrestien Villoteau [Willoqueau]; Marie Marissal; Magdalena; Elie Marissal, the wife of Jehan Hubrect; 221/17a

1606 Nov 12; Guillaume des Rouseau; Loyse des Quatrechemins; Adrian; Philippe le Nisine, Anne Huge wife of Pierre Rufia; 221/17a

1606 Nov 17; Robert Caffart; N.N. Coene; Robert; Piere Coene, the widow of Estiene de l'Espiere [Jacquelyne Fourmentreau]; 221/17a

1606 Nov 19; Pierre Cafoir; Anne Mouton; Anne; Andrieu le Hombre, Nasynenke [?] Robert; 221/17a

1606 Nov 21; Jean Campen [Camp]; Catherine Maillet; Judith; Andrieu le Hombre, Judith Artevel [Hattewier?] daughter of Adrien; 221/17a

1606 Nov 23; Roeland del Cambre; Jenne Drappiere; Jeanne; Everard Enquare, Marie Provost; 221/17a

1606 Nov 26; Jaques Venturin; Elisabet Pueravi; Claire; Bonniface Teselaer, the widow of Moisel Hardewier, Clara Kerckhof wife of Thomas Brun; 221/18

1606 Nov 26; Antoine de la Croix; N.N.; Marie; Philippe le Moone, Marie widow of Jean de Hochpie [Hochepied] servant of madame Morenge; 221/18

1606 Dec 22; Jaspar Fourmentraux; N.N. [Maria Thibergen]; Daniel; Jaques Veuldrin [Venturin], Samuel l'Espiere, Anne Parmentier wife of Hans Behaghen [Behagel]; 221/18

1606 Dec 24; Venant de l'Eau; Jeanne de Rouseau [sic: Barbe de Rocourt]; Jean; Jerome Moignaire, Jean du Bois, Jeanne l'Entailleur, wife of Jaques Comin; 221/18

1606 Dec 25; Jaques le Pert; Francoise de la Fontaine; Marie; Jean Maes, the wife of Jean del Court; 221/18

1606 Dec 30; Jean Breine; Marie Carlier; Susanne; Daniel Colpin, Susanne Carlier, wife of Jaques le Cocq; 221/18

1607 Jan 01; Pierre Speelbroot; Marie Barbé; David; Jean Campen; the wife of Jean del Court; 221/18

1607 Jan 18; Jaques Binoist; N.N. la Rue; Antoine; Antoine Halet, Jaques Passe and his wife Marguerite Colpin; 221/18

1607 Jan 29; Jean Charette; N.N.; Jeanne; Louis Handraat, Jeanne Venant wife of Jean Hennion; 221/18a

1607 Feb 15; Jean d'Assequi; N.N.; Marguerite; Caspar de Formenois, the wife of Pierre Arras; 221/18a

1607 Feb 28; Jaques de Fraveloh [?]; N.N.; Catherine; Jean Hennion, Catherine Camp; 221/18a

1607 Mar 12; Jaques [du] Gaucquier; Marguerite de la Court; Anne; Pieter Lenard, Anne Lenard wife of Jean Fassin; 221/18a

1607 Mar 15; Pierre Raffin; Anette Prusin; Nicolas; Nicolas des Planque, Elisabet Taquet; 221/18a

1607 Mar 16; Jean van Ninoove; Sara de la Hors; Daniel; Abraham le Debore, Marguerite Wyle; 221/18a

1607 Mar 26; Send [?] Baclau; Susanna de l'Esplier; Susanne; Gille Bachelet, Marguerite Weyle, Chenette de Roiju [?]; 221/18a

1607 Apr 19; Isaac Mierma; N.N. Marie; Carle Tys, the widow Marie del Cour; 221/18a

1607 May 06; Pierre Gabri; Marie Latfeur; Jean; Jaques Gabri, the widow de Latfeur; 221/19

1607 May 07; Jean Heniart [Hennion]; N.N. Abraham; Gerard la Mier, Pierre Lopu, Valerie Len----; 221/19

1607 Jun 14; Matthieu Braine; Marie d'Oremieur; Pierre; Pierre Carlier, Catheline d'Oremieur; 221/19

1607 Jun 20; Jaques Comin; [Janneke] l'Entailleur; Philippe; Corneille le Brun, Francois and Pierre Courtel, the widow of Waltero del Prato [Lucretia Pellicorne]; 221/19

1607 Jul 02; Jean de Blecourt; Sara Monnault [Moregnault]; Paul; Semon [Simon] Allart, Sara de Landas; 221/19

1607 Jul 07; Nicolas Vovie [Vivien]; Elisabeth Parmentier; Jean; Chrestien Willoqueau, Hans Behagel, the widow de l'Espiere [Marie van Castelle]; 221/19

1607 Jul 11; Samuel Guesquier; Catherine Camp; Samuel; Jaques Soset, Marie Walpergle wife of Willm Tobias; 221/19

1607 Jul 22; Everart Handraet; N.N.; Susanne; Isaac d'Oremieur, Marie Prevost; 221/19

1607 Aug 26; Jean Bartheleme; Marie Petit; Isaac; Nicolas Lodynu the grandfather, Marie Noujeé from Tournai; 221/19

1607 Aug 26; N.N. Rouart; Marie Carde; Ester; Jean del Court, Ester Copin; 221/19a

1607 Aug 28; David Mats; Magdaleine des Planques; Marie; Jacques des Planques, Susanna des Planques, Marie del Court daughter of Gilles; 221/19a

1607 Oct 16; Hugues Fremau [Fremeau]; G'drd [Gertrud] Rabou; Marguerite; Thomas Weyle [Wille], Marguerite Weyle wife of Adr. Hertewel [Adrian Hattewier], Anne van der Enden wife of Mechel Bouchant; 221/19a

1607 Nov 04; Jerohne Lemart; Marie Prevost; Jerohne; Guillaume des Ponsieur, Jacqueleine de Buele [?], widow of Jacques Prevost; 221/19a

1607 Nov 10; Jean du Profie; Judith Gras; Susanne; Louis Heemraet, Susanne Per--- , Susanne del Planque; 221/19a

1607 Nov 10; Jacques Marissal; Maria Vivien; Constance; Jacques Venturin, the widow of Michiel Heldewier [Jenne Mahieu]; 221/19a

1607 Nov 12; Jean Lanchid; Marguerite Honts—dt; Jean; Andrieu Bouton, Jean de --- from Wesel, the wife of Estienne Cauche [?]; 221/19a

1607 Nov 19; Daniel Fremaut [Fremeau]; N.N.; Abraham; Jean del Court; Jaques Binois, Anna Kip, wife of Pierre le vieux [Anna Simons, wife of Pierre Kip the elder]; 221/19a [record written in the margin]

1607 Nov 27; Jean de Hemmes the younger; Anne Wikard; Jenne; Jaques Sonoy, Jenne Mauclerq wife of Jean de Hemmes the elder; 221/19a

1607 Dec 30; Corneille le Brun the younger; N.N. Helene Beyers]; Marie; grandfather Corneille le Brun, Marie wife of David Moreau in place of Susanne Beyer [record written in the margin]; 221/19a

1608 no date; Martin Bernicourt; N.N.; Jacop; Pierre Spelbroet, Jenne Flevet [Flagelet?]; 221/125 [this baptism was recorded in the marriage book]

1608 Jan 23; Abraham Morgnault [Moregnault]; Jeanne de Blecourt; Daniel; Daniel Resteau; Jacques de Blecourt, Ester del Sau wife of Arnolt Pels; 221/20

1608 Feb 07; Joos Tournois; Sara de le Planque; Sara; Jean Noe, Magdelene le Grand widow of Gilles del Court; 221/20

1608 Feb 18; Pierre Cachoir; Anna de Glin; Marie; Jean Sold, Catheline Joli; 221/20

1608 Feb 21; Guillaume Prevost; Jeanne Copin; Jean; Brise Ingelbers, Jeanne Sabot wife of Jean del Court; 221/20a

1608 Feb ??; Guillaume du Pul; Gertrude N.N.; Laurel; Robert Bulteau, Marie Mandl widow del Prat; 221/20a

1608 Feb ??; Nicolas du Lieu; Catherine Joli; Paul; Paul Ramaker, Catherine del Sau wife of Jean Fosse; 221/20a

1608 Mar ??; Jean Hennion; Jeanne Venant; Jean; Jacques la Pare, Marie Castel j.d.; 221/20a

1608 Mar 19; Victor Martelon; N.N. Marguerite; Andrieu le Hombre, Marguerite Leon and the daughter of Louis Prevost; 221/20

1608 Apr 03; Jacques Six; Catherine de la Court; Jean; Matthieu Brache [Brayne], Guillaume Provost, Ephen ??? de la Court; 221/20

1608 Apr 12; Rombaud d'Espenol; N.N.; Catherine; Nicolas le Bouril, the daughter of the widow Catherine Varlet; 221/20a

1608 Apr 23; Hugue Six; N.N. [Jacqueline Maton]; Marie; Thomas ------, the wife [Marie Doremieux] of Matthieu Braene [Brayne]; 221/20

