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Seventeenth Century Hollanders


Table of Contents


Featured Article:

Whatever Happened to Peter Minuit?



Public Figures


David Pietersen de Vries, Merchant Mariner, Dutch Patroon 1593-166

Willem Kieft, Director of New Amsterdam 1637-1647

Journal of Adriaen Matham, 1640-1642  

Whatever Happened to Peter Minuit?



Families, Groups, and Individuals


Auke Jans Van Nuys of Flatbush, His father, and Brother Goosen Van Nuys of Ansterdam 

Casparus Herman's Three Wives

Christina, wife of Jacob Isaacs Van Bebber

Cornelia Maas and her Ancestors

Barent Egberts of Schuttorf, Germany, New Amsterdam and of Delaware

Bornstra, De Forest, and Hudde

1644: Dutch Spies Aboard New Sweden Ships

Huybert Hendricks of Rodenkircken, New Amsterdam, and New Castle, Delaware

The Varlet Family of Cologne, Utrecht and North America

Joost de la Grange and Tinicum Island

Joost van den Bogaert

Amstel's Hoop, the Orphan of Delaware

Descendents of Adriaen Carreman

John Heally of New Castle, Delaware

The Girl in the Box

Hester van Bebber of Middletown, Delaware

Descendents of Richard Beauchamp, Merchant of Amsterdam

Willem Westerhouse, Doctor, Gunrunner, Tobacco merchant

The Waggoman Family of Amsterdam and Virginia

Michiel Tadens of New Amsterdam, by Cor Snabel

The ancestors of Rip van Dam, governor of New York

Van der Grift - Descendants of Evert Antonisz Vandergrift

Thomas Swartwout, the Amsterdam branch of the Swartwout family

The siblings of Thomas Swartwout

Hendrick Willemsen, Baker, of New Amsterdam, and His Three Daughters --by Pam Sears



Cor's Databases: Extracts from various 17th-Century Dutch Records


Introduction and Indexes to the marriage intentions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Baptism Records - Selected baptism records from 1587 - 1650


Introduction to the Records of the Reformed Churches in Cologne, Germany (Please read!)

Baptisms in the Dutch Reformed Church in Cologne, Germany 1571-1650

Marriages in the Dutch Reformed Church in Cologne, Germany 1581-1650

Baptisms in the Walloon Church in Cologne, Germany 1600-1650

Marriages in the Walloon Church in Cologne, Germany 1600-1650


Funerals in Utrecht - Overluidingen in Utrecht


Investors of the West Indies Company


From Rotterdam to the West Indies and Brazil 1625-1665


Baptisms in the Dutch Church at Recife Brazil 1633-1654: click link below




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