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Marriages in the Walloon Church of Cologne, Germany, 1600-1650

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Marriages in the Walloon Church of Cologne, Germany, 1600-1650




Unfortunately the marriage records of the Walloon Church in Cologne do not give as much information as the ones of the Dutch Reformed Church. In a lot of records it is unclear whether it is a marriage intention or an actual marriage date. If there was any doubt I used the '&' sign between the bride and the groom.


You can check through these one by one, or search with Ctrl-F for a name or part of a name, using F3 to find each next hit. Spellings may vary from record to record, so be sure to try alternate spellings for the names you are seeking.



5 September 1600 Aaron Tavernier, son of Mahieu, born in Nor—s, & Marie Taintenier, daughter of Guillaume, born in Antwerp. 221/124


5 December 1604 Jehan Hardwin, son of Paris, born in Arras [France], & Marie del Tombe, daughter of Guillaume, born in Tournay [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders]. 221/124


30 May 1605 Jehan Maton & Susanne Jacques. 221/124


9 June 1605 Jehan Bourgoit & Marie Maton. 221/124


1 February 1607 Corneille le Brun, son of Corneille & Helene Beyers, daughter of Arnout. 221/124


9 February 1607 Pierre Coene, son of Paul, & Sara Marissal, daughter of the late Nicaise; 221/124


16 April 1607 Nicolas de Lieu & Catheline Joly. 221/124


27 April 1607 Abraham Kip & Loyse Wannemaker. 221/124


12 June 1607 Jean Courgoi, widower of Marie le Conte, born in Courcelles [France] & Catherine

le Grand widow of Nicolas Lulo, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders]. 221/124


12 June 1607 Mechel Baurein widower of Susanne Jacques & Marguerite Blouchard widow of Martin Cervor--, born in Tournai. [rest is unreadable] 221/124


4 August 1607 Louis Lechemin, son of Nicolas Lechemin married Marie de Tombe, widow of Jean Hardewyn, daughter of Guillaume de Tombe, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders]. 221/124a


17 August 1607 Pierre David, son of Pierre, born in Antwerp was betrothed to Francoise Colette, daughter of Francois, born in Cologne. 221/124a


8 October 1607 Jean de la Brasserie, son of Jacques, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] married Marie Manol, widow of Jean del Prat. 221/124a


1 November 1607 Guillaume des Rouseau, born in Lille [?], widower of Loyse des Quatrechemins married Susanne Lespler [de l'Espiere], born in Antwerp, widow of Simon Bailan. 221/124a


7 December 1607 Louis Vivien, son of Nicolas, born in Valenciennes [France] married Maximilienne Aoust, born in Cambrai [France]


9 December 1607 Francois Nirole, son of Robert, born in Valenciennes [France] & Jeanne de le Bois, daughter of Allart de le Bois, widow of Jean [unreadable], born in Valenciennes [France]; 221/124a


20 January 1608 Brise Inglebert, son of Matthieu, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] & Ester Copin, daughter of Pierre, born in Antwerp. 221/124a


21 January 1608 Abraham Edlinck, son of Hans, born in Frankfort [Germany] & Wessel van Wickeren, daughter of Jean, born in Santen [Flanders]. 221/124a


25 January 1608 Pierre de Win, son of Arnould, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] married Charlotte Hellemans, daughter of Servais, born in Nevelle [Neuville?]. 221/125


29 January 1608 Nicolas Heldewier, son of Mechel, born in Antwerp married Susanne Colpi, daughter of Pierre, born in Cologne. 221/125


11 February 1608 Hans Lemmen, born in Antwerp & Marie de la Hors, daughter of Jean, born in Cologne. 221/125


24 April 1608 Guillaume Wynen from Aex [Aken?] & Sara de la Hors, daughter of the late Jean, widow of Jean de Ninove. 221/125


8 May 1608 Everard Hankard, born in Ath [Flanders] & Quni des Arbres, widow of Jean Crestilles, born in Valenciennes [France]. 221/125


16 May 1608 Pierre Spelbroet [Speelbroot], born in Turquomig [?] & Marie le Veau, born in Sore le Chasteau [France]. 221/125