1608 Apr 27; Jean Hiart; Susanne N.N. Philibert; Philibert ---da, Collette the wife of Jean du Sarment; 221/20

1608 May 05; Jean Braeme [Brayne]; Marie Carlier; Jean; Jean du Fay from Frankfort, the widow of Anthoine del Sau; 221/20a

1608 May 11; Laurens Corneille; Anne Allart; Anne + Catherine; [unreadable]. Simon Allart his brother-in-law, Elisabeth du Mortier, Catherine Varlet; 221/20a

1608 May 12; Matthieu Sowhoer [Sohier] ; N.N. [Jehanne de Bot]; Matthieu; Simon Allart, Jean de Hemmes [?], the wife of Thomas Wille [Anne Copyn]; 221/20

1608 May 18; Jean Banthelemieux; Marie Petit; [no child-name mentioned]; Nicolas N.N. from Tournai his grandfather, Marie [unreadable]; 221/20

1608 May 30; Robert Caffart; N.N. Coene; Pierre; Adam van Seven, Pierre Coene, the widow l'Espiere [Jacqueline Fourmentreau]; 221/20a

1608 May 30; Nicolas B----; N.N.; Judith; Theodore Duvin, Judith Tabie j.d.; 221/20a

1608 May 30; Jaques Venturin; Elisabeth Pueravi; Jaques; Guillaume Coppin, Elisabeth Je--hu, Sus. Colpin; 221/20a

1608 Jun 29; Jean Camp; Catherine Mallet [Maillet]; Jude; Pierre de Lange, Sara van Nonove [Ninove]; 221/21

1608 Aug 03; Noe Javelle; Marguerite N.N. [van Gulich]; Jean; Jean van de Crutz, Isaac de Lebec, Janne Wolters; 221/21

1608 Oct 19; Jacques Jongleu; Estiennette le Clercq; Marie; Jacques Fontaine, Francoise de le Croix; 221/21

1608 Oct 19; Francois Herole; Jenne de le Boe; Abraham; Abraham Copin son of Pierre, Catheline Adam, wife of Philippe le Morne; 221/21

1608 Nov 11; Jean Monschou; Pula N.N.; [no child-name mentioned]; Guillaume du Pire, Esther de Latre; 221/21

1608 Nov 14; Matthieu de Braime [Brayne]; Marie d'Oremieux; Isaac; Isaac d'Oremieux, Isabeau Ramon; 221/21

1608 Nov 26; Valechin Teke; Sepetemine Beol; Marie; Jerohme Bernard, Marie des Mares widow del Court; 221/21

1608 Dec 14; Andrieu Fournier; Christianne Raimon; Jean; Hans Behagel, Henri Loot, Isabeau [Elisabeth] Parmentier wife of Nicolas Vovin [Vivien]; 221/21

1608 Dec ??; Brise Inglebert; Ester Copin; Jenne; Jacques Schogt, Jeanne de la Fontaine dit Wicart; 221/21a

1609 Jan ??; Jean le Maire; Catherine Rems [Remy]; David; Jaspar Fourchas, Marie Gras; 221/21

1609 Jan 04; George de l'Egleluse [de l'Ecluse]; Catherine Drapier; Judith; Pierre du Change; P---- Hartevier son of Andrieu; 221/21

1609 Jan ??; Guillaume de Ruiseaux; Susanne de l'Espier; Anne; Anne Hartevier, Guillenette Baclan, Marie Prevost; 221/21a

1609 Feb 08; Daniel Resteau; Marie Heldewier; Helene; Jenne Mathieu widow of Mechel Heldewier, Jean Heldewier son of Jean; 221/21a

1609 Mar 10; Daniel Grodlau; Susanna David; Marie; Gilles Recart, Marie Desmaner [de Marez] widow del Court; 221/21a

1609 Mar 16; Balthasar Pol: Riemondre de Dormon; Daniel; Daniel Gregoire, Marie Henndrier; 221/21a

1609 Mar 16; Pierre Coene; Sara Marischal; Marguerite; Robert Caffart, Marguerite the widow of Nicause Marisal [record written in the margin]; 221/21a

1609 Mar 25; Roeland del Cambre; Jeanne Drapier; Jacques; Hans Allard, Marie Carlier wife of Jean Braime [Brayne]; 221/21a

1609 Mar 31; Jacques Binoist; Jeanne de la Rue; Marie; George Althof, Marie Desmares [de Marez] widow of Questien del Court; 221/21a [record written in the margin]

1609 May 26; Abraham Henri; Edellette Marin; Marie; Jean Rassegni, Marie Manol widow of Jean de Brasserie; 221/22

1609 May ??; Godefriet Ruequant; N.N.; Jaques; Abraham le Febure, Marie Coene widow of Jean Fosse [record written in the margin]; 221/22

1609 May 28; Simon Allart; Marguerite Preslange; Daniel; Daniel Bonnets, Barbe Mercier [Mercys] wife of Jacques Pergens. 221/22

1609 May 30; Jerohme Bernard; Marie Prevost; Jerohme; Nicolas du Lieu, Marie –uinten wife of Chrestien. 221/22

1609 Jun 06; Thiery Bertrudig; Marguerite Standarts; Anne; Gabriel Manguir, Marie van Necg. Anne Volfrat; 221/22a

1609 Jun 11; Jehan de Junmers the younger; Anne Wicart; Jehan; -------- Jehan Junmers, ----Loots, Jacqueline Loffoy; 221/22a

1609 Jun 11; Venant de l'Eau; Barbe Drocour; Esther; ----- del Vincom--, Esther Morisal, Catheline Joly; 221/22a

1609 Jun 11; Jacob Jacobs; Marguerite Thomas; Marc; Marc Pamart, Marie de Wanne[maker?]; 221/22

1609 Jul 02; Jehan d'Engis; Magdaleine le Febure; Rachel; Matthieu ----, Rachel le Z--- ; 221/22a

1609 Jul 07; Jehan Hancourt; N.N.; Abraham + Sara; Jacques Six, Jehan Tournoy [Tournois], the wife [Jehanne de Bot] of Matthieu Soyez [Sohier], Maria Douane; 221/22a

1609 Aug ??; Louis Hennicort; Marie Catel; Philippe; Philippe le Moume, Robert Bulteau, Susanne des Henynes daughter of Jean; 221/21a

1609 Aug 14; Daniel Malhoydt; Magdaleine N.N.; Jehan; Jehan le --------, Pierre Lupi, Esther de la Planque; 221/22a

1609 Aug 18; Jean Barlemieux; Marie Petit; Marie; Jerohme Bernart, miss [mademoiselle] Monique; 221/21a

1609 Aug/Sep; Jehan de Blecourt; Sara [Moregnault]; Susanna; Anthoine Mornar the younger, the widow of Estiene le ------; 221/22a

1609 Aug/Sep; Jehan le Contre; Esther Latre; Esther; Simon Alard, Gertrud Rabourt [Rabour] wife of Hugue Fermau [Fremeau]; 221/22a

1609 Sep 01; Jacques de Gaikier [Gauquier]; Marguerite de la Kour [de la Cour]; Susanne; Jehan de la Kour, Jehannes de Chastres----, Maria de Marez in place of her sister Susanne; 221/23

1609 Sep 07; Daniel Colpin; Marie [Benoit]; Pierre; Thomas Fontaine, Susanne van Uffel, Adrian Hoyez; 221/23

1609 Sep 08; Louis l'Echemin; Marie N.N.; Esther; Guillaume de Tombe, Barba Lanetor, Jehanne Moyne; 221/23a

1609 Sep 11; David Moreau; Marie le Brun; Jeanne; Corneille le Brun the younger, Jeanne de Behault, wife of Jean Moreau; 221/22

1609 Sep 14; Jacques Francois; Gertrud [Moreau] ; Jehan; Jehan Sops, Jehanne Vierand; 221/23a

1609 Sep 20; Jean K----; Tr-------; Mathieu; Matthieu Sohier, Sara des Planc; 221/22a

1609 Sep 27; Jehan Francois; Johanna la Fo-----; Jehan; Pierre Cachoir, Maria Moer; 221/23a

1609 Sep 29; Victor Mateling; Anne le Clair; Jonatan; Jonatan and Gabriel Mangui; ---- Anne Juda wife of G----Cau---; 221/23

1609 Sep 30; Jacques Commin [Comyn]; N.N. [Anne l'Entailleur]; Jeremias; Jeremias Baudewyns, Hans Frist, the wife of Corneille Janses, said Marguerite le –eck; 221/23a

1609 Oct 01; Jehan Salomon; Anne N.N. [Kip]; Marguerite; Daniel Fremau [Fremeau], Marguerite Briselange wife of Simon Alard; 221/23

1609 Oct 04; Jehan Fauconier; Judith Tournier [Fournier]; Jehanne; Jacques Venturin, Jehanne Sabot [Sabboth] wife of Jehan de la Cour, Jehanne Copin wife of Guillaume Prevost; 221/23a

