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Sketches of Seventeenth-Century Hollanders

Seventeenth-Century Persons Who Lived in Holland and North America:

Genealogical and Historical Notes on Their Lives, Families and Activities


Original research projects by Cor Snabel and Elizabeth A. Johnson

Within these pages you will find articles on many persons from Holland and the neighboring countries near it. Many of these people came to the North American colonies in the 1600's, or had family members who did. Interesting information we would like to share here may include family and genealogical data on persons living on both sides of the Atlantic, and sometimes in Brazil or even in places in Europe before they moved to Holland! We have various kinds of information, including their skills, interests and occupations, their business and mercantile activities, voyages they made, the places where they lived, people they knew, their personal interests, and some of the challenges and events they encountered during their lifetimes.
We invite you to explore our articles and projects. Stop back often, as we're always working on something new.

Cor's Databases: Extracts of various 17th-Century Dutch records. Various baptisms, marriage records, and more. Check the Index.



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