29 May 1608 Louis Haniard, son of Florent, born in Valenciennes [France] & Marie Cateke, daughter of Jean, born in Va—a. 221/125


23 June 1608 Jean Stock, son of Antoine & Enghel van der Veen, daughter of Joris. 221/125


11 July 1608 Jean Derme from Hervi [Herve, Flanders], son of Herades & Gertrud Plare, widow of Jean le Poivre. 221/125


3 August 1608 Jaques le Paire from Mannau [?] close to Lille [France] & Anne Renart, daughter of Jean, born in Antwerp. 221/125


November 1608 Jean de la Rue, widower of Marie de Balenyhien, born in Waesgael [?] married Magdalaine le Grand, born in Ath [Flanders] widow of Gilles del Court. 221/125a


23 December 1608 Guillaume Copin, son of Guillaume, born in Aex [Aken?] & Anne de Behault, daughter of Louis, from Hamburg [Germany]. 221/125a


End of April 1609 Nicolas Hoffen, clothworker [bombasier] & Jeanne l'Englet, both from Cologne. 221/125a


Early May 1609 Pierre Dupui, son of Jean, born in Antwerp & Anne Maton, daughter of Simon, born in Antwerp. 221/125a


End of May/early June 1609 Jaques de la Fontaine, son of Gregoire, born in Antwerp & Elisabeth du Four, daughter of Jean, born in Wesel [Germany]. 221/125a


22 June 1609 Pierre de Nielles, son of Charles, born in Wesel [Germany] & Susanne Picquavet, daughter of Charles, born in Cologne. 221/126


3 July 1609 Isaac Doremieux, son of Toussain, born in Antwerp & Lea le Tiedre, daughter of Robert, born in Canterben [Canterbury, England ?]. 221/126


3 July 1609 Jaques Picquavet, son of Charles, born in Antwerp & Anne Doremieux, daughter of Toussain. 221/126


26 July 1609 Jean de la Hors, son of Jean & Sara Merman, daughter of Jean. 221/126


End of July 1609 Pierre Carlier, son of Antoine, born in Aex [Aken?] & Susanne Spiller [Spilleur], daughter of Nicolas, born in Antwerp. 221/126


25 August 1609 Elia Marischal, son of George Marischal, born in Antwerp married Catherine Holdwier [Heldewier] daughter of Jehan. 221/126a


18 October 1609 Isaac du Pré son of Gielien du Pré, born in Antwerp & Jehanne Dorchnier, daughter of Toussain, born in Antwerp. 221/126a


18 October 1609 Guillaume Caupin [Copin], born in Valenciennes [France] & Anne de Barbiane [Balbian], daughter of Antoine, born in Gent [Flanders]. 221/126a


November 1609 Estienne de Lespierres [de l'Espiere], born in Lille [France], son of the late Estienne & Marie van Casselle, born in Frankfort, daughter of the late Pierre. 221/126a


24 November 1609 Jaques de Buquoy, son of Jaques & Anne Benoit, born in Cologne, daughter of Jean Benoit. 221/126a


14 December 1609 Chrestian Willoqueau & Marie Romeyn [?]. 221/126a


31 December 1609 Pierre Si---y, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] & Cateline de Groot, born in Cologne. 221/126a


January 1610 Paul Coqueel, son of Jean, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] & Esther de Planque, born in Cologne. 221/126a


5 May 1610 Thomas Fontaine & Jeanne Resteau, daughter of Christoffel. 221/126a


30 November 1610 Abraham Dorimieux [Doremieux] from Antwerp & Susanne Picquave, widow of Pierre de Nielles. 221/126a


8 February 1611 Jean Wille & Marie Fourmentreux, both from Cologne. 221/126a


no date 1611 Abraham de le Sau, son of the late Antoine, born in Antwerp was betrothed to Esther de le Boe [del Beque], daughter of the late Francois, from Frankfort. They married in Hanau. 221/127


no date 1611 Paulo Wilmo, son of the late Jacques, from Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] & Louise del Dick, daughter of Matthieu, from Caru--[?]. 221/127


