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Benning Wyma

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Benning Wyma and his family


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Benning Wyma was from Grootegast, in the Dutch province of Groningen. He moved to Amsterdam around 1612. Originally a carpenter, he later specialized in purchasing properties in the Jordaan sector of Amsterdam. Because the many property transactions of his done in Amsterdam consist almost exclusively of purchases, it is likely that his income was derived from the rental of these properties. A map of Amsterdam showing the Jordaan can be found here.


Benning Wyma's nephew, Auke Jans van Nuis, a carpenter, emigrated to New Amsterdam about 1651. To read about his family, follow the link here.


Benning Wyma's nephew and son-in-law, Goosen Jans van Nuis, a manufacturer of gold threads for luxury fabrics, lived in the Jordaan sector of Amsterdam. To read about his family, go here.


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