1609 Oct 09; Jacques de la Sau; Catharina [Doremieux]; Maria; Pierre Koune [Coene], Maria de la Sau daughter of Anthoine de la Sau in place of Maria the wife of Jacques de la Sau living in Valenciennes; 221/23a

1609 Oct 30; Henry Loots; Catherine [le Grand]; Jehan; Jehan le Grand, Maria Facau; David Loots; Jacqueline Loffon; 221/23

1609 Nov 05; Jacob Moux, Elze N.N.; Judith; Antoine le Cat, Judith At-------; 221/23

1609 Nov 06; Jehan Baptiste Colpin; Susanne [van Uffelen]; Caspar; ------------- Caspar van Uffel, Marguerite Sa--- widow of Pieter Colpin; 221/23

1609 Dec 05; Jaques Venturin; Elisabeth Pueravi; Jaques; Guillaume Copin the younger, Emanuel Theler, Susanne Colpin wife of Nicolas Heldewier; 221/22

1609 Dec ??; Abraham Edelin; Wessel van Wickel; Anne; Guillaume Gammerslach, Anne Alard; 221/24

1610 Jan 16; Matthys Braine [Brayne]; Marie Carlier; Abraham; Pierre Carlier in place of Jean du Sama of Francfort, Judic Railier [?]; 221/24

1610 Jan 16; Julius de Rara; Susanne Gros; Jehan; Jean d'Engen, the widow of Chrestien le Court [Maria de Marez]; 221/24

1610 Feb 04; Nicolas Helwier; Susanne Colpin; Nicolas; Consalvo Romiti, the widow of Mechel Helduir [Jenne Mahieu], the widow of Pierre Colpin; 221/24

1610 Feb 20; Rombout l'Espinoy; Marie Fondu; Marie; Jean le Mavis, Cateline Hanekaet; 221/24

1610 Mar 04; Samuel Guesquiere; N.N. [Catherine Camp]; Abraham; Abraham Mornau [Moregnault], Anneke Ruts; 221/24

1610 Mar 16; Joost Tournoy; Sara de Planque; Daniel; Daniel Merman, Jeanne Soyer [Sohier]; 221/24

1610 Mar 22; Nicolas du Lieu; N.N. [Catherine Joly]; Jean; Jerome Berna, ------- du Waan widow of [no-name] Sosse; 221/24

1610 Mar 26; Michel Francois; Agnes van Dusseldorp; Helene; Nicolas le Bouc ----, Alke ------; 221/24a

1610 Mar 26; Laurent Corneille; Anne Alard; Marie; Jean Sop, Marie Balbian; 221/24a

1610 Mar 28; Guillaume Vignon; Sara de la Soir; Johannes; Daniel Resteau in place of Antoine Ingelbert, Arnoud Pels in place of Jean Resteau, Maria de la Hors; 221/24a

1610 Mar 28; Noe Javel; Marguerite van Gulich; Coenraed; Coenraed van Kampen, Windel Edelin; 221/24a

1610 Apr 12; Jean de Mons; Pasquette Louray; Anne; Guillaume de Tombe, in place of Jean de Noe, Anne Alard wife of Laurent Corneille; 221/24a

1610 Apr 12; Pierre Cachoir; Anne [de Glin]; Jacques; Noe Haneton, Louyse Bulteau; 221/24a

1610 May 05; Jean le Grand, N.N.; Antonette; Pierre le Grand; Maria ----- wife of Jean del Praet; 221/24a

1610 May 26; Walker van Brucom; Anne Machesol; Martin; Jean Noe in place of L--- Donay, Sara Tornoise; 221/24a

1610 May 26 Guillaume Prevost; Jeanne Copyn; Pierre; Pierre Copyn, Anne Balbian; 221/25

1610 May 28; Pierre Carlier; Susanne Spilleur; Pierre + Nicolas; Jean Br-----, Agnes Malapert, Nicolas Spilleur, Sara van der Voort; 221/24a

1610 Jun 14; Robert Caffart; N.N. Coene; Daniel; Jean Coene, Cateline Heleuin [Heldewier] in place of Barbe Mascler [Marcelier]; 221/25

1610 Aug 11; Nicolas de Roue; N.N.; Anne; Francois Behaul, Anneke Sertenich; 221/25

1610 Aug 11; Nicolas Vivien; N.N. [Elisabeth Parmentier]; Nicolas; ------- -------, the widow Resteau [Anna Pels]; 221/25

1610 Oct ??; Venant de Lieu; N.N.; Marie; Jonathan del Vincomil, Ester de Latre wife of Jean le Conbre, Cateline Joly wife of Nicolas de Lieu; 221/25

1610 Oct 10; Valentin Tiellio; N.N.; Marie; Jean le Contre, Judith d'Arseni, Marie daughter of the widow Praet; 221/25

1610 Oct 22; Brisse Ingelbest; Esther Copin; Anne; Pierre Copin, Anne Copin, the wife of Thomas Wyle [Wille], Jenne Copin wife of Guillaume Prevost;221/25

1610 Oct 30; Corneille le Brun; N.N. [Helene Beyers]; Jaques; Jaques Pergens, the wife of David Moreau [Marie le Bruyn]; 221/25a

1610 Nov 03; Elie Marissal; Catherine Heldier [Heldewier]; Elie; Chrestien Willoqueau, the widow of Jean Helduir [Marie Benoit]; 221/25a

1610 Nov 13; Daniel Resteau, Maria Helduir; Jenne; Gerard Roochman in place of Jean del Champs, Jeanne Helduir; 221/25a

1610 Dec 11; Isaac Doremieux; N.N. [Lea le Tiedre]; Marie; Toussain Doremieux, Rachel Blaucail [?]; 221/25a

1610 Dec 15; Jean Mouchon; Caterine Hoores; Jean; Jean d'Asseny, Chonelle Loyland; 221/26

1610 Dec 22; Jean Baptiste Colpin; Susanne van Uffel [Uffelen]; Anne; Daniel Colpin, Anne van Uffel [sic: Cornelia van Uffelen] wife of Lenart Heymans; 221/26

1610 Dec 31; Thomas Fontaine; N.N. Resteau; Jeanne; Samuel Aistrau, Jeanne de Raet, Catherine Dablyn [d'Ablaing]; 221/25a

1611 Jan 03; Pierre le Grand; N.N. [Marie Capon]; Sara; Pierre Rara, Sara de la Hors; 221/26

1611 Jan 23; Jacques Six, Cateline del Court; Louys; Jean del [de la] Court, Jenne Sabot; 221/26

1611 Feb 24; Jacques Francois; Geertruyt de Moreau; Laurent; Laurent Corneille; Marguerite wife of Joost Set; 221/26

1611 May 06; Jacques [du] Gauquier; Marguerite de la Court; Francois; David Mondekens; Francoise Flamend; 221/26

1611 Aug 01; Abraham Edelin; Wessel van Wicker; Jean; Noe Javel, the wife of Philippe van Essen; 221/26

1611 Nov 21; Isaac Doremieux; Lea le Tiede; Isaac: Jacques de la Sau, Marie de Risbour; 221/26

1611 Nov 29; Pierre Carlier; Susanne Spilleur; Jean; Guillaume van Voort, Jean de Famaer, Martin Carlier, the widow of Lenart Peys [?]; 221/26a

1611 Dec 15; Estienne l'Espiere; Marie van Castelle; Jaqueline; Roelant van Casselle, Jaqueline de Fourmentreaux, Allis Canping; 221/26a

1612 Jan 11; Caspar Fourmentreaux; Marie Tibreguent [Thibergen]; Jan; Jean de Smit, Jean de l'Espiere, the wife of Thomas Wille [Anne Copin]; 221/26a

1612 Jan 20; Matthieu Breine [Brayne]; Marie Doremieux; Jacques; Jaques Taquet, Isaac Doremieux; 221/26a

1612 Feb 08; Jean du Geneseriene; N.N.; Anne; Robert Caffart, Anne Wickart, Marie de Gen--; 221/26a

1612 Feb 23; Jacques del Sau; Catherine Doremieux; Anne; Matthis Brein, Anne Doremieux; 221/26a

1612 May 11; Daniel Maton; Daniel [sic: Magdalena] del Planque; Simon; Jean de Rue, Robert Bulteau, Marie Tibergien; 221/26a

1612 Jul 21; Jacques Venturin; Elisabeth Pueravi; Susanne; Daniel Colpin, the widow Mondekens; 221/27

1612 Aug 06; Laurens Corneille; Anne Alard; Laurent; Marc Pamar, Sara del Becq [del Beque]; 221/27

1612 Aug 26; Jean Ghiart; Marie de Marin; Matthieu; Matthieu Breime, Anne Caulier; 221/26a

1612 Sept 03; Jacob Pelisare; Peruetti Morret; Marie; Adrian Hattewier, Marie Carlier, Geertrude Racours [Rabour]; 221/27