9 December 1611 Nicolas Forster, from Aex [Aken?], widower of Gertrude Rademacker & Maria Tuda, from Cologne. 221/127


9 May 1612 Gotchalque Fycket & Marie Marischal both from Cologne. 221/127


9 May 1612 Daniel l'Engle & Judick Hatevier, both from Cologne. 221/127


9 December 1612 Jean Mair, from Middelburg [Netherlands] & Marguerite Haltevier from Cologne. 221/127


27 December 1612 Jacques du Bucquoy, from Cologne & Marie Marisschal, daughter of Jaques from Cologne. 221/127


7 February 1613 Pierre Osterlinc & Jenne Venant, widow of Jean Hennion. 221/127


16 February 1613 Gilles Richard & Marie du Lieu. 221/127


13 June 1613 Nicolas du Lieu & Jethru Rabourge [Gertrud Rabour], widow of Hugue Framau [Fremeau]. 221/127


11 August 1613 Charles Bekrel [Bequerelle] was betrothed to Jeanne Joly from Antwerp. 221/127

They married 23 August 1613. 221/127a


no date 1613 Jean du Mont, son of B-----, born in Tournai [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders] & Francoise de Cley from C-----. 221/127


23 August 1613 Simon Mahon & Jeanne du Lieu, daughter of Nicolas du Lieu. 221/127a


no date 1613 Philippe ------- from Trandweil [Sandweiler] in the country Luxembourg & Chrestienken widow of Adrian de --------


4 February 1614 Jean Six son of Jean, from Lille & Anne Moreau, daughter of David and Marie le Brun, from Cologne. 221/127a


6 February 1614 Thomas Rasquin son of Remy, born in Bouerie [?] in Spain & Catherine Renard born in Memmedy [Melmerby, England ?]. 221/127a


no date 1614 Pierre Kip, son of Pierre & Marie de la Court, daughter of Jean de la Court, born in Cologne. 221/127a


no date 1614 Charles Danlaas son of Niclas born in ------ & Esther du Pre, daughter of Guillaume, born in Cologne. 221/127a


1 May 1614 Abraham Manregnaut [Moregnault] & Sara Chodin [Godin] from Cologne. 221/128


24 July 1614 Chrestien Willoqueau & Maximilien l'Aout, widow of Louis Vivien. 221/128


19 August 1615 Samuel Commin, from Cologne married Sara de la Court, daughter of Louys de la Court, from Cologne. 221/128a


23 August 1615 Pierre Cottrel, born in Tournay [Doornik / Tournai, Flanders], son of Pierre Cottrel married Anne Marie de Blecourt, daughter of Louys de Blecourt, born in Frankfort. 221/128a


5 November 1615 Jan de Creton, son of Jan de Creton and Jenne le Carlier married Susanne de Blecourt. daughter of Louys de Blecourt and Anne Janson. 221/128a


13 February 1616 Louys Prevost, born in Monnau close to Lille [France] married Tanneke de Mair, widow of Marc Pomar, born in Antwerp. 221/128a


15 February 1616 Jan Lovy, son of Jan, born in the country Luxembourg married Magdeleine Maton, daughter of Simon, born in Cologne. 221/128a


15 May 1616 Mathieu Coune, son of Jan, born in Cologne married Cateline Bernicourt, daughter of Martin, born in Lille [France]. 221/128a


31 July 1616 Isaac Pastoor married Judith del Planque. 221/129


19 August 1616 Samuel de Lespierre [de l'Espiere] married Elisabet Smerpont. 221/129


25 August 1616 George du Mont, born in Cologne married Cateline Maas, widow of Pierre van Truts. 221/129


9 October 1616 Elie Douanne, born in Canterbery [Canterbury, England] married Elisabet Choquet, born in Cologne. 221/129


19 May 1617 Thomas Prevost, son of Louys Prevost married Anthoinette, daughter of Pierre Berlo. 221/129


14 June 1618 Jean de la Chambre & Anne, daughter of Adriaen Hattewier, from Mulheim [Muhlheim, Germany]. 221/129


17 June 1618 Robert del Cambre, son of Mathieu del Cambre & Marguerite Kremer, widow of N.N. Sauvage from Mulheim [Muhlheim, Germany]. 221/129