1612 Oct 07; Jan Morlin; Anna van Alfter; Jan; Abraham van Beeck, Philippe van Essen, Anna Smit; 221/27

1612 Oct 12; Jean Wille; [Marie Fourmentrau]; Marie; Thomas Wille, the widow of Jean Wille, Marie Fourmentreau; 221/26a

1612 Oct 15; Guillaume Prevost; Jeanne Coppin; Susanne; Michel Benten, Marie Douanne; 221/26a

1612 Oct 15; Brise Ingelbert; N.N. [Esther Copin]; Abraham; Abraham Coppin, Cateline de la –aie; 221/26a

1612 Oct 30; Daniel Resteau; Marie Heldewier; Alenor; Thomas Fontaine, Marie Benoist; 221/27

1612 Nov 20; Robert Caffart; N.N. Coene; Elizabeth; --- Caffart, Sara Coen, Marie de l'Espiere; 221/27

1612 Nov 20; Venant de l'Eau; Barbe Drocourt [de Rocourt]; Jacques; Jacques de Saux, Gabriel Maugil [Magis], Maximiliane de l'Aoust; 221/27

1612 Nov 25; Jan Camp; Catherine Malliet [Maillet]; Jan; Jean Ramaque, Anne Guesquil [Gesquier]; 221/27

1612 Nov 25; Michiel Francois; Agnes de Dusseldorp; Nicolas; Nicolas le Bouc, Laurent Corneille, Jenne Venart; 221/27

1612 Dec 08; Jean Billard; Katheleine N.N.; Matthieu; Hans Sop; Matthieu Billard, Anne le Bouc; 221/27

1612 Dec 11; Thomas Fontaine; Jenne Resteau; Thomas; Arnoult Pelts [Pels], Anna Pelts; 221/27

1612 Dec 18; Jaques Six; Catherine de la Court; Catherine; Jaques Cuning, Marie de la Court, Jaqueline de Hochepied; 221/27

1613 Feb 01; Jaques Francois; Geertrut Moreau; Agnes; Nicolas le Boucq, Agniet van den Huuffens; 221/27a

1613 Feb 26; Jean Breine; Marie Carlier; Jacob; Pierre Carlier in place of Jacob de Fay, Marie Masien; 221/27a

1613 Mar 06; Walleran Braconier; Anne Maselot; Jacques; Jacques Sop, Jean Bussen, Madelein des Planque; 221/27a

1613 Mar 11; David Moreau; Marie le Brun; Jaques; Justin de Beyer, Barbe Mircise [Mercys] widow of Jaques Pergens; 221/27a

1613 Mar 17; Daniel l'Englie; Judith Hattebuer; Louis; Adrian Hattebuer, Thomas Wille, Esther de Honsart [?]; 221/27a

1613 May 14; Jaques du Gauquier;Marguerite de la Court; Marguerite; Godefroy van Loon, Jenne Sabot; 221/27a

1613 May 18; Jean Moucon; Katherine Lanquirat; David; Robert Bulteau, Jenne Venant; 221/27a

1613 May 19; Jaques Picqualie [Picavet]; Anne Doremieux; Anne; Jaques del Sau, Marie Doremieux; 221/27a

1613 Jun 19; Rombeau d'Espinoi; Marie [Fondu]; Marguerite; Jaques Francois, Maguerite Sop; 221/27a

1613 Aug 07; Simon Alart; Marguerite Briselanche; Susanne; Paul van Eelk, Marie Tebreghen widow of Jaspar Fourmentrau; 221/28

1613 Oct 28 Laurens Corneille; Anne Alart; Barbe; Jean Marmant, Marie Mahieu wife of Michel Heldewier; 221/28

1613 Nov 01 Nicolas de la Basserous; Sara Oriet; Nicolas; Nicolas Helduyer merchant in Cologne, miss [mademoiselle] Otourne; 221/28

1614 Feb 10; Jean Baptiste Colpin; N.N. [Susanne van Uffelen]; Jean Baptiste; Jaspar van Uffel, Cornelia Herwangle [?]; 221/28

1614 Feb 15; Daniel Maton; Magdelaine [de la Planque]; Daniel; Nicolas Fromentou, Magdelaine Maton; 221/28a

1614 Feb 16; Jean Heenlandison; N.N.; Anne Marie; Charles Charles, Marie Fremau [Fremeau]; 221/28a

1614 Feb 18; Abraham Copin; Marie Dohanni [Douane]; Pierre; Bris Ingelbert, Guillaume Prevost, Jeanne Jirard, Marie le Maire; 221/28a

1614 Feb 21; Jean Bauduin; N.N.; Marie; Jean ----, Marie Bedeaux; 221/28a

1614 Feb 25; Samuel de Penne; N.N.; Samuel; Jean de Penne, Pierre le Grand, Catherine Talier; 221/28a

1614 no date; Abraham del Sau; N.N. [Esther del Beque]; Marie; Noel Inpecel, Martine le Maire; 221/29

1614 Feb 25; Jean Mertel; N.N.; Francois; Francois Behavel, Margueritte Bleuvart; 221/29

1614 Mar 03; Jacques Michel; N.N. [Germaine Godefroy]; Paul; Paul Moins, Sara Oriet; 221/28

1614 Mar 11; Noel Javel; N.N. [Marguerite van Gulich]; Anne; Jacques Francois, Anne Corneille; 221/29

1614 Mar 13; George de l'Eseluse [de l'Ecluse]; N.N. [Catherine Drapier]; David; Gilles Rinhard, Elisabeth Fremeau; 221/29

1614 Mar 25; Pierre Coune [Coene]; N.N. [Sara Marischal]; Jean; Jean Conne, [rest unreadable]; 221/29

1614 Mar 25; Jaques del Sau; N.N. [Catheline Doremieux]; Guillaume; Francois ------ in place of Guillaume la Pirt, Marie [Tiberghen] widow de Fromentrau; 221/29a

1614 Apr 01; Bris Ingelbert; N.N. [Ester Colpin]; Bris; Guillaume Prevost; 221/30a

1614 Apr 01; Simon Cogne; N.N.; Elisabeth; Jean Camp, Elisabeth Tasquel; 221/29 [see also 1614 April 04]

1614 Apr 04; Simon Cogne; N.N. Elisabeth, Jean Camp, Elisabeth Tasquel; 221/29a [see also 1614 April 01]

1614 Apr 07; Michel Helduyer; N.N. [Maria Mahieu]; Marie Magdeleine; Daniel Colpin in place of Jean Mahieu, Susanne Cou-- in place of Jeanne Mahieu, Magdaleine Outrebach in place of ------------------------------; 221/29a

1614 Apr 08; Matthieu Braime [Brayne]; N.N. [Marie Doremieux]; Susanna; Jacques del Sau in the name of Hans Cores, Susanne Perguane [Picavet] wife of Abraham Doremieux; 221/29a

1614 Apr 17; Adrian Chombard; N.N.; Marie; Jacques Wagner, Rachel Devom, Marie Momes; 221/29a

1614 May 08; Nicolas le Bouck; Anne N.N. [la Feue]; Barbe; Will Tobias; Barbe van Lingen; 221/30

1614 May 13; Thomas Camp; N.N. Jean; Jean van Craye, Hans A----, Jeanne Aperlo; 221/29a

1614 May 25; Jean Cop; N.N.; Abraham; Abraham Copyn, Anne Corneille; 221/30

1614 May 31; Jacques Fontaine; N.N.; Anne; --- Resteau in place of Jean Caffard, ---rgueline Fromentraux; 221/30

1614 Jun 13; Pierre Carlier; [Susanna Spilleur]; Susanne; Nicolas Helduyer, Marie Carlier in place of Susanne Carlier wife of Jaques le Cocq; 221/30

1614 Jul 26; Michel Hureau; N.N.; Jean; Jean de Sarment, Talvan Grasimir, Magdelaine de Planque widow of Daniel Maton

1614 Sep 10; Guillaume Prevost; N.N. [Jenne Colpin]; Jaques; Jan Choquet, Louyse des Planque; 221/30a

1614 Sep 30; Jan Mouchon; N.N.; Judith; Gilles Richart, Judith Daffyny; 221/30a

1614 Oct 15; Daniel Langle [l'Engle]; N.N. [Judith Hattewier]; Elisabette; Robert Bulteau; Margueritte Wille wife of Adrian Hattewier, Elisabeth Gombart wife of Nicolas Gombart; 221/30a

1614 Oct 29; Charle Bequerelle; N.N.; Jan; Jan Breme, Marguerite Wille wife of Adrian Hattewier; 221/30a

1614 Dec 11; Simon Mahon; N.N. [Jeanne du Lieu]; Simon; Nicolas du Lieu the grandfather, Marie du Lieu; 221/30a

1614 Dec 16; Adrian Prevost; N.N. [Catherine de Bonne]; Isaac; Gabriel Maugy [Magis], Ester Prevost; 221/30a

1615 Feb ??; Jan Ghiart; N.N.; Abraham; Louys Prevost, Anne Bouchault; 221/30a

1615 Mar 23; Pierre Kip; N.N.; Anne; Jan de la Court, Anne Simon widow of Pierre Kip; 221/30a

1615 Mar 25; David Moreau; N.N. [Marie le Brun]; Corneille; Jaspar le Breun, Marie Moreau widow of Louys de Lamine; 221/31

1615 May 02; Reynard de Leau; N.N.; Marie; Abraham Copin, Marie Carlier; 221/31

1615 Jun 05; Isaac Doremieux; N.N. [Lea le Tiedre]; Abraham; Jaques del Sau in place of Abraham Doremieux, Marie Doremieux; 221/31

1615 Jun 13; Jacques de Bucquoy; N.N. [Marie Marischal]; Daniel; Daniel Colpin, Marie du Vivien widow of Jaques Marissal; 221/31

1615 Jun 26; Jan Baptista Colpin; N.N. [Susanna van Uffelen]; Cornelia; Nicolas Heldewier, Cornelia van Uffele; 221/31

1615 Jun 26; Nicolas Helduyer; Susanna Colpin; Pierre; sponsors blank, probably the ones above; 221/31

1615 Jul 22; Jacques Picauet; Anne Doremieux; Abraham; Pierre Aldenhoff, Catherine del Sau; 221/31

1615 Aug 02; Paco Micole; N.N.; Anne + Marguerite; Pierre Osterlinger, the wife of Laurent Corneille, Laurent Corneille, the wife of Hans Sop; 221/31

1615 Aug 08; Waleran Braconier; N.N. [Anne Maselot]; Anne; Noel Jeneson, Louyse del Planque wife of Robert Bulteau, Anne Simon; 221/31a

1615 Aug 15; Simon Cugnet; N.N. Simon; Jaques Sop, Waleran Braconier, Barbe wife of Nicolas Cugnet; 221/31a

1615 Aug 23; Jan Braime [Brayne]; Marie Carlier; Antoine; Jacques Kraye in place of Antoine van Brecht, Susanne Spilleur wife of Pierre Carlier; 221/31a

1615 Sep 02; Jaques Francois; Jetru Moreau; Jan; Hans van der Aa, Magdalene Maton; 221/31a

1615 Oct 14; Abraham Philipot [Philippo]; Jenne Otlet [Laignet]; Nicolas; Michel Bentin, Nicolas Formentreau, the wife of Jan Nidereins; 221/31a

1615 Oct 27; Jan Camp; Cateline Moullet [Maillet]; David; Dirick Camp, Cateline Voux; 221/31a

1615 Nov 04; Charle Donche; Hester du Pine; Marie; Jan Ramacker; Marie Benoist wife of Daniel Colpin, Sara Ramacker; 221/31a

1615 Nov 05; Lion des Prez; Elisabet Fourmau [Fremeau]; Daniel; Daniel Fourmau [Fremeau], Adrian Hattewier, Jutreu [Gertrud] Rabour; 221/32

1615 Nov 22; Jean Six; Marie Moreau; Marie; Corneil de Breun [le Brun], Marie de Breun [le Brun] wife of David Moreau; 221/31a

1615 Nov 26; Robert Cafar [Caffart]; Catherine Nelles; Nicolas; Nicolas Vivien, Marie Tiberquin [Tiberghen] widow of Jaspar Formentreaux; 221/32

1616 Feb 19; Abraham del Sau; Hester del Beque; Susanne; Jaque del Sau, the widow Fosse; 221/32

1616 Feb 26; Rombau d'Espinoy; Marie Fondeux; Jenne; Jonathan del Vinious, Jenne l'Angle; 221/32

1616 Mar 18; Samuel de Gesnies; Cicile Benoist; Pierre; Pierre de Cagnoncle, Jan de Gesnies, Sophie Tacken; 221/32

1616 Mar 19; Thomas Cheval; Hester Fournier; Jacob; Adrien Hattewier, Guillaume Prevost, Christienne Merman; 221/32

1616 Apr 30; Abraham Copin; Marie d'Ouane; Abraham; Abraham del Sau, Elie d'Ouane, Jenne Copin; 221/32

1616 Apr ??; Dirick Kamp [Camp]; N.N. [Anne de Prate]; Guillaume; Willem Engels, Agenis Hagens; 221/32

1616 May 02; Lambert Surmente [Surmous]; Magdalena Stroe; Marguerite; Waleran Braconier, Marguerite Mulren; 221/32a

1616 May 08; Adrian Prevost; Catherine de Bonne; Jacob; Jan Badouin, Anne le Mayr wife of Louys Prevost; 221/32a

1616 May 19; George de l'Ecluse; Catherine Drappier; Anne; Gabriel Magis, Anne Hattewier; 221/32a

1616 May 25; Jacques del Sau; Catherine Doremieux; Constance; Isaac Doremieux, the wife of Jacques Tacquet [Elisabeth Caulier]; 221/32a

1616 Jun 03; Pierre Coune; Sara Marissal; Elizabeth; Nicolas Vivien, Marguerite widow of Necage Marissal; 221/32a

1616 Jun 29; Thomas Fontaine; N.N. [Jeanne Resteau]; Catherine; Nicolas Holdewuyer [Heldewier] in place of Gonsalus Romiti in Amsterdam, the widow of Jean Fontaine in place of Anne Soyer [Sohier] wife of Jan Buirette from Aix; 221/32a

1616 Aug 02; Jacques Six; Catherine de la Court; Anne; Jacob des Bouvry, Rachelle Moreau in place of Anneken Moreau, Anneken de la Court; 221/32a

1616 Aug 07; Samuel Comin; Sara de la Court; Marie; Jan de la Court, Marie de la Court; 221/33

1616 Sep 02; Jean Boudouin; Catherine Marille; Jacob; Jaques Blane, Marguerite Javel; 221/33

1616 Sep 28; Simon Parfait; Marie Buuseny; Jenne; Hans Rot, Michel Pascal, Jenne des Planque, Anne Businy; 221/33

1616 Oct 08; Isaac Doremieux; Lea le Tiede; Isaac; Pierre Bizout, the widow of Louys le Mine, Nicolas des Planque; 221/33

1616 Oct 26; Daniel Resteau; Marie Helduyer; Lucretia Eugenie + Angelique; Hans Behagen in place of Pierre van der Koeken, the widow of Jan Fontaine, Nicolas Helduyer, the wife of Hans Behagen [Anna Parmentier]; 221/33

1616 Dec 04; Simon Alart; Marguerite Breselance; Simon; Abraham Mornau [Moregnault], Jeanne Sabot wife of Jan de la Court; 221/33

1616 Dec 18; Jacques du Bucquoy; Marie Marissal; Jean Bapiste; Jean Baptiste Colpin, Nicolas Helduyer, Marguerite widow of Nicause Marissal; 221/33

1616 Dec 21; Pierre le Grand; Marie Capon; Albert; Albert Sibrich, Robert Bulteau, the wife of Hans Nits; 221/33a

1617 Feb 05; Jacques Michel; Germaine Gotfroy; Susanne Marie; Hans van Braken; the wife of Jan Baptiste Colpin [Susanna van Uffelen]; 221/33a

1617 Feb 24; Jean le Blanc; Cateline Rotkop; Marie; Noel Jouel, Catherine Baudains; 221/33a

1617 May 06; Bris Engelbert [Ingelbert]; Hester Coppin; Mathias; Michel Benton, the widow of Pierre Coppin; 221/33a

1617 May 24; Lambert sur Meuse [Surmous]; Magdalene Stroe; Anne Marguerite; Adrian Hattewier, Anne Leonards wife of Jean Taffin [Fassin]; 221/33a

1617 Jun 11; Guillaume Prevost; Marie [sic: Jeanne] Copin; Ester; Ester Douane; 221/33a

1617 Jun 23; Jaques Beart; Marguerite Guiten; Nicolas; Jan de Buquoy in place of Nicolas Helduyer, Hans van Hering and his wife, Jan Ramaeker; 221/33a

1617 Jun 27; Samuel de l'Espiere; Elizabet Smerpont; Jaqueline; Nicolas Vivien, Jaqueline Formentreau widow of Estienne de l'Espiere, Marie Tiberguien widow of Jaspar Fourmentreau; 221/34

1617 Jun 28; Jaques Picavet [Picquavet]; Anne Doremieux; Marie; Isaac Bouton, Marie Carlier wife of Jean Brame; 221/34

1617 Jul 02; Pierre Osterlin; Janne Venant; Pierre; Gille Richard, Janne Steinkoul; 221/34

1617 Jul 27; Jean Guiart; Susanne Caulier; Isaac; Pierre de Wing, Sibille Gomersbach; 221/34

1617 Aug 31; Robert Cafart [Caffart]; Catherine Nellis; Daniel; Tilman Gomersbach, Jean Coune in place of Jean la Plat, Jacqeline Formentreau widow of Estienne de l'Espierre; 221/34