15 October 1618 David, son of David le Conte, born in Frankfort & Ester, daughter of Anthoine del Sau, from Cologne. 221/129a


29 May 1621 Michiel Castel, born in Canterbri [Canterbury, England] married Constance, daughter of the late Corneille le Brun. 221/130a


8 August 1621 Jan de la Chambre married Marie Prouvo, daughter of Guilliam Prouvo, both members of another church. 221/130a


21 September 1621 Pieter Guddert married Marie Fremaut [Fremeau], daughter of Hugue Fremaut [Fremeau]. 221/130a


21 February 1622 Nicolas Linclo, born in Cologne married Marie Fermant [Fremeau], daughter of Daniel Fermant [Fremeau]. 221/130a


24 June 1622 Christiaen Guintin [Quintin], member of the church in Mulheim married Catharine Pamar, daughter of Marcus Pamar. 221/130a


31 July 1622 Jaspar le Brun, son of Corneille le Brun married Elisabeth, daughter of Christiaen Willoqueau. 221/130a


17 February 1623 Thomas Wyl [Wille] married Marie Douanne widow of Abraham Copein. 221/131


30 April 1623 Dirick Campe married Catrine Lyfrinck [Liefrinck]. 221/131


25 May 1623 Guillam Prouvo [Provoost], son of Guillebert, born in -------- , married Judicq Lengels, daughter of Louys l'Engles, born in Cologne. 221/131


9 July 1623 Abraham Poultre, son of the late Jean Poultro, born in Cantelbri [Canterbury, England] married Caterine Gabri, daughter of Baltazar Gabri, born in Cologne. 221/131


21 November 1623 Jaspar Viellart, son of Jacob Viellart, born in the land of Liege [Luik, Flanders] married Elisabeth Chardier, daughter of Jaspar Chardier, born in Slavelot [?]. 221/131


2 December 1623 Ollef Fock, from Muhlheim [Germany], son of Frederick Fock married Elisabeth du Bois, born in Cologne, daughter of Thomas du Bois. 221/131


28 January 1624 Chrestien Willoqueau, son of Chrestien, born in Cologne married Hester le Brun, daughter of Corneille le Brun, born in Cologne. 221/131a


12 July 1625 Werner Joomloo, son of Andries & Maria du Gaugier [Gauquier], daughter of Jacques. 221/132


29 May 1626 Cosmus Frialdenhoven married Catherine Gesquier. 221/132


29 May 1626 Jean le Veau married Rachel Moreau, daughter of the widow of David Moreau. 221/132


22 August 1626 Nicolaus de Lobel, born in Aix [Aken?], son of Daniel de Lobel married Jeanne Bulteau, born in Cologne, daughter of Robert Bulteau. 221/132


7 September 1626 Christian Feist, born in Cologne married Marie Passet, born in Cologne, daughter of Jacques Passet. 221/132


30 January 1627 Christian Quinthin, born in Cologne, son of Christian Quinthin married Anna Guequiers, born in Cologne. 221/132


16 April 1627 Pierre Vivien, son of Nicolas Vivien married Marie Willoqueau, daughter of Chrestian Willoqueau the elder. 221/132


13 May 1627 Isaac Heldener [Heldewier], son of Michiel Heldener was betrothed to Anna Resteau, daughter of Daniel Resteau. 221/132


30 August 1627 Andries Elken, son of Joost Elken was betrothed to Anna Salomon, daughter of Jan Salomon and Janne Kip. They married 8 October 1627. 221/132a


8 December 1627 Jean de Blecourt, son of Jean de Blecourt was betrothed to Marie Braime [Brayne], daughter of Jean Braime [Brayne]. 221/132a


17 January 1628 Andries Aldenhoven was betrothed to Antonette de le Saucx [del Sau]. 221/132a


13 February 1628 Jan de la Chambre married Susanne van der Heuvel. 221/132a


19 June 1628 Thomas Wille, son of the late Thomas Wille & Maria Morneau [Moregnault], daughter of Abraham Morneau [Moregnault]. 221/132a