1617 Aug 20; Charle Douty; Ester da Piret; Jan; Jan Coutre, Quintin Douay, Clara wife of Mathias van Vorren; 221/34

1617 Oct 15; Noe Jauelle; Marguerite de Jailliers; Janne; Pasquin Micholet, Janne Venant; 221/34

1617 Oct 15; Jacques Francois; Jetru Moreau; Janne; Pierre Osterlin, Janne Mas; 221/34

1617 Nov 08; Elie Douane; Elisabet Choquet; Jean; Jean Choquet, Marie Dopanne [Douane]; 221/34a

1617 Nov 17; Thomas Fontaine; [Jeanne] Resteau; Susanne; Hans Pelts, Susanne Colpin wife of Nicolas Helduyer; 221/34a

1617 Dec 18; Jean Six; Anne Moreau; David; David Moreau, Caspar le Brun, the widow of Jacob Pergens [Barbara Mercys]; 221/34a

1618 Jan 21; Guillaume Wingart; Sara de la Horse; Marguerite; Jean de Gafmes, the wife of Daniel Resteau [Maria Heldewier], the wife of Paul Mois [Maria de Lanoy]; 221/34a

1618 Feb 24; Dirick Camp; Anne de Prate; Corneille; Cornelis Coquiele, Hester de Prate; 221/34a

1618 Apr 28; Lion du Prez; Elisabet Fourmau [Fremeau]; Anne; Nicolas du Lieu, Anne Grasbeck wife of Daniel Fourmau [Fremeau], Marie Lieu wife of Gille Richard; 221/34a

1618 May 07; Abraham Philippo; Jenne Laignet; Jonathan; Jonathan de Leuincourt, Janne Fourmentreau; 221/35

1618 Jun 10; Pierre [le] Grand; Marie Capon; Jean Daniel; Daniel le Brun, Jean Schilder, the wife of Anthoine Lammers; 221/35

1618 Jun 11; Waleran Brocanier; Anne Maselot; Jacques; Jean Francois, Jean Miché, Anthoinette Mauregnault [Moregnault]; 221/35

1618 Aug 03; Samuel de Lesperre [de l'Espiere]; Elizabeth Smerpont; Samuel; N.N. Bilderbec in place of Estienne de Lesperre, Jean de Lesperre, Jacqueline Formentreau widow of Estienne de Lesperre; 221/35

1618 Aug 04; Pierre du Buquoy; N.N.; Charles; Charle Douf, Hester du Piret; 221/35

1618 Aug 31; Abraham del Sau; Ester del Beque; Ester; Mathieu Braime [Brayne], Ester del Sau; 221/35

1618 Oct 20; Adrian Prevost; Catherine de Bonne; Anne; Louys Colosete; 221/35

1618 Oct 22; Jean Camp; Catherine Maillet; Anne; Michel Pascal, Marie Fourmau [Fremeau]; 221/35a

1618 Oct 26; Pierre Coune; Sara Marissal; David; Jean de Lespierre [de l'Espiere], Catherine Nellis wife of Robert Cafart [Caffart]; 221/35a

1618 Oct 29; Samuel Comin; Sara de la Court; Jean; Hans Govart, Marie wife of Jaspar Coufer [?]; 221/35a

1618 Oct 29; Isaac Doremieux; Lea le Tiede; Anne; Jaques del Sau in place of Efrie du Prez, Anne Doremieux wife of Jaques Picavet [Picquavet]; 221/35a

1618 Dec 30; Simon Allart; Marguerite Briselance; Sara; Daniel Fourneau [Fremeau], Marie de la Court wife of Gudert van Lone [Goddert van Loon]; 221/35a

1619 Feb 21; Jehan Brame; Marie Carlier; Isaac; Jaques Taquet, Marie Doremieux wife of Mathias Brame; 221/35a

1619 Mar 08; Daniel Resteau; Marie Helduyer; Susanne; Nicolas Vivien son of Louys, Sara Godin wife of Abraham Mornault [Moregnault]; 221/35a

1619 Apr 16; Jean de la Chambre; Janne Hattewier; Anne; Adrian Hattewier, Anne Coppin wife of Thomas Wille; 221/36

1619 Apr 16; Robert Caffart; Catherine Nellis; Samuel; Samuel Guesquiere, Elisabeth Caulier wife of Jaques Taquet; 221/36

1619 Aug 02; Jacques Picavet; Anne Doremieux; Isaac; Abraham Doremieux, Lea de Tiedes wife of Isaac Doremieux; 221/36

1619 Aug 19; Samuel de Lespierre [de l'Espiere]; Elisabeth de Smerpont; Elisabeth; Christiaen Willoqueau the elder, Elisabeth Parmentier wife of Nicolas Vivien, Isabeau Caulier wife of Jaques Tacquet; 221/36

1619 Sep 06; Bris Ingelbrecht; Hester Coppin; Thomas; Thomas Wille, Antonette del Fontaine dit Wicart, widow of Jan le Franck; 221/36

1619 Nov 02; Jaques Bayar; Marguerite N.N.; Jan; Jan de Lespiers [de l'Espiers], Jaques Blekourt, Elizabeth Becker wife of Henri Gisen; 221/36a

1619 Nov 16; Jan Guiart; Susanne Caulier; Jacob; Guilam Guiveiq [?], the wife [Anne de Prate] of Dirick Kampe [Camp]; 221/36a

1619 Dec 19; Lion del Prez; N.N. [Elisabeth Fremeau]; Jan; Daniel Gregoire; Gertrud Fremau [Rabour], Marie le Grand [Capon] wife of Pierre le Grand; 221/36a

1620 Feb 07; Jaques Michel; Germeine Godefriet; Jaques; Jan Michel, Robert Bulteau, Cornelia [sic: Susanna] van Uffelen wife of Jean Baptiste Colpin; 221/37

1620 Feb 16; Abraham Philippo; Jeanne Ottels; Rachel; Estienne Jacob, Rachel Fourmestrau, Jeanne Francois; 221/36a

1620 Feb 27; Jaques du Gauquier; Margeile de la Court; Chrestien; Godaert van Loon, Marie de la Court wife of Pierre Kip; 221/37

1620 Mar 07; Lambert Surmous; Madeleine [Stroe]; Marie; Adrian Hallevier [Hattewier] in place of --eon Lambinon, merchant in Dordrecht, the wife of Gabriel Magy; 221/36a

1620 Apr 13; Gilams Prouvo [Prevost]; Jenne Coopein [Copin]; Elisabeth; Elie Douanne, Tanneke Pels, Antoinette de Wiquart [de la Fontaine dit Wicart]; 221/36a

1620 Oct 12; Samuel Lespiers [de l'Espiere]; Elisabet Smerpont; Anna; Pierre de Lespiers, Anna Pels wife of Christoffel Resteau, Anna Parmentier wife of Hans Behagel; 221/37

1620 Oct 15; Jaques du Buquoy; Marie Marissal; Pierre; Pierre du Buquoy, Sara Marisal wife of Salomon Vrifpenninck; 221/37

1620 Nov 13; Pierre Kip; Marie de la Court; Pierre; Jan Salomon, Jan del Court in place of Abraham Kip, the widow of Jaques Pergens [Barbara Mercys]; 221/37

1620 Dec 22; Pieter Coune, Sara Marichal; Marie; Jaques Tacket, Marie Marisal wife of Jaques de Bucquoy; 221/37

1621 Jan 14; Aeris Trouve; Catryna du ----; Sara; Michel Betin, Constance de Brun; 221/37a

1621 Jan 28; Simon Alart; Marguerite Briselans; Jan; Jan Salomon in place of Jan Grau, Susanne Voismins wife of Hendrick Karis; 221/37a

1621 May 25; Dirick Camp; Anne del Praet; Daniel; Samuel Guesquier, Marguerite Anselmo wife of Jan Anselmo; 221/37a

1621 Jun 01; Samuel Comein [Comyn]; Sara del Court [de la Court]; Jaques; Jaques Comein, Marie van Loon [de la Court] wife of Goddert van Loon; 221/37a

1621 Jun 15; Daniel Resteau; Marie Helduvier; Vincent; Nicolas Vivien, Jenne Resteau wife of Thomas Fontaine; 221/37a

1621 Aug 24; Pieter le Grand; Marie Capon; Francois; Henri Bilderbeck, Francois Vaslie, Marie [de] Blecourt; 221/37a

1621 Aug 24; Robbert Caffart; Caterine Nellis; Pierre; Pierre Carlier, Caterine Nellis; 221/37a

1621 Sep 10; Abraham del Sau; Ester Delabec [del Beque]; Elisabeth; Jaques Piccaver, Marie Carlier wife of Jan Breime [Brayne]; 221/37a

1622 May 03; Lambert Suemoes [Surmous]; Madelein Stroe ; Gillis; Abraham van der Banc, Margarite Muller in place of Marie wife of Jan Chouf; 221/38

1622 May 28; Jan le Blan; Catelein N.N.; Corneille; Laurent Corneille, Anne van den Heuvel wife of Nicolas le Bout; 221/38

1622 Sep 12; Estienne Jacobs; Jenne Fourmentrau; Jenne; Hans Behagel, Elizabeth Smerpont wife of Samuel l'Espier, Elisabeth [van Aecken] wife of Corneille van Mastricht in place of Marie Fourmentrau wife of Eduwart Boeverie; 221/38

1622 Oct 12; Jan del Chambre; Marie Prouvo; Jenne; Guillaume Prouvo, Jenne Wicar widow of Pierre Copein; 221/38

1622 Nov 01; Pierre Goddert; Marie Fremaut [Fremeau]; Nicolas; Nicolas de Lieu in place of Nicolas Linclo, Gertrui Valours wife of Nicolas du Cok; 221/38a

1622 Dec 17; Jacques Picavet; Anne Doremieux; Jan; Jaques Tacket, Antonette del Sau daughter of Jaques del Sau; 221/38

1622 Dec 26; Jacques Bayar; Marguerite Quite; Jacques; Jaques Cray, Jan Houles, Anne Resteau, wife of Thomas Fontaine; 221/38

1623 Feb 17; Jaques du Buquoi [du Bucquoy]; Marie Marissal; Jenne; Jan du Buquoi, Jenne Marissal; 221/38a

1623 no date; Pierre Coune [Coene]; Sara Marissal; Susanne; Samuel Guesquiere, Marie Marissal in place of Marie Valouns wife of Abraham van der Wale; 221/38a

1623 May 08; Samuel l'Espiers [de l'Espieres]; Elisabeth de Smerpont; Estienne; Jacques Tacket in place of Pieter l' Espierre, Sara Marissal wife of Pierre Coune [Coene]; 221/38a

1623 Nov 18; Robbert Caffart; Caterine Nelis [Nellis]; Philips; Jacob Pergens in place of Jacob du Fay, Pierre Fremaut [Fremeau] in name of the church, Sara Marissal in place of Elisabeth Philippo wife of Philips Caffart; 221/38a

1624 Feb 26; Daniel Resteau; Marie Heldewier; Vincent; Thomas Gemaer in place of Balthasar van der Hoiker [Hoykens], Marie Marissal wife of Jacques du Buquoy; 221/39

1624 Feb 28; Lambert Soermos [Surmous]; Magdaleine Stroe; Louis; Gabriel Magis in place of Louis de ----, Marie de Lannoi [de Lanoy] wife of de Paul Moins; 221/39

1624 Mar 15; Guillaume Prouvo; Judith Lengle; Judith; Simon Dusing, Jenne l'Engle wife of Arnoult Harmans in place of Hester Droissart widow of Pieter Mas, Louise del Planque wife of Robbert Bulteau in place of Judith Droissart wife of Abraham de Wit in Leiden; 221/39

1624 Apr 17; Dirick Camp; Catherine Liefrinck; Jean; Hans Liefrinck, Catherine Camp; 221/39a

1624 Aug 20; Abraham del Sau; Hester [del Beque]; Isaac; Jacques del Sau, the wife of Thomas Wille Marie Douanne; 221/39a

1624 Sep 10; Jean de la Chambre; Maria Pruvo [Provoost]; Hester; Bris Engelbert, Anne Tonnette Wycar [Antonette de la Fontaine] and her sister Anne Wycar [Jeanne de la Fontaine]; 221/39a

1624 Dec 27; Jacques du Bucquoy; [Marie] Marissal; Salomon; Salomon Isrio--, Sara Marissal wife of Pierre Coene; 221/39a

1625 Feb 07; Samuel Comin; Sara de la Court; Sara; Martin Cousin, Jenne de la Court daughter of the late Louis de la Court; 221/40

1625 Aug 23; Pierre le Grand; Marie Copon [Capon]; Jeanne Marguerite; Jehan de Boucquoy, Jeanne Bulteau, Marguerite de Ros; 221/40

1625 Aug 30; Nicolas Lintlo; Maria Framau [Fremeau]; Marie; Daniel Framaut [Fremeau], Marie de la Court wife of Goddart van Loon, the wife of Simon Dafiur; 221/40

1625 Nov 13; Dirick Camp; Catherine Liferincks; Guillaume; Guillaume Camp, Anne Gesquiers; 221/40

1626 Feb 20; Jacques Piccave; Anne Doremieux; Susanne; Bris Engelbert, the widow of Antoine del Sau; 221/40

1626 Mar 06; Robert Caffart; Catherine Nelles; David; Samuel de l'Espier, Sara Marissal wife Pierre Coune [Coene]; 221/40a

1626 Mar 20; Simon Alard; Marguerite Briselance; Dirick; Dirick Raets, Daniel Fromaut [Fremeau], Marie Fromaut [Fremeau]; 221/40a

1626 Aug 19; Pierre de Leau; Catherine Housart; Pierre; Pierre G---d, Anne Engels daughter of Wilhelm Engels; 221/40a

1626 Oct 16; Daniel Resteau; Marie Heldewier; Bartlomeus; Barthlomeus Pelts, Marie Mahieu wife of Michel Heldewier; 221/40a

1626 Dec 18; Gilleam Prouvo; Judith Lingle; Thomas; Jacques Tacquet, Thomas Wille, Marie -------- ; 221/40a

1627 Mar 05; Abraham del Sau; Ester del Bec [del Beque]; Judick; Jacques Piccave in place of Jacob Chommart, Antoinette del Sau in place of Judick del Becqu 221/40a

1627 Nov 13; Dirick Camp; Caterine Liefrinck; Helene; Pilippe Hack, Helena Mits wife of Hans van den Ende; 221/41

1627 Dec 26; Daniel Fremaut [Fremeau]; Elisabeth Coolendael; Anna; Simon Alart in place of Guillaume Mouse, Anne Fremaut [Fremeau] the widow of Laurens But; 221/41

1628 Jan 31; Samuel Comin; Susanne de la Court; Samuel; Jacques du Caulquier [Gauquier], Jacques Six, the widow of Jan de la Court [Joanna Saboths]; 221/41

1628 May 03; Christian Faist; Marie Passet; Christian; Jaques Passet, Pierre Faist, Agniete de Herck wife of Quintin Passet in place of Marguerite Passet; 221/41a

1628 Oct 10; Robbert Caffart; Caterine Nellie; Bernard; Daniel le Veaux, Jaques Jaques the younger, Marie Jaques wife of Hans Smitz [Mits]; 221/41a

1628 ??? 23; Jean de Chambre; N.N. [Susanna van den Heuvel]; Lucretia; Jeremias Baudewyns, widow del Prate [Lucretia Pellicorne]; 221/41a

1629 Jan 06; Jean Blecourt; N.N. [Marie Brayne]; Sara; Jean Brem [Brayne], Marie [sic: Sara] Morneau [Moregnault] widow of Jean du Blecourt the elder; 221/41a

1629 Mar 22; Andries Esquer; Anne Salomon; Jean; Jean Salmon the elder, Jean Esquer his uncle, Marie the widow of Dolf Esquer; 221/42

1629 Sep 02; Christian Feist; Marie Passet; Jeremias; Jeremias Boudewyns, Susanne van Nuffelen, wife of J. Baptiste Colpyn; 221/42

1629 Oct 10; Guillaume Prevost; Judith l'Engler; Daniel; Gaspar Wolfraet, Daniel Whiler, Geertgen Piere widow of Jan Lenaerts; 221/42

1630 Mar 04; Jean [de] Blecourt; N.N. [Marie Brayne]; Jean; Jean Fascin, Marie Breme [Brayne]; 221/42

1630 Mar 04; Abraham del Saulx [Sau]; N.N.; Catharine; Catharine del Saulx, Brise Engelbert [Ingelbert]; 221/42

1630 Jul 01; Jaques Bauxt; N.N.; Catharine; N.N. Lespier [de l'Espiere], the widow Geraul, the wife of N.N. Bucquoy; 221/42

1631 Feb 06; N.N. [Robert] Caffart; N.N.; Catharine; Michael Heldewier, Catharine de Windel wife of Joost van den Benden [Bempden]; 221/42

1631 Jun 21; Jean Caris; N.N. [Marguerite Salomon]; Marc; Jean Salomon and his wife [Anna Kip], Henrick Karis and his wife [Susanne Voismins]; 221/42a

1631 Nov 09; Hendrick Lutgens; Eleonora Passet; Eleonora; Jacques Passet, Susanne the widow Lutgens; 221/42a

1631 Nov 30; Jean [de] la Chambre; N.N. [Susanne van den Heuvel] ;Constance; Abraham du Bois, Constance de Praet [Constantia del Prato] in place of J. [Jeremias] Baudewyns and his wife [Susanna del Prato]; 221/42a

1632 Feb 20; Daniel Fremault [Fremeau]; N.N. [Elisabeth Coolendael]; Daniel; Jacques Tacquet, Jean Claesen; 221/42a

1632 Mar 23; Dierick Camp; N.N. [Catherine Liefrinck];David; N.N. Kiskier in place of David le Conte, Catharina Joly wife of Wilhem Engels; 221/42a