21 June 1628 Jean Gillez, son of Jan born in S. Lambert married Maria Six, daughter of Jaques Six, born in Cologne. They married 4 August 1628. 221/132a


10 August 1628 David Walbergen, citizen of Frankfort was betrothed to Constance Resteau, daughter of Daniel. 221/132a


6 January 1629 Paul Varlu, son of Francois Varlu, born in Hanau was betrothed to Anne Allart, daughter of Simon Allard and Margaretha de Briselants, born in Cologne. They married 1 May 1629. 221/133


1 May 1629 Jan Caris, son of Henrick Caris the elder married Margaretha Salomon, daughter of Jan Salomon the elder. 221/133


28 May 1629 Pieter Wirtgens from Michilen [Mechelen, Flanders?] married Louyse la Planque, widow Bulteau. 221/133


no date 1629 Jansonius Literaire from Amsterdam married Elisabeth Carlier. 221/133


10 February 1630 Jaques de la Haye married Anna Prevost. 221/133


9 May 1630 Charles Campyn married Jenne Gogier. 221/133


19 April 1631 Conrad van Horen, son of Louys van Horen married Jenne del Court. 221/133


30 April 1631 Antoine Charles Parmentier was betrothed to Elisabeth Vivien, daughter of Nicolas Vivien.

They married 20 June 1631. 221/133


28 May 1631 Jacob van Newkercke, son of Jean van Newkercke the miller, was betrothed to Marie le Per, daughter of Jaques le Per. 221/133


9 November 1631 Hendrick Lutgens was betrothed to Leonora Passet.

They married 5 December 1631. 221/133a


17 February 1632 Paul Blecourt, son of Jean Blecourt married Susanne Karis, daughter of Hendrick Karis, born in Cologne. 221/133a


20 November 1633 Nicolas Cossé, born in Hanau [Germany], son of Jean Cossé married Corneille le Grand, daughter of Pierre le Grand. 221/134


28 January 1634 Gerhard le Brun, born in Nornberg [Neurenberg, Germany], son of Jaques le Brun and Anna Paris, was betrothed to Anna Kipp, born in Cologne, daughter of Pierre Kip and Marie de la Court. 221/134


1 February 1634 Daniel Wylle [Wille], son of the late Thomas Wylle was betrothed to Anna Morenault [Moregnault], daughter of Abraham. 221/134


23 February 1634 Balthasar Gabri, son of Balthasar, born in Cologne, was betrothed to Iddelet de Vivi [Vivier?], daughter of Jean de Vivy, born in Malmedi [Malmedy, Flanders]. 221/134


2 November 1635 Jean de Bassecourt, born in Mons [France], and Judith Richard, born in Cologne. 221/134


27 February 1636 Jean Caffart, son of Robert and Marie Davey, married Sara Breybuck, daughter of the late doctor Breyback, widow of Steffen Heydenrix, both born in Cologne. 221/134a


7 August 1638 Lambert Surmouse, widower, married Anne Picave, daughter of Jaques Picave and Anne Dortmieux, born in Cologne. 221/134


31 December 1638 Paul Willoqueau, born in Hanau, son of Christian Willoqueau was betrothed to Susanne de Gauquier, born in Cologne, daughter of Jacques de Gauquier. 221/134a


17 January 1639 Jehan Jaques Spahn, son of Jehan Spahn married Jacqueline de l'Espiere, daughter of Samuel de l'Espiere. 221/134a [in the original record 1639 was changed into 1649. Their first child was baptized 7 February 1640, so 1639 must have been correct]


15 August 1641 Ezechias Wettich, born in Heydelberch [Heidelberg, Germany] married Marie Fromau [Fremeau] from Cologne. 221/134a


no date 1650 Thomas Provost, son of Guillaume and Judith l'Engle, j.m. from Cologne, was betrothed to Marie Picavet, daughter of Jacques and Anne d'Oremieux, j.d. from Cologne. 221/34a

They married in Muhlheim [Germany] 15 October 1650. 221/135




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