1632 Mar 26; Pierre Guttards [Goddaert]; N.N. [ Marie Fremeau]; Marie; Jaques Tacket [Jacques Tacquet], the wife of N.N. Fremault [Fremeau] and his sister Marie Fremault [Fremeau]; 221/42a

1632 Jun 26; N.N. de Blecourt [most likely Jean]; N.N. [Marie Brayne]; Marie; Isaac Krafsel, Hester Heldewyer wife of Buzet, Jaques Blecourt in whose place stood the wife [Sara Godin] of Abraham Mornau [Moregnault]; 221/42a

1633 Mar 15; Henry Lutgens; Leonora Passet; Susanna; Christian Feist, Susanne van Nuffele [Uffelen] wife of Jean Baptista Colpyn, Petronella Gemaert wife of Jaques Bucquoy in place of Anne Herck wife of Quntin Passet; 221/42a

1633 Mar 15; Samuel Commyn: Sara de la Court; Marguerite; Simon Peter Commyn, the wife of Jean Commyn, Marguerite Garswyler; 221/43

1634 Jan 17; Robert Caffart; Catharine Neles; Jacob Henry; Henry Clignet, Barbe Pergams [Pergens] wife of Jacob de Famars; 221/43

1634 Mar 14; Jean de la Chambre; Susanna de Heuvel; Daniel; Daniel Wille, Susanne del Prate wife of Jeremie Bauldewins; 221/43

1634 Mar 19; Pierre Godderts [Goddaert]; Marie Formeau [Fremeau]; Agnes; Daniel Wille, the widow of Patroclus Rubsaam; 221/43

1634 Mar 31; Paul [de] Blecourt; Susanne Karis; Marcus; Marcus Jorelis, Jean Karis in place of Marguerite Salmon [Salomon] wife of Jean Karis; 221/43a

1634 May 19; Henry Lutgens; Leonora Passet; Catherine; Jaques Passet in place of Werner Smutz, Susanne Passet in place of Catherine wife of Gabriel Magys; 221/43a

1634 Sep 27; Dierick Kamp; N.N. [Catherine Liefrinck]; Catherine; Pierre Falckener, the wife of Wilhelm Engels in place of Catharine Merten wife of Bastian de Neufville; 221/43a

1635 Apr 16; Daniel Wylle [Wille]; Anne Morenault [Moregnault]; Abraham; Abraham Morenaut [Moregnault], Judith Bevort; 221/43a

1635 Aug 11; Paul Blecourt; Susanne Karis; Susanne Catherine; Jean Salmon, Catharina Hack widow of Pierre Simon, Anna de Blecourt; 221/43a

1635 Aug 15; Wilhelm Engelbrecht; Constantia Resteau; Vincentius; Daniel Resteau the elder, Catharina Heldewier widow of Elie Mareschal' 221/43a

1635 Oct 28; Jean [de] Blecourt; N.N. [Marie Brayne]; Susanne Elisabeth; Jean Braime [Brayne] son of Jean Braime [Brayne] the elder, Sara Carlier widow of Jean de Famars the elder; 221/44

1636 Apr 25; Jean Karis; Marguerite Salomon; Barbara; Andreas Esger, Barbara Jordis; 221/44

1636 May 06; Pierre Lutgens, Marguerite Passet; Henri; Henri Lutgens, Susanne Passet widow of D. Lutgens; 221/44

1636 Jun 06; Daniel Resteau; Elisabeth van den Benden [Bempden]; Daniel; Joost van den Benden, Maria Heldewier widow of Daniel Resteau; 221/44

1636 Jun 14; Paul de Blecourt; Susanne Karis; Abraham; Abraham Mornault [Moregnault], Gertrut Bartholomé; 221/44

1636 Aug 22; Jean Bassecourt; Judith Richard; Judith; Jaques Six, Judith l'Angle [l'Engle] wife of Guillaume Prevost, Marie de Lieu widow of Gilles Richard; 221/44

1636 Sep 09; Pierre Godderts; Marie Formeau [Fremeau]; Guillaume; Jaques Taquet in place of Guillaume Mors, Simon Dusin, Judith Langle [l'Engle]wife of G. [Guillaume] Prevost; 221/44

1637 Feb 11; Jean de Blecourt; Marie Brayne; Gerhard; Gerhard van der Meullen, Elisabeth Carlier wife of Jean Janssens, in whose place stood Jeanne l'Espiere daughter of Abraham Morrault [Moregnault]; 221/44a

1637 Feb 26; Jean Karis; Marguerite Salomon; Pierre; Jean Salomon, Susanne Vorsnie; 221/44a

1637 Apr 03; Dierick Camp; Catharine Lieffring [Liefrinck]; Christian; Christian Feist, Sara Guesquiers [Gesquier]; 221/44a

1637 Jun 09; Daniel Resteau; Elisabeth van den Benden [Bempden]; Catherine; Wilhelm Engelbrecht, Catherine de Windell wife of Joost van den Benden; 221/44a

1637 Jul 16; Wilhelm Engelbrecht; Constance Resteau; Marie; Marie Heldewier widow of Daniel Resteau, Daniel Resteau in place of Balthasar van der Hoyckens; 221/44a

1639 Mar 07; Jean Blecourt; N.N. [Marie Brayne]; Anne Marie + Susanne; Matthieus Brul, the widow of Jaques Burret, Jaques Picquavet, Susanne Karis wife of Paul Blecourt; 221/44a

1639 Mar 24; Emond Schardeneel [Chardinois]; Susanna de la Court; Jeanne; Goddert van Lohn [van Loon], Magdalena Schardeneel, Anna le Brun; 221/44a

1639 Aug 13; Paul de Blecourt; Susanne Karis; Henry; Jean Karis, Erasmus Schlumpf, Anna Karis; 221/45

1640 Feb 07; Jean Jacob Spehm [Spahn]; Jaqueline l'Espierre; Henry Gerhard; Henry Bilderbeek, Gerhard van der Meulen, Marguerite widow of Guillaume Dienstbruck [Dynsbroeck]; 221/45

1640 Dec 31; Pierre du Pont; Susanne Boel; Elizabeth; Frans Boul in place of Paul du Jantz, Elizabeth Boul, Agnes Boul; 221/45

1641 no date; Lambert Surmous; Anne Picave; Jacob; Jaques Picave, Marie Picave; 221/45

1641 Mar 09; Daniel Resteau; Elizabeth van den Bemde [Bempden]; Daniel; Michel Helduier in place of Thomas Fontaine, Catherine van den Bemde; 221/45

1642 Nov 27; Pierre de Pont; Susanne Boul; Jacob; Jacob Boul, Cornelie Boul; 221/45a

1643 Feb 08; Lambert Suermoes; Anne Picavet; Abraham; Abraham Picavet, Marie Bouton widow of Pierre Aldenhoven; 221/45a

1643 Aug 26; Daniel Resteau; Elisabeth van den Bemden [Bempden]; Catherine; Reynhard Duytz, Catherine van den Bemden; 221/45a

1644 Sep 19; Chrestien du Gauquier; Lucretia Campoing; Chrestien; Allart du Gauquier, Marguerite de la Cour widow of Jaques du Gauquier; 221/45a

1644 Nov 29; Pierre du Pont; Susanne Boul; Cornelia; Frans Boul, Cornelia Boul widow of Cornelis Randach; 221/45a

1644 Dec 09; Lambert Suermoes; Anne Picavet; Isac; Jaques Picavet in place of Michel van Dilzen, Lea [le Tiedre] wife of Isac Doremieux in place of Catherine widow of Jaques de la Sauly; 221/46

1646 Jul 09; Daniel Wille; Anne Moregnault [Moregnault]; Sara + Catharina; Jehan Meymertshagen in place of Matthias Schreiber, Sara Monegnault [Moregnault], Judith Provost in place of Catherine wife of Isaac Hattewier; 221/46

1646 Aug 21; Pierre du Pont; Susanne Boel; Nicolas; Jacob Boel in place of Nicolas du Pont, Elizabeth Boel; 221/46

1646 Sep 03; Lambert Surmoese; Anne Picavet; Pierre; Pierre du Pont, Susanne Picavet; 221/46

1648 Sep 18; Lambert Surmoese; Anne Picavet; Isaac; Isaac Picavet, Antoinette de la Saulx [del Sau] wife of Andries Aldenhoven living in Amsterdam; 221/46a

1649 Feb 15; Jacob Jongman; Maria Elizabeth Fabricy; Maria Catharina; Gerard van der Meulen in place of Ludtfeit von Oosterwyck, Constantia Bilderbeeck in place of Maria Schweers, Catherina Fabricy; 221/46a

1649 Mar 22; Pierre du Pont; Susanne Boel; Paul; Jacob Boel in place of Paul du Sartz, Beatrix Heering widow of Francois Boel; 221/46a





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